Pop Style Opinionfest: Dolce&Gabbana Are Out of Control

Posted on November 23, 2018

In case you were fortunate enough to escape news of Domenico and Stefano’s latest round of fuckery, your ol’ pals T & Lo are here to tell you all about it. Suffice it to say…



They fucked up. BIG time. It takes a special level of asshole to offend an entire country, but as we outline, they’ve had a LOT of practice being assholes and escaping any consequences for it. The question now is: do we make a vow not to feature any star wearing D&G on this site, or do we feature them and call them out for it? Thoughts?

In less ranty news, Lo watched Dogs. He cried:




He even cries a little while talking about it, but he swears it’s worth your time.

And finally, Tom is here for another of his whinefests. Specifically:



What on earth is the point of recreating an animated film shot-for-shot, using an entirely different style of animation? People are all excited about this one and Tom can’t imagine wanting to spend any money on seeing it.




In between all the ranting and whining, there’s a lot of talk about baking and Thanksgiving to round things out. And one of the biggest things we’re thankful for is the support of you guys week in and week out. LUVYA.


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[Still: Dolce&Gabbana Video – Video Credit: Walt Disney Studios via YouTube.com, Netflix via YouTube.com, Dolce&Gabbana via YouTube.com]


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