Pop Style Opinionfest: Cartoon Heroines and Celebrity Fashion Designers

Posted on November 16, 2018

Darlings, if the above visual didn’t make things clear, we took a slightly different approach this week. Oh, don’t you worry. We’re still serving up our opinions on pop culture and style in the bitchy, bickering, nasally manner you’ve hopefully come to know and love, but this week, we each found ourselves in the curious position of doing something we literally never do: watch cartoons. And the cartoons were so much fun that we couldn’t help gushing over them a little for you.

First up, upon hearing the news that our five-year-old niece is completely hooked on Netflix’s reboot of She-Ra after we mentioned it to her, Tom decided he simply had to catch up on it so he can talk all about it to her at Thanksgiving.


And now Tom is hooked like a 5-year-old girl on the series. And we don’t make that comparison flippantly, because this is one girl-oriented cartoon – which is not surprising in the least, except in the way its girl-power message manifests: subtly, intelligently, with diversity of character backgrounds and body types, but a near-total lack of male characters, which is never explained or alluded to. You’ll have to listen in as to why he thinks it’s great for kids but also fun for non-kids as well.

Next up, Lorenzo reviews a very different kind of cartoon, Netflix’s import from Brazil, re-cast with some very familiar voices, Super Drags:



Yes, that’s Drag Race’s Shangela, Willam and Ginger Minj doing the damn work. Once again, 2018 proves itself to be the year that drag queens took over the culture. You might not be surprised to hear that Lo loved the raunchy little thing.

Also, Tom spends a few minutes discussing the career and cultural contributions of Marvel universe co-architect Stan Lee, who died this week. Not surprisingly, with a figure that looms this large in pop culture history, the hot takes started coming in almost immediately and Tom winds up calling most of them nonsense.

And finally, a big discussion of celebrity fashion lines, spurred on by the latest attempts from Celine Dion and Cardi B. From Jessicas Alba and Simpson to Posh Spice, Rihanna, and the Olsen twins, there have been a lot of surprisingly successful celebrity fashion lines. We get into why they succeeded when so many others failed and flopped.





So dive on in! The water’s warm and full of opinions! That doesn’t sound weird and vaguely gross at all! And as always, we thank you for your support, kittens. Don’t forget to recommend us to everyone you meet, until your friends stop inviting you places and start crossing the street when they see you coming! Luvya!


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