In or Out: Jennifer Aniston in Nina Ricci

Posted on June 28, 2011

Kittens, we do believe we’ve just been sent a secret message by Jennifer Aniston. Observe:

Jennifer Aniston makes an appearance on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” in Nina Ricci.

It’s as if she turned directly to us and said “Listen, you two hissing bitches, you’re sick of my sequined bathtowels? My naked shoes which consist of nothing more than a sole and a flimsy strap? My overwhelming orangeness? FINE. HERE. I look fucking adorable, don’t I, bitches? BUT SHUT UP ABOUT THE BLACK. Jen A doesn’t do pink, not even for bitchy queens who won’t shut up about my every outfit. HAPPY NOW?” And, because we are two bitchy queens, we collapse to our knees in a euphoric frenzy because someone just read us for filth and we liked it.

She looks pretty cute; right? Yeah, it’s still black and no, we haven’t suddenly changed our minds and declared our love for lace, but this has sleeves, not to mention a little shape and swing to it, and those are major departures for this gal. We applaud this look for being a little out of her comfort zone. Plus, she just looks adorable.


IN! Risk-taking should be applauded! She looks ADORBS!
OUT! She looks like a slutty widow!


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[Photo Credit: WireImage]

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