Mindy Kaling in Miu Miu at the 2014 Fox Upfront Presentation

Posted on May 15, 2014

Oh GOD, no. Absolutely not.


Mindy-Kaling-Miu-Miu-2014-Fox-Presentation-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Mindy Kaling attends the 2014 Fox Upfront Presentation held at the Beacon Theatre in New York City in a Miu Miu embellished top and shorts paired with Suzanne Kalan jewelry.

Mindy-Kaling-Miu-Miu-2014-Fox-Presentation-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Mindy-Kaling-Miu-Miu-2014-Fox-Presentation-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)Miu Miu Embellished Cady Top | Miu Miu Embellished Cady Shorts

Mindy-Kaling-Miu-Miu-2014-Fox-Presentation-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Mindy-Kaling-Miu-Miu-2014-Fox-Presentation-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Mindy-Kaling-Miu-Miu-2014-Fox-Presentation-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

Mindy-Kaling-Miu-Miu-2014-Fox-Presentation-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (7)


Sorry girl, but your shorts are hiddy. They must be burned immediately.

We’re starting to think her tendency to wear these saturated, single-color outfits are not doing her any favors. We’re all for bright colors, especially on women of color, but she picks these eye-searing shades that just don’t always flatter her. This seafoamy green looks awful on her. And while that top has possibilities for her, we really think it should be paired with a black or white skirt or pants. And the jewelry is a huge miss. You’re in shorts. We don’t care if they’re Miu Miu and they have pretty embellishments. They’re still shorts. The jewelry looks like something you’d wear with an Oscars gown.  This needed playful pops of color, not Liz Taylor realness. Similarly, the shoes are all wrong too.

Basically, it’s all gotta go except maybe the top and even then, we’d rather see it in another color.


EDITED TO ADD: If you came here because someone told you that we were ordered to take this post down, you got some bad information. It’s not true.


[Photo Credit: Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto.com, theoutnet.com]

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  • If that were a little mid-thighlength shift dress I would have been totally on board. But those shorts *shudder*.

    • Anplica Fiore

      And if the underboob seam wasn’t quite so sad. Looks like her girls are really droopy.

    • Chris

      They look like iced cookies with little sprinkles along the edges.

    • FridaStaire

      Yes! With pants!

    • Skippymom1

      I even think the shoes would’ve worked then, too. I agree with you. I was hoping from the tag shot that this what is was going to be but instead I literally gasped and loud and said “NO”. It’s an unfortunate choice for such a wonderful woman, but she does look like she’s happy with it and that’s what matters. Big smiles.

    • ballerinawithagun


  • G. M. Palmer

    Didn’t Rose wear this outfit on Golden Girls?

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Rose probably wore it better.

  • Glam Dixie

    And the lipstick, on top of all of the other wrongness, let us add the lipstick.

    • It is a truth universally acknowledged that Mindy’s makeup person hates her.

      • Glam Dixie

        A sad truth.

      • R.A.

        And that fact bums me out more than it should. I have these unreasonable urges that I would NEVER act on to tweet at or instagram her and gently direct her towards one of TLo’s posts about her make-up but there is just no kind way to tell a person that they perpetually look like they’ve been utilizing Homer Simpson’s make-up gun. And it’s a sign of how much I like her/her show that I even care enough to have that urge in the first place.

        • MarinaCat

          Her makeup ALWAYS looks horrible. Scary even…

          • Constant Reader

            And she’s so pretty! It should not be that hard to make her up in an attractive way!

            Geez, I find myself saying that A LOT. But really, makeup artists need to realize that no matter how “artsy” they are, if the starlet looks worse after they wave their brushes than before, it’s a fail.

          • demidaemon

            As Carmindy always said, make-up should enhance beauty, not disguise it. Clearly, Mindy’s MUA does not subscribe to that philosophy.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Yes, yes, yes. Her makeup person should be doing all she/he can to enhance Kaling.

          • demidaemon

            And she’s already beautiful. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!?

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Yes-that complexion, that smile-why the hell are her people not doing everything in their power to showcase her?

          • demidaemon

            I wish I had an answer for that question.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I wonder if Kaling herself isn’t aware of how to make the most of her looks, or has certain ideas of what works for her. Hopefully she and her stylist will figure it out.

          • demidaemon

            I hope so too.

      • DebbieLovesShoes

        And WHY? She’s so smart, funny, real, just a great person. Her makeup always makes her look sweaty.

    • Sobaika

      I’m almost positive that she does her own makeup or her makeup person doesn’t know how things photograph on dark-skinned women.

      • ChiKat67

        She does work with a makeup artist (according to her own tweets/instagram),

        • Skippymom1

          I wish someone could tweet her make up artist and steer her here. We all love Mindy and she is gorgeous, but the make up? It just doesn’t work for her. I would prefer her with none and see her beautiful face if this is the alternative.

      • DebbieLovesShoes

        I agree

      • formerlyAnon

        I’ve always (well, in the 8 months she’s been that high on my radar) wondered if maybe her MUA didn’t have enough experience with dark skin. But WHY, out of the stable of people one consults with when one has reached her degree of celebrity, hasn’t anyone TALKED TO HER about this?

