DKNY Sunglass Soiree Red Carpet

Posted on July 28, 2011

Darlings, it was The DKNY Sunglass Soiree at The Beach in New York City. Sunglass Soiree! What a fabulous concept! Parties held in honor of accessories!

Let’s see how the ladies did:


Jessica Szohr

It’s cute. It seems a bit heavy for the weather but we suppose the straplessness mitigates against it. Love the necklaces. It seems lately the only two jewelry choices available to denizens of the red carpet are big showy pieces or nothing at all. And while we’ve gone on record as not loving the sloppy side braid, we have to admit, it works really well with this look, which just screams “summer in the city” to us.

Also, excellent posing with the sunglasses, girl. Good use of props.


Katie Cassidy

She might want to lay off the shimmer when she’s appearing in front of cameras because the sternum is suddenly the star of the moment and we doubt that was the intent. Aside from that, another cute “summer in the city” look. Are those shorts…tweed? Our crotches are itchy at the thought of it, but we’re going to assume it’s a lightweight tweed and the shorts are lined. Love the blouse, but she ruined it by using it as a display for the sunglasses. Also, one sleeve up and one sleeve down makes T Lo’s eyes twitch.


Olivia Palermo

Now THAT is what we’re talking about. Elegant, totally summer in the city, colorful, and perfectly accessorized. That dress is freaking gorgeous. Love the jewelry, which is just showy enough without being obnoxious, and yes, we love the pink clutch because it does what we always say accessories should do: “go with” the outfit rather than matching it exactly. We also love the little pop of pink on the soles of her sandals, which are refreshingly simple and elegant-looking. No bear-traps or gladiator sandals, no crazy stillettos or inappropriately deployed wedges; just a simple strappy sandal to punctuate the look. VERY well done, whoever put this together.

But honey, we can’t see your sunglasses.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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