Pop Style Opinionfest: Celebrities Getting Political

Posted on November 09, 2018

Kittens, you may have heard that there was an election this week. Don’t worry, our little kaffeeklatsch remains the relatively politics-free discussion it usually is, but this week, we simply had to weigh in on three of the most influential women in the world (no lie) diving into the political waters of the midterm elections and endorsing candidates. Beyonce went for Beto, Oprah went for Stacy Abrams, and Tay came out for Phil Bredesen. The results were not exactly a ringing endorsement of celebrity endorsements, but we both think it’s a bit more complicated and nuanced than simply talking about the results of a handful of elections in one cycle. Do we think celebs should stay out of politics? Do we support celebs endorsing conservative candidates? Are celebrity endorsements pointless? Listen in to find out!

Also, we dove deep on a fairly spoiler-y discussion of the new Julia Roberts jawn for Amazon, Homecoming.





It’s from the creator of Mr. Robot, it’s a tense political/science thriller dealing with matters of memory and perception, much like that show, but it’s concise, tight, and extremely well-told, with one of the most satisfying season endings we’ve encountered in a while. Also: it’s the best Julia Roberts performance in years, and for reasons you’ll hear, that’s a big deal coming from us.

Also: Lorenzo’s latest international Netflix selection in his current genre obsession of hot blond Scandinavian dudes in sweaters solving crimes!




Is that a smorgasbord of opinions or what? Thanks for listening, kittens!



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