Pairs Division: Elle Fanning and Angelina Jolie at “Maleficent” Paris Photocall

Posted on May 07, 2014

Feel the love and warmth, darlings:

Elle-Fanning-Aneglina-Jolie-Ralph-Lauren-Valentino-Maleficent-Paris-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Elle Fanning and Angelina Jolie attend photocall for “Maleficent” at Hotel Bristol in Paris, France. Elle Fanning is wearing a Valentino dress from the Pre-Fall 2014 collection paired with Charlotte Olympia ‘Sleeping Beauty’ pumps. Angelina Jolie is wearing a Ralph Lauren look paired with Christian Louboutin shoes.

Elle-Fanning-Aneglina-Jolie-Ralph-Lauren-Valentino-Maleficent-Paris-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Elle-Fanning-Aneglina-Jolie-Ralph-Lauren-Valentino-Maleficent-Paris-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Elle-Fanning-Aneglina-Jolie-Ralph-Lauren-Valentino-Maleficent-Paris-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Elle-Fanning-Aneglina-Jolie-Ralph-Lauren-Valentino-Maleficent-Paris-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Elle-Fanning-Aneglina-Jolie-Ralph-Lauren-Valentino-Maleficent-Paris-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

Elle-Fanning-Aneglina-Jolie-Ralph-Lauren-Valentino-Maleficent-Paris-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (7)

Elle-Fanning-Aneglina-Jolie-Ralph-Lauren-Valentino-Maleficent-Paris-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (8)

Elle-Fanning-Aneglina-Jolie-Ralph-Lauren-Valentino-Maleficent-Paris-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (9)

Tight lips, barely touching hands and no acknowledging of the other one in any way. The body language here is DELICIOUS and makes us dream up all kinds of wonderfully bitchy “All About Eve”-style maneuvering behind the scenes. They’re probably just tired and stressed, but we like our version better. Come on, don’t they look like they hate each other? Don’t you just love the idea of sweet little Elle Fanning making an enemy out of Angelina? We could write a novel. Or a telenovela. Either would work.

But if they hate each other, it’s not stopping them from making cutely coordinated choices for their poledance. We noticed Angie’s shoes first and said, “Oh, how perfect. ‘Evil Queen” shoes.” But then we saw Elle’s “fairy tale princess” shoes and we clapped with delight. That’s cute and clever, ladies. Well done. Outfit-wise, Angie’s is serviceable, but fine. The shoes are the punctuation point here. We like that Elle’s wearing a real color. She needs them. Washed out pastels are not where it’s at for you, girl. That green looks great on her. We find ourselves wishing for an orange bangle to complete the look.


[Photo Credit: News Pictures/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES]

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  • Carleenml

    photo call at the wax museum.

    • Twigg

      of the wax figures.

      • KiP07

        Yes! That was my instant reaction to the first photo! I guess the shoes are a bit cuter than the usual Madame Tussauds duds, however.

  • @Biting Panda

    Angie looks stoned and Elle looks like she is far from awed by la Jolie’s presence.

  • Angela_the_Librarian

    I love the Sleeping Beauty shoes! (even if I thought they were SpongeBob for a few seconds)

    • The Versatile Chef

      Ha! Me, too!

    • they look a little like that old claymation character from, i think, SNL. “oh no, mr. bill!” or something like that…

  • Monabel

    That flattering green is “Caca du Dauphin” I think.

    • myandyleigh

      That color does amazing things for her eyes. This should be a foundation color for Miss Elle. The dress is cute, too, and the shoes are cuter than a bug’s ear. This whole look is so much better than what she normally wears. Such a beautiful young woman.

    • Lucía Gavello

      HA! I did not know the history behind that expression, I know “caca” is poop because we use the same word in Spanish, but “princely poop” is just such a perfect way to describe so many things.

    • she needs some accent color to add some zest. as is, it’s a bit too girl scout uniform for me.

  • sienna elm

    Elle looks like a very tall little girl next to Angie.

    Those curly heels are fantastic!!

    • barbarienne

      She clearly feels like a very tall little girl. I want to yell at her to stand up straight, but she’s young enough that she’s still going through growth spurts and probably needs time to get used to it.

      • MissDelaware

        Oy. She looks like my flock of suddenly-grown nieces (the fun game at Christmas was resting their heads on the crown of Miss Delaware’s head. Very Funny Girls.) They’re all gorgeous, and have those coltish legs, but get that same shoulder slouch and bewildered look about them when faced with grownup sexuality.

