In or Out: Iman in Prabal Gurung

Posted on June 02, 2011

We’re going to need a paper bag and a few minutes sitting quietly with our heads between our knees. Our OWN knees. You see, we …

Oh, we can’t even say it. We promised ourselves we wouldn’t cry. It’s just that …

We have issues with Iman’s outfit.

Stop it! Stop looking at us like that; you’re making this harder!

Just look:

Iman attends the Gordon Parks Foundation awards dinner and auction in NYC in Prabal Gurung.

Prabal Gurung Spring 2011 Collection/Model: Irina Kulikova

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We’re big fans of Prabal Gurung and we like this dress, for the most part. Love the colors; love the slightly disheveled sexiness of the top paired with the sleek skirt. But we can tell from the proportions that it’s not an easy dress to wear; a tight high-waisted skirt with a blouson, off-the-shoulder top in eye-searing contrasting colors. No mere mortal can wear this dress, which should make it the perfect dress for the divine Iman, but, well.. she’s not making it work.

Give us a minute.

Okay, we’re ready. We can do this.

The length of the skirt and the way it’s sitting on her hips isn’t all that flattering on her. The shoes are too heavy a choice for this look and the earrings clash with it. And whoever did that to the neckline needs to be put on a flaming barge and set out to sea.

Please don’t whip us, Iman! Whip one of our minions instead! Some of them are into that sort of thing!


IN! She’s IMAN, peasants. Bow the fuck down!

OUT! Oh, don’t be such babies, T Lo! It’s not like Iman can actually DO anythi— !

Here are the Minion Opinion results for yesterday’s historic double IN or OUT phenomenon:

Kylie Minogue’s TARDIS-colored walking away dress received an IN, due to Doctor Who nerds rallying and because she uses gladiators as props.

Kelly Rowland’s disturbingly juvenile belly-baring look received a near-unanimous OUT, which is as it should be, no matter what Lorenzo thinks.

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