In or Out: Carey Mulligan in Valentino

Posted on June 15, 2011

Much like serious cat being serious, adorable little Carey Mulligan is adorable.

PinCarey Mulligan attends the Junior Spring Benefit for the Lincoln Center Institute in New York in a Valentino dress paired with Yves Saint Laurent pumps.

PinValentino Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Daphne Groeneveld (WOMEN)

PinYves Saint Laurent ‘Tribtoo’ Pumps



No, really. That’s the entirety of our commentary here. She looks adorable. The dress is adorable. The hair is adorable. The grin is adorable. If you want to be hardcore and tell this adorable creature that she’s not adorable, have at it, you heartless cretins.


IN! Adorable!


OUT! Deplorable!


The Minion Opinion on yesterday’s “IN or OUT” entries was hard to pin down because many of the minions are not making a firm declaration either way lately, but we think it shook out as follows:

Lucy Liu’s plaid panda dress got an OUT.

Cameron Diaz’s “She’s got legs, she knows how to use them” ensemble got an IN.


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