Red Carpet Rundown: The 2018 Hollywood Film Awards

Posted on November 06, 2018

We always forget about the HFAs every year in the awards season roster, largely because they don’t have the same frantic campaigning quality to them. Mainly, it’s just a bunch of folks taking victory laps, for a variety of reasons.



Anne Hathaway in Valentino

Congratulations on your Baptism, dear. The sparkly shoes gave an unexpected touch of glamour to your soul-washing.




Girl, we love you, but that dress is two things a dress should never be: too tight and too basic. You look like a roll of holiday wrapping paper.



Constance Wu in Rodarte

We remain amazed by the Rodarte team’s ability to make the most insufferably twee and precious designs look totally red carpet-ready. Maybe you need that really editorial eye in order to pull off this kind of stuff. So yes: we love this on her, frippy and frilly as it is. We could do without the stand-up neckline, which makes her look like one of those heads on a platform for styling wigs.



Henry Golding in Versace

He could use a little loosening up and building out of the shoulders in that jacket, but this looks great on him aside from the slight fit issue.



Mahershala Ali in Louis Vuitton

Enh. The ’80s dad sweater (because we guess calling them Cosby sweaters has too much of a jarring undertone to it now) is not so great and we don’t think the overall gray color story does much for him.



Michael B. Jordan

THIS gray, on the other hand, looks pretty spectacular, proving once again that the double-breasted suit looks best on those men whose builds comprise a low single-digit percentage of the male population. You have to be pretty built or pretty thin with very broad shoulders in order to not look like a fire hydrant wearing a jacket. Our only criticism here is that we wish the tie had more color or contrast to it.



Michelle Yeoh

Despite our observation that the lady tux might be a little overdone right now, we’d have preferred a standard one over whatever this one’s doing around her waist and hips. It looks like it’s mutating.



Nicole Kidman in Christian Dior

It’s an unusual set of colors for a red carpet dress. We’re not entirely convinced they’re the best colors for her, but we appreciate the uniqueness of the choice. It’s pretty and somewhat low-key, which is how an A-lister should approach a decidedly non A-list award show, to be blunt. To be slightly less blunt, she seems to have … relaxed her facial regimen, let’s say. And the results look great.



Taraji P. Henson in Brandon Maxwell

It feels a little like a formal gown for a Star Wars scene, which works fairly well for her, all things considered.
[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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