Pop Style Opinionfest: T Lo’s TeeVee Tawk!

Posted on March 22, 2019

Kittens, it’s an all-television podcast this week and as per the uzh with us, we’re all over the damn map. First, Lorenzo wants to gush (and perhaps drool) a little over queer cinema pioneer Gregg Araki’s new jawn on Starz, Now Apocalypse.






Not content to stop there, we of course had to offer additional thoughts on our Drag Race and Project Runway reviews, including some mild disagreement over some choices made and results offered. There’s also a rather spirited discussion of HBO’s documentary of the moment, The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley, about the weirdly charismatic CEO of the late unlamented Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes. We toss around a few thoughts about why folks seems so fascinated by this story, what her makeup, hair and fashion affectations are really saying about her, and what aspects of the story many male commentators and critics appear to be missing. Plus, we have a much better pick to play her for the inevitable movie than Jennifer Lawrence, who’ll never be able to nail Holmes’ particular brand of weirdness.

Plus! Even more bickering over this week’s Schitt’s Creek, with one of us practically weeping over it and the other one trying not to be too mean in our critical assessment of it! Also: why it’s a good thing the show’s ending with next season and the most reasonable expectation, in our opinion, of how the story’s going to end.



Whew! We served up a LOT this week, kittens! Would you have us any other way? We are the queens of extra! And we thank you for listening.


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[Photo Credit: HBO, VH1, BravoTV, Pop TV, Starz – Video Credit: Starz via YouTube.com]


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