Emmy Rossum in Andrew Gn at Real Simple’s Botanical Beauty Cocktail Party

Posted on March 17, 2014

You’d think the tricky skirt would throw us off (because we kind of have a history of bitching about tricky skirts), but we squealed just a little when we saw this. Because we also have a thing for fun, bold, graphic dresses.

Emmy-Rossum-Andrew-Gn-Real-Simple-Botanical-Beauty-Cocktail-Party-TLO (1)Emmy Rossum attends Real Simple’s Botanical Beauty cocktail party in New York City in an Andrew Gn dress paired with a Rodo clutch, Sergio Rossi shoes, and House of Lavande earrings.

Emmy-Rossum-Andrew-Gn-Real-Simple-Botanical-Beauty-Cocktail-Party-TLO (2)

Emmy-Rossum-Andrew-Gn-Real-Simple-Botanical-Beauty-Cocktail-Party-TLO (3)Andrew Gn Spring 2014 Collection

Emmy-Rossum-Andrew-Gn-Real-Simple-Botanical-Beauty-Cocktail-Party-TLO (4)

Emmy-Rossum-Andrew-Gn-Real-Simple-Botanical-Beauty-Cocktail-Party-TLO (5)

And we TOTALLY have a thing for Wonder Woman, so this all comes together nicely for us and allows us to ignore the tricky skirt. It’s cute, different and head-turning. That’s enough for us to skip past the one design element we don’t like.

Oh, but her makeup is terrible, no? We’re sorry, but some ladies can’t handle the winged eye without looking a little … trashy. And if you’re the gal who loves to work a trashy chic look (and there totally is such a thing), then go right ahead and rock them wings, Amy Winehouse-style. But Emmy’s style is all lady-like perfection with a dash of fashionista. The winged eye just doesn’t suit her or what she’s trying to do. And that pale pink lip looks odd with such a bold dress and black nails.

This is the day we get really hung up on eye makeup, it would seem.  What’s up with that? We’re not even makeup queens. Are we cranky or do Emmy and Amanda have it wrong?

“Emmy and Amanda” sounds like a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie.



[Photo Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images, IMAXtree]

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