Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman at the “Doctor Who” Premiere

Posted on August 08, 2014

This one goes out to all the nerds in the audience. Are we all breathlessly awaiting August 23rd and the launch of Season 8, not to mention the debut of Peter Capaldi in the role? The answer is yes. At least for right-thinking people.

Peter-Capaldi-Jenna-Coleman-Peekaboo-Vintage-Doctor-Who-Tv-Show-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman attend premiere of “Doctor Who” at St David’s Hall in Cardiff, Wales. Jenna Coleman wore a Peekaboo Vintage archive Ossie Clark maxi dress.

Peter-Capaldi-Jenna-Coleman-Peekaboo-Vintage-Doctor-Who-Tv-Show-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Peter-Capaldi-Jenna-Coleman-Peekaboo-Vintage-Doctor-Who-Tv-Show-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Peter-Capaldi-Jenna-Coleman-Peekaboo-Vintage-Doctor-Who-Tv-Show-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Peter-Capaldi-Jenna-Coleman-Peekaboo-Vintage-Doctor-Who-Tv-Show-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Peter-Capaldi-Jenna-Coleman-Peekaboo-Vintage-Doctor-Who-Tv-Show-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

At first we thought she was kind of over-dressed, but this was for a string of appearances that day and besides, if you’ve got a big Welsh castle behind you with a TARDIS cleverly perched on the roof, then you know you’re gonna be stuck in a lot of long shots and need something to stand out. We like the softly romantic feel of the dress. And the red is something of a signature color for her character.  She looks pretty.

As for him, we kinda love it. The fit is terrible but he’s working that “aging punk” thing that works so ridiculously well for him. If we were his stylist, we would have told him to leave his sunglasses on, because it’ll always look cooler than squinting into the sun and having them hang out of your breast pocket, making you look like an absent-minded professor. Then again, if we were his stylists, we’d have made sure that jacket fit better and probably picked a slightly more interesting t shirt than that. Still, this is a perfect example of how an older man can dress in a casual manner that’s appropriate to his age, but with a little bit of a edge.




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  • imustacheyouaquestion

    I didn’t notice the Tardis at first! that is so awesome! and she looks really pretty

  • Scimommy

    Her dress is the perfect contrast for that backdrop. If she were standing on a red carpet, it would look like she’s melting into the floor. In other news, the Tardis on top of the castle is pure awesome!

  • WendyD

    A friend of mine went to the BFI event in London and saw the episode yesterday. He’s very excited about it (no spoilers) and that makes me excited!
    I saw photos of Peter and Jenna in London and they had changed outfits. Peter was rocking this very cool button down shirt that was covered in a print of the universe/star systems.

    • gabbilevy

      Ahhhh that’s so good to hear. I’m crawling out of my skin with excitement.

  • Janet B

    Peter looks sloppy. The idea is fine, but the execution could have been better.
    Jenna looks pretty.

    Did Matt dress better or is my memory fuzzy?

    • JauntyJohn

      Matt dressed much, much better. Matt has real style, in fact.

      • Janet B

        That’s what I thought.
        I thought maybe I had elevated him due to my fondness for him.

  • Boulderista

    I lived with an aging British man for awhile (May-December sort of romance) and that t-shirt is making me cringe … I’d bet $ that Peter has a drawer full of nearly identical gray t-shirts with another drawer of coordinating gray underwear (that he changes every other day) and that slouchy suit is as close as he’ll ever get to a pair of sweats. “Oversized” means he can eat and drink what he likes and doesn’t have to go clothes shopping again if he changes sizes.

  • jen

    Loooooove Peter Capaldi! Can’t wait to see him as the Doctor.

    • MoHub

      Been a Capaldi fan since Local Hero.

  • SewingSiren

    Is that is costume as The Doctor? because if it is I’m a little disappointed. Answer to question number 1: I just made a TARDIS birthday cake for one of my kids, so what do you think? Right thinking. yes.

    • Frank_821

      His look is more black and fitted-more of a modern Pertwee

      • SewingSiren

        With a red satin lining, what a relief.

  • JauntyJohn

    My enormous affection for both the character and the series can’t quite overcome my reaction to Mr. Capaldi’s look. I have scrolled back and forth trying to like it and it still a badly rumpled, drab look to me.
    At LEAST do a t-shirt that’s not grey. God!

    • Janet B

      Rumpled as if he picked it up off the floor and shrugged, why not?

