Louis Vuitton Fashion Show Front Row Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on March 06, 2019

As usual, the Louis Vuitton front row at Paris Fashion Week was a star studded affair. Also as usual: A parade of clown clothes and the aforementioned stars. Which means, we suppose, this is a combination red carpet, parade, and circus. How could we all NOT be entertained?



Chloë Moretz


Good one, Chloe.




Emma Roberts

This looks like about five different outfits worn at the same time.




Indya Moore

Trust your girl to keep things chic and somehow effortless. We honestly can’t say we like any of these pieces, but the look overall really works for her.



Noomi Rapace

Perfect. If there’s any one person alive who looks like they’re supposed to be dressed this way, it’s Wacky Aunt Noomi.



Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly

“Wearing everything you own because you’re fleeing for your life” seems to be the aesthetic this season. Looks a little impractical if you ask us. Also completely insane, but we figure that’s a given. Even so, we still want to stand next to them, be their little fashion-show friends and judge everyone else there.




Thandie Newton

Miss Lady, you’re spectacular but but not even you could make this pile of country kitchen curtains look like fashion.



Willow Smith

Just give it all to Willow. It’s clearly made for her.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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