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Posted on June 18, 2015

What we’re loving about FLO’s European Adventure wardrobe is how much she’s utilizing prints and/or dresses with distinct visual appeal. It’s all very striking and photogenic in a way that really makes a statement. So many state visits are populated by men and women in staid, conservative wear, but she’s making sure to represent her country in as bold and bright a manner as possible. AttaFirstLady.

Michelle-Obama-London-L=Milan-Christopher-Kane-Duro-Olowu-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)US First Lady Michelle Obama arrives at the United States Pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy in a Missoni dress from the Resort 2015 collection. Michelle Obama has travelled to Italy where she is expected to speak about her ‘Let’s Move’ initiative to combat childhood obesity.

Michelle-Obama-London-L=Milan-Christopher-Kane-Duro-Olowu-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Michelle-Obama-London-L=Milan-Christopher-Kane-Duro-Olowu-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Not since Dolley Madison has a First Lady worn a chunky heel with her toes painted yellow.

Okay, not since EVER, which is why it makes us smile, even if we don’t think the shoes really go with the dress. Said dress, by the way, is FABULOUS.



Michelle-Obama-London-L=Milan-Christopher-Kane-Duro-Olowu-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)US First Lady Michelle Obama arrives at Malpensa Airport in Milan, Italy in a black top paired with a Duro Olowu printed skirt from the Spring 2015 collection.

Michelle-Obama-London-L=Milan-Christopher-Kane-Duro-Olowu-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Michelle-Obama-London-L=Milan-Christopher-Kane-Duro-Olowu-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

What a fabulous trio.

Yeah, we have to admit, the skirt’s too full and too high-waisted, but it really is a fun and stylish look. They just need to drop the waist a skosh and maybe slim it out a bit. But it’s a great summer print with some sophistication to it. Hair and makeup: Slaying.



Michelle-Obama-London-L=Milan-Christopher-Kane-Duro-Olowu-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (7)US First Lady Michelle Obama leaves Downing Street following a meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha Cameron in London, England in a Christopher Kane floral print dress from the Pre-Fall 2015 collection.

Michelle-Obama-London-L=Milan-Christopher-Kane-Duro-Olowu-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (8)

Michelle-Obama-London-L=Milan-Christopher-Kane-Duro-Olowu-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (9)


Okay, so there’s clearly a theme. Or she’s just going through a mood where bright colors on black backgrounds are somehow speaking to her. It happens. There was that one month when T had to point out to Lo that if he saw him in one more plaid shirt paired with skinny, brightly colored pants with upturned cuffs, he was going to divorce him. Sometimes, a certain style or look really jumps out at you and whispers to you “This is how you’re supposed to look right now.” The trick is to make sure it’s not a style rut and we think it’s safe to say, Shelley has avoided that fate nicely. She’s working within a theme but not looking like she ran out of ideas.

Anyway, this is cute, but we are totally unsure about that belt.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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