  • Silver foxes. There can never be enough.

  • Thomas

    She looks great, but her breasts look kind of droopy. I think her girls could use some more support.

  • another_laura

    Cannot WAIT to see Capaldi’s take on the Doctor. Fashion-wise, he’s kind of a mess, yes, in the bright sun. Her dress? I’m not liking it.

  • majorbedhead

    I am ridiculously excited for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. I cannot WAIT for this. Cannot. Wait.

  • Colleen Byrne

    Peter Capaldi can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned but your suggestions are spot on, dear uncles.

    Oh, there’s someone else in the pictures?

  • decormaven

    I wish the tshirt and suit had been a bit more fitted to his frame, but other than that, good promo shot!

  • spirit52

    You guys are waaaaaay nicer than me!

  • MilaXX

    I am incredibly excited!! Bring back the Doctor!

  • very nope

    Anne Shirley would kill for those sleeves.

  • Patricia Groves Dobrowski

    Planning a giant family geek fest for the new episode in a few weeks. Pizza and our own viewing party. Glad I’m among the right thinking. 😉

    But Peter? At the very least, tuck in the shirt next time, m’kay? Thanks.

  • Sam Smith

    In a slightly rumpled version, I think they both look adorable, the red pop against the backdrop is great, but they don’t really go together.

  • tpalgal

    This is all perfectly fine and lovable in a Brit kind of way, but — Uncles, do we really think a stylist was in any way involved in Peter Capaldi’s look? Or are we just ruminating about what we’d do if we were his stylists? Because I’m pretty sure he just rolled out of bed, took something out of his closet and turned up for the photo shoot. And I am perfectly fine with that. 🙂

  • The TARDIS on the roof tho *Flails*

  • alyce1213

    I’ve loved him for 30 years, since Local Hero. Can’t wait.

  • FibonacciSequins

    It’s happening!

    Jenna looks great. Love her makeup, especially the red lip. As you pointed out, she needs to stand out in long shots and against a castle backdrop.

    For Peter, I would only change the color of his t-shirt. To white, or something brighter than the suit, at least.

    Love seeing the Tardis on top of the castle! 🙂

  • Millions

    Yes! Capaldi’s made the big leagues: Tom and Lorenzo! 🙂 I adore Peter Capaldi and have been a fan since Local Hero. I also love his nerdy, dorky, punk-dad style, and have been hoping for a long time that he’d show up here. And of course I think he’s going to make an incredible Doctor! So excited!

  • marlie

    Absent-minded professor is totally the vibe I’m getting from him. Can’t say I’m a fan. She looks really pretty, though.

  • kittentoes

    I want his boots, though.

  • sherrietee

    My breath is fully bated for August 23.

  • BLauDGaspode

    Turning blue waiting for August 23. Can not wait!
    She looks absolutely amazing. I agree that red is kind of a signature for Soufflé Girl, and she rocks it. I want that dress.

  • BobStPaul

    His look is a pretty frightful mess. The suit looks cheap and is very ill-fitting. Then it looks as though he’s wearing a stretched-out t-shirt underneath it. I’m totally not getting how this has a bit of an edge to it.

  • Kate4queen

    Rumpled…him…pretty in red…her -can’t wait for the new series!!!

  • mizzelle

    I like her dress and the color, but I wish it was just a inch or two shorter. I did realize I’m used to seeing her in either short cutesy dresses or Victorian ladies wear, though.

  • Elentari

    Red is definitely her signature color, but my first response when I saw the pictures was “Red overload!” Red dress, red lip, standing on red carpet… The red is perfect for the castle shots though.

  • Corsetmaker

    Ooh! Ossie Clark, very cool! He looks like what he is – an ageing punk painter! (who just happens to be a famous actor).

    Quite concerned as I’m taking part in a Conference of Corsetry in Oxford that weekend and not sure how I’ll see it. Unless I hit iPlayer on the lapton using the venue’s wifi later on at night!

  • Daxx2513

    So excited about the next chapter…I would perfer both looks to be a bit more fitted, but no major compaints. I love that he used to be in a punk band with Craig Ferguson.

  • Tanya Wade

    Nothing says “Come to mama” like Aging Punk Love that she’s wearing vintage Ossie. Oooooh, I can’t wait till Aug. 23rd.

    • formerlyAnon

      Nothing says “Come to mama” like Aging Punk

      I wouldn’t have thought to put it this way, but damn if that ain’t nothing but the truth.