        • Ali2044

          Goddamn, get Lupita’s MUA on the case stat. She always looks incredible.

  • Absolutely spot on assessment. Slap on a white skirt (in deference to, it’s spring), some strappy sandals, and restyle the hair into a ponytail and she’d be cute as anything.

    • MoHub

      Up a size would help as well. That top is pulling across the chest in a painful way.

      • Jackie4g

        She’s curvy so it might be the outfit didn’t come any bigger.

        • paginatrix

          She says she usually wears a size 8.

  • ashtangajunkie

    Her nails look nice and the top has potential, but from there it took a wrong turn and went off a cliff.

  • Danielle

    I love the color on her, but the shorts are just so wrong I can’t.

  • FibonacciSequins

    Bedazzled pajamas on the red carpet. WTF?

    • Mrs. Julien

      Your name gives me endless joy.

      • MoHub

        Me too!

      • Jackie4g

        Once I Googled it and understood the joke, me too!

    • demidaemon

      Exactly what I said. Upscale sleeper set.

  • misstressofsylar

    Whatever Miuccia is smoking, I want some of that.

  • Lilah

    I must have bad taste because I think she looks adorable. Love the color on her. The top could be better fitted and the shorts not so wrinkled, but otherwise I love it and apparently so does she.

    • Alyssa_T_Robot

      i agree on the color! i love her in brights!

    • Anna

      I actually like the color too – it’s the shorts, the high neck, and the boob cut-out that are terrible. Mindy is a cutie-pie, but she always dresses like a college freshman who’s still trying to figure things out.

  • I love my bling, but bling on mid-thigh shorts? This is so, so, incredibly, dastardly wrong. Can you even imagine trying to walk with those on?

    Poor Mindy. Someone really dislikes her to keep sending her out with this terrible makeup. And like the other day when I cannot believe Brad Pitt did not say to Angelina Jolie – girlfriend, you have white powder all over your face – I cannot believe nobody is telling Mindy about the oil slicks on her face.. 🙁

    • kimmeister

      The inner-thigh beading on those shorts would self-destruct on anyone without a thigh gap. She must have left a trail of crushed beads everywhere in her wake.

      • oooo…scratchy! ouch…

      • And the noise! It’d be like George Costanza’s corduroy pants.

    • Sobaika

      About the white powder – it’s very likely from makeup setting finish, which almost always contains zinc. So does sunscreen. It reacts to camera flashes and sets off white like it appeared in those pictures. It probably looked absolutely fine in person and on camera.

      That sort of makeup mistake has happened a few times, I remember some ridiculous pictures of Nicole Kidman looking like she rolled around in baking powder. Same for Mindy’s oil, she likely looked sheeny in person but the flash compounded it.

      • demidaemon

        There must be ways to avoid/counteract these situations, right?

        • Sobaika

          You basically can’t use an HD powder. It’s a pretty stupid mistake her makeup artist made, there are a few alternatives that don’t cause flashback. But once it’s on, it’s on. You can’t counteract it.

          • demidaemon

            Thanks for the expert info. I think you just confirmed that either a) her MUA is making mistakes or b) her MUA artist hates her.

  • StelledelMare

    Seriously she needs to talk to the wardrobe people for her show and just tell them to dress her all the time because this is so sad. I actually think the color works but that is all.

    • ChiKat67

      I’m not really a big fan of the way she’s styled on the show either. It reminds me too much of Ugly Betty; high-end clothes in questionable combinations on a woman who isn’t a size 00.

  • No no no! Her shorts look like pajama bottoms.

  • Janet B

    She’s styled for a different outfit entirely.

  • SewingSiren

    What on Earth is she doing in that last shot?

    • Lizzyisi

      I suspect that in that last shot she is: trying to keep the spangles on the insides of her legs from tangling; trying to prevent crotch creep; hoping to shake a wedgie free.

      • Kayceed

        As if one doesn’t have enough to worry about on the red carpet. Gah.

  • Sobaika

    She has such terrible instincts.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Do you suppose the beading catches on itself when you try to walk?

    • FibonacciSequins

      How can it not? Such poor design.

      • Mrs. Julien

        Did the designer think chafing was insufficiently chastising and the beading is some sort of remonstrance device for wearers without a thigh gap?

  • Boulderista

    shorts are dreadful but even the top is the wrong cut for her body – the neck is too high and doesn’t frame her face as much as chop off her head and the slightly narrowed shoulders on the top just emphasize the width of her hips. A similar top with little cap sleeves and a v-neck or cross-over top would look fantastic … with a skirt or nice pants.

  • @Biting Panda

    Shades of the Lena Dunam School of Dressing.

    • SayWhaaatNow

      I was just about to say, Lena Dunham has been rubbing off on her.

    • Imasewsure

      Don’t say Lena and mention this outfit in the same breath… she might hear you and try to rock this monstrosity as well

    • and lena’s school of red carpet posing.

  • unbornfawn

    It has all got to go. I can’t find a nice thing to say about any part of this outfit. She deserves better.

    • Mrs. Julien

      One nice thing:The shiny jewelry is very shiny and I covet each piece individually.

