Bill & Cathy Cambridge in Canada, Days 4 & 5

Posted on July 05, 2011

Just because it’s no longer July 4th weekend doesn’t mean we can’t keep worshiping British royalty, right?

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge attend a Freedom of the City Ceremony outside City Hall in Quebec, Canada.

Erdem Pre-Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Hannah Noble

Colored lace is one of those design elements that needs to be deployed with some restraint. Otherwise, you’re the gal who always wears colored lace. It tends to stick in people’s memories. We were a bit disappointed by this dress because she just wore a blue lace Erdem sheath dress the other day. Two in one week makes you look like you have no sense of style at all. It’s a great look, but we would have liked it more if she hadn’t worn such a similar look on the same trip.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge visit Fort Levis in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

Vanessa Dress by Joseph

Natalie Clutch by L. K. Bennett

We realize this must be a pretty casual event, considering how everyone else is dressed, but man, this gal really doesn’t like color, does she? It’s black. blue, beige and white, all the time. This has a great shape to it and the silhouette is perfect for her, but this would have looked so much more interesting if it had any color or print to it. At the very least, put on your red shoes and dance the blues, princess.

Love Bill’s “I’m just a regular, shirtsleeves kinda guy” getup. It’s almost like a Halloween costume on him.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge visit Province House in Charlottetown, Canada. Catherine is wearing an Alexander McQueen sweater dress paired with Prada pumps.

Now, THIS is utterly adorable. This is how you expect a member of British royalty to look. Sure, it’s still beige and navy blue, but there are at least some design elements to give it some interest this time; namely, the stripes, the cable knit, and the sailor neckline. Love the ponytail too. In fact, this may be our favorite look of the trip.

Bill is once again swimming inside his father’s suit and – shockingly – his shoes look a bit dingy. And can’t he afford a couple summer suits? Or at least, not navy blue ones? How great would they look in all these pictures if he was wearing some sort of light-weight, light-colored suit? Surely there’s no protocol forbidding a light grey suit, is there? Then again, there seems to be some sort of restriction on Cathy being allowed to show her toes.


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