Revenge S2E3: Confidence

Posted on October 15, 2012

Because we’re whiny types, we spent last night thinking, “Dammit, TV people! Did you HAVE to put all the good shows on Sunday nights?” to be followed by, “Dammit, Revenge people! Did you HAVE to make the story move so fast and furious that we don’t even know how to review it?”

We haven’t had the time, what with all the other can’t-miss shows on last night, to re-watch this episode, but we have a feeling we’re going to need to in order to understand what the hell’s going on. The upshot of it all is, Victoria Grayson is a master manipulator who will never remain pinned down and who has an uncanny ability to pull back from the brink of disaster and wind up on top of any given situation. For all Conrad’s bluster and threatening, she’s clearly as smart and dangerous as he is, which makes her the perfect foil for Emily’s scheming.

As for Emily and her schemes, for every step forward, there seems to be at least one or two steps back. She’s not as good at knowing what’s going to happen before it happens as she used to be. Then again, Victoria’s the kind of prey who gets quite unpredictable when her back’s up against the wall. Even Ashley was awestruck by her ability to turn things around  – and she’s not really all that up on what’s going on behind closed doors.

We didn’t think we would, but we’re kind of enjoying seeing Emily become darker and a little more desperate as her plans keep going … if not quite awry, definitely not in the direction she hoped for. She’s been increasingly cruel to Fauxmanda this season. We didn’t think that would bother us, given what a pain in the ass that girl was last season, but we honestly felt bad for her when Jack dumped her.

Which reminds us: it’s getting almost borderline offensive that the only two working class guys in the story are complete and utter morons. Last season, you could at least root for Declan and Jack because they were so clearly in over their heads, but this season, we just find ourselves hoping that one or the other winds up at the bottom of the bay just for being so dumb. To be fair, though, Daniel’s not exactly a MENSA member himself. At some point, we really hope Emily turns to him and says wearily, “Don’t you ever get embarrassed with all these declarations of hatred for your mother that you never follow through on?” The only thing that interested us about their exchanges was the tone Emily took with him. She all but admitted that she considers Victoria a dangerous enemy. She’s not doing the wide-eyed innocent look anymore.

Anyway, Emily thinks she can wreak havoc on the Graysons by having Fauxmanda give her Faux-sister a Faux-diary of their father, but instead, Fauxmanda wound up in the bosom of the Grayson family and without the one and only bargaining chip Emily really had over her: Jack. That is going to seriously fuck things up for our Ems. We have to admit, it’s a plot twist so unexpected and a status quo so hard to fathom, that we’re dying to see where this all goes. What possible hold could Emily have over her now, especially if Victoria starts showering money on her new extended family member?

In other news, Hot Guy Who We Could Have Sworn Sounded Australian Last Week But Sounded South London This Week has a name and a connection to Emily: Aidan, and he’s apparently another rich kid fucked over by The Initiative with designs of REVENGE. Also, he and Ems had a thing, but now she seems to hate him. With Emily, you’re either a tool to use for revenge or you’re an enemy. That poor girl has no idea how to have a normal relationship. Then again, look at her fucked up parents. It seems dear old Mom was in love with the man who killed the father of her child. We can’t WAIT for that little family reunion. Although we wouldn’t be a bit surprised if events forced her to remain on the down low while Mom is led to believe that Fauxmanda is her daughter.

GOD, we love this show.

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