Style File: “First Man” Star Ryan Gosling Freshens Up

Posted on October 05, 2018

Kittens! Two pieces of good news to add to this dreary day! First, you are about to spend the next few minutes peering closely at Ryan Gosling! Never a bad way to spend the time, areweright? The even BETTER news is that, after several weeks of us shrieking at him like gay banshees over his entirely de-hottening Leisure Suit Larry style preferences, Ryan has finally submitted to us. To our opinions, that is. Anyway, he switched things up! Yay to bitchy fashion bloggers and their astonishing influence on the world! Not-so-yay to these choices which are still a bit goofy!



Ryan Gosling on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Loving the suit action. It’s tight. It’s cute. We’re feeling it. Not really loving the Father’s Day Brunch shirt, but we’ll consider this progress and not make an issue of it. The boy just likes his goofy-ass shirts, it would seem. So long as we can keep him in fitted suits that don’t look like they smell of mothballs, we can deal.


Ryan Gosling at the “First Man” D.C. Premiere

Okay, so. This one’s a little harder to parse – although we’ll thank him for wearing something interesting enough that it requires consideration. The sports team colors are just a bit much for us, but we can’t deny the boldness of the choices and how they fall in line with our constant refrain to stay away from businessman styles. We think we like the Perry Como shirt, but it’s not really working with that suit, which still smacks of used car salesman, although we can tell it’s a pretty fine suit. It comes down to this: we think the green suit would work really well with more conventional shirt-and-tie styling. We think the shirt deserves to own the spotlight and would be better off paired with a black or slate gray suit. Neither of these outfits are perfect, but they feel like an attempt to freshen up his ‘7os-inspired hipster styles (which never really suited him in the first place). It’s a step in the right direction and we applaud it.


BUT FOR GOD’S SAKE PAY FOR A DECENT HAIRCUT, SIR. Look at the side of his head! Was there some sort of lawnmower accident that was kept out of the news?


[Photo Credit: ABC/Randy Holmes, INSTARImages]

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