Pop Style Opinionfest: Rent, Politics and Hate

Posted on February 01, 2019

Once again, we’re all over the map, darlings. We poured our possibly spiked coffee this chilly morn, and while the snows and winds raged outside the quivering windows of T Lo Manor, we proceed to pour a whole pot of opinions into our mics.

We couldn’t let the week go by without further comment on Jussie Smollett’s hate attack. A podcast makes a particularly good medium for this topic, because it allowed us to work through a complicated set of feelings without over-articulating it. We talk about the immediate partisan politicization of the act and how that rallied the usual bots and trolls. There’s even a connection to Meghan Markle that no one seems to have noticed but that we wound up not only diving into but giving you all a stern warning and some unasked-for advice.

Oooh, mysterious! You’ll just have to listen.

We also briefly talk about the latest example of women in politics mastering the art of semiotic fashion and what that means for this moment in history. But before we get to all that heady stuff, we have to pause and gush a little over Glenn Close’s sweeping-the-awards performance in The Wife, which we finally caught on VOD.




Find out why we think it’s not only a great performance, but could be seen as one of the all-time great cinematic performances, even though the film is … honestly? Pretty bad.

But before we get to that, Holy Mary, mother of Pearl, did we ever have a lot more to say about RentLIVE! That can’t possibly surprise you kittens. From the history of the play, to why and how it’s nearly impossible to update or interpret, to how it needs to be performed, to all the many ways the decisions made by the folks in charge of this latest production may go down as some of the worst in the annals of live television.




OPINIONS. We’ve got ’em. You wanna hear ’em. Then you wanna discuss ’em.

Why are we talking like cowboys? Anyway, thank you once again for all your support, darlings!



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