  • kimmeister

    She seems too tiny of a gal to be able to pull off a maxi dress.

  • andi56

    Peter Capaldi! Unforgettable in “Local Hero” and especially “The Hour.” She, on the other hand, looks hilarious.

  • formerlyAnon

    Peter Capaldi. He can act and I think he’s attractive but not even a little bit pretty and he’s the next Doctor.

    My needs for the day have been met.


  • AlisonHendryx

    i am so excited for him, and just counting the days til she’s gone or at least has a co-companion so she can ease up on the cutesy.

  • Swoon…..a vintage Ossie…let me wipe the drool. Beautiful.

  • sk8tfan

    Just happened to catch BBC’s Three Musketeers and he’s Cardinal Richelieu. Absolutely chews up the scenery, spits it out, and eats it again in his second stomach. Love him. This outfit doesn’t do him justice. He doesn’t have to be a dandy, but he does have to wear clothes that fit, and leave the t-shirts at home during the poledancing.

  • crashtestbonnie

    So. Friggin. EXCITED. for Capaldi. Ten is my Doctor and I love Nine and Eleven, but it’s time an adult helmed the TADIS again. Love Jenna’s dress here, wished it fit a skosh better. We’re having a Beunas TARDIS potluck for the premiere – nothing says Doctor Who like margaritas and 7 layer dip, amirite? 😀

    • embers618

      Buenas TARDIS… you just totally made my night! I have to admit to loving all the Doctors, but David Tennant has a special place in my heart, and I was not for a second disappointed when they announced Capaldi as Twelve. My only disappointment with Ten was that he didn’t keep his Scottish accent (because SWOON), but I’ve heard that Capaldi keeps his!
      And I agree about Jenna’s dress, but I’m not sure if the fit’s off or if she just doesn’t have the proper support. In some poses it looks fine, but if she lifts her arms she gets a titscrepancy that I think is due more to her choice of foundation garment than the dress itself.

      • crashtestbonnie

        LOL! As much as I would love to, I can’t take credit for the theme. A Facebook friend was laying down some mock and I’m all, “DUDE! Best. Theme. EVER!” 😀 So I decided to run with it because blue margaritas are never bad.

        I think you’re right on both fit and support being an issue. I love the red and the retro on Jenna, but she’s a wee thing. Of course if this is vintage, they are NOT altering it to fit her – lol! Ah, fashion. Never change. ;p

  • julnyes

    I’ve drifted away from Who towards the end of the Matt Smith years, but I’ll pop back in to check out Capaldi since he is awesome.

  • judybrowni

    Oh dear, big puffy sleeves on dresses for grown women have crawled from their ’80s zombie grave, and he’s a wrinkled mess.

    I think your fondess for the show has blinded you, TLO and others.

    • Gatto Nero

      That dress is all kinds of wrong, vintage or no.
      Where is the waist supposed to be? She’s swimming in that thing. And the poufed sleeves are awful.

  • Kikishua

    I do like the dress, but I’d like it more at knee length or slightly higher. And Peter Capaldi can be rumpled next to me whenever he wants. With or without Malcolm Tucker sweariness.

  • I’m not a Whovian and I do think it is weird to have Capaldi in after that devastating turn in Torchwood. But I love him enough that I may start to watch.

    Her – I feel like the proportions of the dress are off and it was supposed to be tea-length but some sort of industrial accident cut her off at the shins.

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    Has anyone watched The Musketeers? It’s got great costumes, cute guys AND Peter Capaldi as the Cardinal!

  • Come on guys, what could possibly be any cooler than that frown-squint? (1st solo pic)

  • Ali2044

    My mother wore this exact dress in forest green to her high school formal in 1975. Ew. No.

  • Clash D

    She: Puffy sleeves is fine if it’s fitted well (it’s not). Skirt’s waaay too long. Colour’s nice on her.
    He: Drecktitude. Suit looks like he found it abandoned along a highway somewhere and put it on.
    The Castle: Is that a blue telephone box on top of it?

  • Winterlight

    Tuck your shirt in. That is all.

  • Cordelia_Gray

    I’m not sure why I’m so happy that the new Doctor is an aging punk, but I am. It may have something to do with the fact that I’m also an aging punk. 🙂

  • Fred Vaughn

    Breathing life into me… Ready for the 23rd!