Style File: Jennifer Lopez Wears All The Things

Posted on December 12, 2018

Miss Jenny’s got a movie and that means she’s got a shit-ton of getups to parade in front of you. We thought her premiere dress was more than a little off-brand for her. And while it’s true all of the following looks feel way more J Lo-appropriate, they also demonstrate that when she’s on a tear, nothing’s truly off the table for consideration.

Hit it, girl!



Jennifer Lopez at “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”

See, when you take this look and put it directly beside that Wednesday Addams/Ariana Grande mashup, it’s easy to look at her taking a sort of “fashion doll” approach. Her ensembles, no matter what style or shape, are always extremely, almost agressively well-coordinated, top to bottom. It’s always the Total Look with her, from hat to shades to footwear. There’s almost a theme involved in each look, or a character being portrayed. And in most cases, the color choices tend to be fairly toned down. It’s not that she never utilizes bright colors, but they’re not her fall-back or go-to. Neutrals, blacks, and whites are always situated at the top.

This is cute, in a Barbie sort of way. The eye makeup’s a bit much and we’re not fans of so much beige at once, but as we said, it’s a Total Look.



Jennifer Lopez at “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen”

She’s glamorous, she’s comfy, and she’s pristine in a floating-about-the-common-folk sort of way. Only a STAR could let her white coat drag on the New York sidewalk behind her and look blissfully unfussed by it. And why should she get upset? After all, when a coat gets dingy…


Jennifer Lopez Arrives at “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”

… a smart diva always has some sort of fur on hand to zhuzh things up, right? And we can see why she stayed in this outfit as long as possible. Because her next one wasn’t going to be nearly as comfortable.



Jennifer Lopez on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”

Yes, it’s time for the J Lo Holiday Sexy Sugarplum Fairy Doll 2018 edition to make its debut. Gotta say, she looks amazing but the dress does not.

And like all divas, when she spends the night putting it all out there…



Jennifer Lopez at “Good Morning America”

She makes sure to put aside the perfect pair of glamour pajamas come the dawn. This one’s our fave, probably because of the color. Certainly not because of the weird elbow muffs.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Andrew Lipovsky/NBC]

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