Palm Springs International Film Festival Film Awards Gala Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on January 04, 2019

Darlings, our long post-holidays drought of red carpetry is OVER! Huzzah and Happy New Year! Sunday night, the Golden Globes land on our asses and awards season officially kicks things up a notch. As always, before a big awards show, there are a bunch of warmup events, where the stars get to stretch their fashion muscles a little before the main event. We, for our parts, are grateful for this opportunity to sharpen our claws, which had grown dull and lusterless after the long holiday period of disuse. Join us, won’t you?


Bradley Cooper in Gucci

This is fine, but we’re going to expect a little more in the way of impeccable as we get closer to Oscar night, mister. The fit’s so-so, the grooming’s borderline, and the accessories are wrong. Silver watchband and patent leather loafers, please.

Emily Blunt in Roland Mouret

This is fairly simple, all things considered. Still, she looks pretty great and we’d say it gets the job done. She doesn’t overdo that hair style (like so many others do), so we don’t mind seeing it here.

Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton

We burst out laughing. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing, since “joy” seems built into the design. This is definitely not a look that feels weighted down with seriousness. It’s not exactly our tastes, but we appreciate it for being fun and bold in a way that says the holidays are over but the party’s still happening. We don’t love the shape of the bustline, we hate the belt, and we question the shoe choice.

John David Washington in Gucci

We want to like this, but the cut of that jacket is hellaciously unflattering.



Laura Dern in Azzaro

Miss Laura, we love you too much to linger over the bad parts of this outfit. And there are many. Let’s just forget the whole thing, yes?



Melissa McCarthy in Daneh

Kind of fabulous, but the sash gives it too much of a bathrobe or dressing gown feel.

Olivia Colman

Can’t bring ourselves to hate a bottle-green velvet suit, but that high-collared blouse is doing it no favors. It’ll be interesting to see her navigate the icy fashion waters of the American acting awards circuit. We’re rooting for you, Miss Olivia. You can ace this shit, woman.



Rami Malek in Givenchy




Regina King in Valentino

Love the gown. It’s bold and dramatic in a way that really suits her, even if the design strikes us as borderline matronly. Are we being nitpicky when we say the shoes are too distracting?



Timothée Chalamet in Thom Browne

Love, Part Two. Yes, even the goofy-ass shoes and proportions of this thing. They’re what make it interesting and modern to our eyes.





[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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