Style File: “Serenity” Star Anne Hathaway Works Hard for Her Money

Posted on January 24, 2019

Miss Woman’s having a fine old time modeling some fairly fun and bold fashion as she promotes her latest. She didn’t exactly nail it with every choice, but we think her style overall has improved tremendously since she broke out of the restrictive ingenue mode.




Anne Hathaway on “Good Morning America”

Having said that, this is totally befuddling. We got all excited when we saw that coat, thinking the pattern and colors were bold and chic as we played down the severely questionable choice of that blouse. But when we saw the whole picture, every good feeling about her choices her vanished. The coat’s still amazing, but since she clearly just returned from another hideous skirt convention, we can no longer appreciate it. The shoes are nice too, but only if you pretend not to notice they’re plastic.

Oof. Girl. You came out hard on this one, didn’t you? Fortunately, you toned things down fairly quickly.


Anne Hathaway Leaving “Good Morning America”

Miss Anne, we salute you. Between this and the on-air look, you’ve sported more capital-F FASHION before breakfast than most people sport in a month. Love the coat and shoes. The skirt looks fun but this isn’t the time or place where it can really shine.

She seems to really be into textures and juxtapositions lately. We respect the approach even if the results are a bit dicey.



Anne Hathaway at MoMA’s “Serenity” Screening in Givenchy Couture

Despite the fact that she’s wearing a turtleneck and a sheer skirt, two items high on our fashion nemeses list (because we loathe the former and keep predicting that the latter is done only to be proven wrong time and again), we really love this look. Yes, we wish she’d sported the one-shoulder top from the look book, but that wouldn’t have been cold-weather appropriate. Then again, neither is a floaty sheer skirt, but she seems to be loving that part. Bottom line, the skirt is gorgeous and the overall vibe feels very much her.


Style Credits:
Third Look: Givenchy Printed Sheer Skirt from the Spring 2018 Couture Collection | Wolford Bodysuit

Styled by Law Roach

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Paula Lobo/ABC,]

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