  • Nikko Viquiera

    Why do they both look so oily/greasy? They look great though!

    • VicD

      Because they are made of wax, and wax melts under the lights.

    • KiP07

      The weather in Paris has been oddly muggy lately. If I were being generous I’d say that’s it. You would think, however, that someone with them would have the decency to give them blotting papers.

  • Coleen

    I’ve seen other pictures in which they are laughing at one another, but for Maleficent’s sake, I like your version much better.

    • Raspberry2012

      TLo’s version is a lot more fun, but let’s face it – they’re holding hands in the first two pictures. Bitches aren’t going to give us the cat fight we so richly deserve!

      That said – I love that they both have on shoes that reflect their character! I’m insanely excited for this movie, by the way!

  • SewingSiren

    It’s the battle of the shoes!

  • Sarah

    Ooh, shoes shoes shoes. That is some PhD level shoe choosing. Frikkin’ awesome. Elle’s hair looks so pretty! Angelina looks sleepy.

  • Ok, the clothes are boring but I’m in love with the shoe story.

  • Coco Cornejo

    Angelina, my 80+ year-old, chain-smoking auntie would wear that outfit and think she was killing it. All that’s missing is the bouffant.

    • random_poster

      I bet your auntie and her bouffant are loads of fun.

      • Coco Cornejo

        Oh, have you met?

        • random_poster

          Coco–I didn’t mean that disrespectfully, and apologize if you took it that way, I simply love it when older women own a look, and admire the moxie one must have to do so.

          • Coco Cornejo

            No offense taken. She’s a hoot…and a holler. Just thought maybe you two had hung together at some point. 😉

  • sugarkane105

    I think Elle wins this round.

  • The shoes are fabulous, but the ensembles otherwise put me to sleep. Which is kind of ironic, when you think about it.

  • lbl

    I love Elle’s dress and I’d wear it in a heartbeat. Great color.

    They looked really sweet together during this event. I’m looking forward to the press tour now even though I’m not interested in the movie. It’s always nice to see co-stars who seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

  • In_Stitches

    I’d prefer sapphire for the punctuation point on Elle as orange and that shade of green will always make me think of a hunter wearing a safety vest, but that’s a pedantic point. Love the shoe work going on here. They must have coordinated.

    • kimmeister

      I think of carrots.

      • In_Stitches

        And now I love it. I’m on board with the orange!

  • Lolo Andre

    Take note Lupita

  • alyce1213

    I love the picture of them holding hands — it seems pretty sweet to me. I’d much rather see this than the phony love fest poledance crap we were subjected to for “The Other Woman,” for example.

    They both look great, head to toe.

    • Imasewsure

      You mean all of the forced laughing and besties-ness? Ha yes you are right…

      • alyce1213


    • anneshirley

      I agree, the hand-holding, even if it is with a light touch, seems intimate (in a mother-daughter type way) and real, not like something you’d do if you really hated the other person.

      • Raspberry2012

        I think the hand-holding really *is* sweet, actually.

  • mjude

    I love elle’s look especially those shoes. I always love angie.

  • marlie

    Elle: Really cute dress, and adorable shoes. Seems like her hair is a tad too yellow, though.
    Angie: I sort of love the jumpsuit. She’s unlikely to show up in a really bold color, but I like that she wore her usual black in something that’s not a shapeless mass of fabric. Also, great shoes.

    Both need a makeup consult, though, and they really DO look like they’re not terribly fond of each other.

    • alyce1213

      Here, we disagree about their body language. I do think they look a bit spent, but I don’t think they’d be holding hands if there wasn’t some fondness — they wouldn’t be touching at all.

      • Laylalola

        There are other photos from this same photocall where they’re holding hands and actually both bent over laughing. Huge-ass real smiles on both their faces. Really, the first genuine smile I’ve seen from Angelina in what seems like decades. Of course, it could have been something a photographer or someone just outside of the camera range said.

  • Victoria Anzalone

    Love both looks, head to toe! But yes, we need to do something about that chemistry. 😉

  • Noah

    Fasten your seat belts…

  • ccinnc

    “Mannequins” was the first word that popped into my head.

  • holla

    Love the shoes!!!

  • Mrs. C

    I’ll take one pair of each shoes, please.

  • Imasewsure

    A tiny bit of accessories would have been nice but I like to think they both had co-star inspired tantrums just off screen and threw them off before the shoot… ah me what those little Sleeping Beauty shoes are cute… and fun (which is not something we are getting from this picture for sure!)

