Pop Style Opinionfest: A New Year’s SmorgasPod of Topics

Posted on January 04, 2019

Darlings, for our first pod of the new year, in the midst of a total fashion and pop culture dry spell, we flipped on the mics and still managed to spew our opinions out into the ether. This was a more rambling podcast than usual as we merely touched on some of the items on the pop culture landscape these past few weeks. For instance:





We had much to say about how stupid and disappointing Netflix’s CYA Black Mirror special Bandersnatch was!




Also: Bird Box! Mildly entertaining but definitely not worth all the highly suspicious hype! Also: that Bird Box Challenge thing? Not a thing!




Colette! T Lo -recommended! Why? Well, you’ll have to listen, won’t you?




And of course, we have to talk about Nancy Pelosi’s pink dress (and other notable pieces of fashion on Capitol Hill this week), Kevin Hart’s Ellen-sponsored rehab tour, and the Doctor Who New Year’s special just to round things out. Basically, it’s like listening to a couple of drunks at the end of the bar ramble on about whatever pops into their heads. You know. The usual charming stuff from us.



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[ Photo Credit: Bleecker Street, Netflix, INSTARImages – Video Credit: Netflix via YouTube.com, Bleecker Street via YouTube.com]


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