Heidi Klum in Isabel Marant

Posted on June 02, 2011

Darlings, for once, let’s not be bitches. Let’s not shriek “IN” or “OUT” or “YEA” or “NAY” just this once. We’ll always have a soft spot for the Kluminator here at T Lo Worldwide Entertainment, Incorporated, because it was Project Runway that eventually set us on the blogging path and because Frau Seal has provided us with so much material over the years, with her gynecological skirts and mangling of American idioms (“They’re selling like bagels!”), plus we’re strangely proud of the old girl, because she was a laughably bad hostess back when the show started and has turned herself into quite the slick TV presenter in the years since. So let’s not rip on her today, especially since she just turned 38 yesterday.

Here she is posing for her new Paltrow-like, GOOP-esque “celebrities make excellent life coaches” site for AOL, which you can get a glimpse of here. Judging from the looks of that place (“A guide to fabulous living for women everywhere!” If the first point on that “guide” isn’t “Be born with long legs and a great body!” then we can safely call it bullshit) they’ll be PLENTY of chances to be bitchy about Mrs. Samuel in the days to come. Whoops. Looks like we just let a little bitchiness slip. It’s like breathing to us. Anyway, let’s see what she’s wearing – BUT LET’S ALL BE NICE ABOUT IT.

In Isabel Marant paired with Giuseppe Zanotti shoes

Isabel Marant Spring 2011 Collection/Model: Constance Jablonski (ELITE)

Oh, go ahead. If you want to be bitchy, we can’t stop you. But we do think she looks super-cute and fresh here. And sure, she’s a genetically superior supermodel, but she’s 38, has had 14 or 15 children by now, and she’s rocking a pair of striped skinny pants. Top THAT.

[Photo Credit: Fame Pictures]

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