  • Kimberlini

    That’s the best I’ve ever seen Elle look; usually, she kinda frightens me. I’m kinda amazed that there is a color that looks good against her ultra-pale complexion.

  • Anna

    I think there needs to be footage of the behind-the-scenes “All About Eve” style maneuvering included as DVD bonus features. I love me some good backstage bitchery.

    Outfits are OK, shoes are definitely doing the work.

  • Jennifer Bober

    Loving the shoes on both. They’re pretty fantastic.

  • Patrick Cleary

    Angelina needs to teach Elle how to stand up straight.

    • Shawn EH

      C’mon, she’s clearly deferring height to Her Royal Highness! Or else, I’m guessing …

  • Trickytrisha

    Neither of these ladies looks comfortable together. I keep expecting Angie to whip out a ruler and rap the young whippersnapper across the knuckles.

    The wicked queen’s shoes look like she’s wearing Peds and those heels are a tad too weird for me. Elle’s shoes are delicious though, and perfect with that dress.

    • Rhonda Shore

      All i could see were Peds also!

    • FibonacciSequins

      I think what looks like Peds are actually part of the shoe – note how perfectly the two materials line up where they meet at the toe.

      • Lilithcat

        I think so, too, but it shouldn’t even look as though they’re Peds!

        • FibonacciSequins

          Very good point!

  • V No Privacy

    their shoe game is on point

  • RussellH88

    This just looks uncomfortable.

  • Danielle

    Charlotte Olympia has the cutest stuff. If money was No Object, I would buy everything from her upcoming Archie line.

  • homofascist

    I saw Elle’s shoes and went “oooo, Charlotte Olympia.” See the educational services you boys provide?

  • FibonacciSequins

    Their shoes are fabulously appropriate. Angie looks bored and Elle looks glum.

  • Lilithcat

    Elle Fanning’s shoes are friggin’ adorable.

    I’m not that impressed by Angie’s. I like the idea of them, but I can’t tell if she really is wearing Peds, or if that’s the shoes. Either way, it’s a no-no.

  • msdamselfly

    Have to admit, I like the way they are both dressed

  • TwiddlyStun

    Elle’s hair is letting me know she doesn’t HAVE to be white-blond. I think a little crowning color might set off her pale skin as well as that dress does. Maybe when she feels old enough to start blasting the “I’m not a CHILD” horn.

  • smayer

    YES to the shoes!

  • j_am

    I completely thought I was looking at Madame Tussaud’s sculptures. With really good shoes.

  • ashtangajunkie

    Angie is showing shoulders and arms, and accentuating her waist. Elle Fanning is not wearing an Easter Sunday pastel. So the world is ending, yes?

  • ktr33

    LOVE Elle’s dress. WANT Elle’s dress. Shoes are “novelty” but ok for this occasion (only).

  • BLauD

    I’ve noticed more green lately, and it makes me so happy. Why has it not been a real choice before? It seems most stars steer clear of it, when I think it does work well for lots of people (in all its various shades).

  • GorgeousThings

    Fabulous shoes! I read an interview in Entertainment magazine with AJ, and it was really hard to get a read on what she thought of EF. She said nice things about her, but they were definitely… arms length, if you get what I mean.

    • ShaoLinKitten

      Everything I’ve read about Brad and Angelina since they’ve gotten together is hands off. They seem to have withdrawn into a cocoon of family.

  • Two perfectly dressed women. How’d that happen?

  • Marina

    idk about the body language, they looked very cute with each other and smiling in other pictures from this event.

    They both look nice clothe-wise but nothing more.

  • kimmeister

    The idea of having to stand next to Angelina in a photocall would make me want to hide in a hole first, but then I would have to step up my game big time. Elle got the shoes right but the mossy frock and the mousy posture aren’t cutting it.

    I don’t know if Angelina’s wearing separates, or a jumpsuit. If it’s the latter, kudos for the fit (and for it not being hiddy).

  • GillianHolroyd

    This is absolutely the best I’ve seen Angelina look in ages. 100% movie star.

    And now we know why Elle wasn’t at the Met Gala this year.

  • BlairBear

    I am not entirely convinced that these are real people and not stand ins from Madame Tussad’s

    • lamh36

      Ok….thank you.

      I was just thinking to myself tha Angie looks even more so like her Tussad’s figure in that 8th photo

      • BlairBear

        I guess maybe it was humid so their skin looks waxy? but they also dont look like they are present in the moment they just look kinda vacant to me

  • Dandesun

    I enjoy the shoes for both ladies.

