Emmy Awards 2017: Millie Bobby Brown in Calvin Klein by Appointment

Posted on September 18, 2017

Every brunette ingenue has to attempt at least one “Audrey.” It’s the law or something. And while we were happy to see Miss Millie in something that didn’t smack of “middle-aged divorced woman” for once, we find ourselves somewhat ambivalent about this:


It’s very pretty. Really, it is. There will be no technical critiques coming from us. As an Audrey pastiche, it’s one of the better ones we’ve seen. Sure, it’s also one of the more literal ones we’ve seen, but that’s not what bugs.

It’s the age thing. Yes, this is very pretty and very sweet. But it still strikes us as a bit much for a 13-year-old. We said roughly the same thing on the twitters last night and got a lot of pushback, so we’re prepared to be the cheese that stands alone on this one. Girls this age, if they’re at all into girly things like fashion, usually want to rush headlong into the grownup stuff. We get that. But unlike stylish boys, who more or less only get to wear juvenile takes on menswear, there’s such a range of styles for young girls. This feels more debutante than tween to us. That’s a very fine line, and the longer we watch Miss Millie navigate red carpetry, the more we’re appreciating just how well Kiernan Shipka threaded that needle through her tween/teen years.

Again: this is very pretty. It’s just a little bit too sophisticated and elegant for someone another five years away from young adulthood.




Style Credits:
Calvin Klein by Appointment Ivory Silk Crepe and Tulle Dress with Ivory Bandana
Calvin Klein Red Crystal Sling Back Pumps

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages.com, Getty Images]

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