    But the existence of this movie still troubles me.

  • Alloy Jane

    So much shoe love here! Typical Angie but Elle wearing a color is good. The shoes really carry the weight here though.

    And I would watch this telenovela in hot minute.

  • Betsy

    The Jolie is gorgeous but Elle looks amazing. I love the pale skin and everything about it!

  • ChelseaNH

    Not loving the green on Elle. She doesn’t need to go with washed-out colors, but I think she should avoid the more yellow parts of the color wheel.

  • dash1211

    Where do I sign up for AJ’s posture class?

    • Miss wks

      Shoulders back! Chest out!
      (That’ll be $29.95.)

      • alyce1213

        A tweak: Shoulders down (lengthens the neck) and back! etc.

  • FridaStaire

    Hurrah for character shoes!

  • Both pairs of shoes. In mah closet, now plz.

  • lamamu

    Adorable! Thank you, Uncles TLo!!! 🙂

  • MilaXX

    I like both of the outfits and think the shoes are a nice touch.

  • LadyVimes


  • rebeemoon

    The shoes are definitely doing all the work here.

  • SuzyQuzey

    I interpreted this completely diferrently. Elle is so young, and I felt that she was holding Angie’s hand for support. Anyway, love the shoes!

  • altalinda

    As long as Elle doesn’t want to wear hose, which is fine, then I think a little leg makeup would be in order to even out the skin tone.

  • Annistella

    I think Elle looks terrific (those shoes need to be mine) and very unimpressed by the shenanigans going on to her left.

  • CT14

    Elle is wearing a color, and her lips are visible. I still think she looks bad. Wrong color? Too shiny? Hair too blond? I don’t know, but her shoes are delightful.

    Angie is wearing ladypants! And is boring as usual. The Telenovela is the only concept that gives her any life.

  • Fuchsiaforever

    OH MON DIEU, shoe porn right here!!!

  • Chevalle

    Elle’s shoes. I want them now.

  • ItAin’tMe

    But they should hate each other, right? Because, Maleficent?

  • MoHub

    I know they’re a pain, but I wish both had chosen to wear pantyhose.

  • Jessica Freeman

    Really love Angelina’s look. Elle’s is nothing exciting, but the shoes saved it.

  • formerlyAnon

    Shoes are witty and cute, both. I’m sure they both light up if engaged, but they’re sure not engaged.

    P.s. Go for the telenovela. I feel certain it’d be a blockbuster.

  • AvaLehra

    If it is a telenovela, someone better be calling someone else a “mosquita muerta” or else it’s not real.

    • formerlyAnon

      I just want to see Angie gesturing imperiously. (I mean, of course, IMPERIOUSLY. With HEAD TOSS.)

      And then possibly breaking down in tears, privately (she thinks!) over the Tragedy in Her Past.

      • lucasuk82

        I originally read that as gestating imperiously, which sounded kind of horrifyingly fabulous.

        • formerlyAnon

          She could do it, if anyone could.

  • DominoEstella

    It looks like Angie is about to suck the youth right out of Elle.

  • Shawn EH

    Angie is working those lady pants! The shoe concept on both is adorable! Double WERQ for me! That there’s still some tension between them makes me want to see the film even more!

  • bluefish

    I still don’t get why the gorgeous, sexy, super chic Maleficent would ever be bothered by Aurora. Didn’t get it as a little girl and still don’t. One of my very favorite Disney films and definitely my favorite Disney lady character. Angie looks like she’s in that mood that screams — “I have a world to save and don’t wish to be here” — and Elle looks super cute. LOVED her in “Somewhere” with Stephen Dorff. They were beyond great together.

    Smashing fit on Angie’s jump suit or two-piece or whatever it is. Hate the shoes but the trousers parts are awesomely tailored. She looks full of herself, as usual, but gorgeous. Of course.

  • Glammie

    I saw another photo from this event and they both had very genuine smiles on their faces–one of the most genuine I’ve seen on Jolie.

    I think this is the first bare, strapless number I’ve seen on Jolie since her surgery. Her decollatege looks good. It’s a good surgeon who can manage that natural a look..

    I love the shoes–cute little wave at the movie and I actually like the simple elegance of the outfits–may be that I’m sort of tired of looking at too much overdone fug from the Met gala. Angie looks at-ease in her pants. So within the realm of Angie’s style, it works for me.

  • andreawey

    maybe they’re still in character….