      • Constant Reader

        Me too. I want a better outfit for all that lovely, lovely jewelry.

  • Forget scrolldown fug, that’s scrolldown horror.

    • what not

      Scrolldown meh…NO.

  • Sarah

    Those shorts are good for one thing: reminding me why no, I can’t wear short shorts. Thank you, Mindy, for that pre-summer enforcement.

    • demidaemon

      Also for why embellishment on short hems is probably not a great idea. And to not wear your pajamas out in public.

  • Kathy_Marlow

    fancy pajamas

  • KendraMR

    Me don’t likey. The top is kinda frumpy and the whole look is just flattering.

  • boweryboy

    I am officially and firmly convinced that Miuccia Prada hates women. Or she’s a pratical joker of the highest order; the joke being on the ladystar foolish enough to wear her designs.

  • CanIbeFrank

    She looks so happy. I like the outfit just for that reason alone.

    • MaggieMae

      She looks extra happy. I get the feeling she loves the outfit. At least in these pics, no hint of “they made me wear this thing”. Oh well!

  • Erica

    Mindy, your horrible way of dressing gives me huge sads. I’d accept wholeheartedly your love of these colors, if you’d just wear them in a flattering outfit. With nice make up. Real women all over the world with your body shape dress incredibly cute every day of the week. I refuse to believe you can’t find stuff. You need to go full on George Costanza and go against all of your instincts when it comes to clothes.

    Signed, your pretend bossy older sister

  • jonnyf8

    I wish I had those shorts to wear to the gym. I periodically like to wear something I know will bother the insecure breeder males that I have to share space with. Maybe I’ll pick up some trim over the weekend and enhance an existing pair.

  • holla

    please don’t stand like that with shorts (last pic)

  • AC Simons

    I have a pair of pajamas in this same style, minus the embellishments. I would never wear them outside. Again, are there no mirrors??? Surely these lady stars can afford them.

  • Kathie

    She needs a good friend who will not let her leave the house this way. Someone to say..NO NO NO takethatoffrightnow young lady in one word and simultaneously grabs something else from the closet.

  • BLauD

    Scroll down fug. I initially thought, “Well, that’s a pretty top,” but proceeded to recoil in horror. No no no no no.

  • Cheryl

    I dunno, if she was hanging around the beach, with different shoes and no jewellery, I’d give it a pass, but not here. I don’t really like shorts at all, except for the the beach, the gym, the park, or patio. Every year someone tries to push a ‘dress’ short, and for me, shorts are for running, playing badminton, doing the Grouse Grind or hanging on the deck having a beer after your exercise. It makes me cringe when I see men or women wearing shorts in restaurants/bars/concerts/streets.
    Oh and that lipstick, horrible, horrible, horrible!

    • boweryboy

      I dunno. When it’s 85° out (like it is as I type this) I think shorts are appropriately acceptable attire for going to concerts, hitting up sidewalk or patio seating at a bar, or especially on the street. I depends on the shorts. Too short can lean towards obscene and too long or baggy leans towards the ridiculous.

      I also think it’s ok for wearing to casual or informal restaurants (most formal restaurants won’t allow patrons to wear shorts, or tanktops for that matter, anyhow), but I was born and reared in California, so there’s that.

      In Mindy’s case, I wouldn’t mind the shorts so much if they at least looked good. Overall the look is a huge No for many reasons beyond the shorts.

      • demidaemon

        I agree. It is easy enough to find shorts made in nice materials that can be dressed up. These shorts here, along with their other sins, look a bit cheap.

  • MissusBee

    Burn it with the fires of many suns.

    I actually cannot think of a person in the world this would look good on.

    • Imasewsure

      I was thinking this was Goop’s outfit or maybe Cammie or Boobs Legsley could make it almost work as a “California Girl” thing – but even then it would still look like cheap polyester and a lost battle with an overactive glue gun

  • Alyssa

    While wrong for this outfit, I love the shoes for myself. The shorts are pure hiddy.

  • Carla_Charlton

    Disagree about the color on her–I think it looks really good. But I will never, never give a positive review of shorts at a red carpet event, unless it’s at a very casual kids’ event during the daytime.

  • Sissy

    I just wish the pointy pumps would go away.

  • crash1212

    So wrong. Every level.

  • Supernumerary

    Take away the keyhole, and I am pretty sure my mother had an outfit like that back in the ’90s.

  • MilaXX

    I don’t mind the outfit, but she deluded herself into thinking that because it was Miu Miu and had sparkly bits on it, it could be counted as formal. Wear this somewhere casual, with a cute pair of flats and I’m all in. Those shoes are particularly offensive. Wearing this and accessorizing it like it’s a cocktail dress, makes you look silly. It ain’t working.

  • Anna

    I give her points for looking so happy, but no. Nothing here is working, I don’t know what Mindy Kaling could’ve possibly done to the makeup artists of Hollywood in order to be sent out in public with such consistently garish makeup.

    I’m pretty sure that Lucifer himself appeared to Miuccia in a fucked up dream with the concept of this outfit.

  • VioletFem

    She dresses so well on her show, which she has stated in interviews that the bright and colorful wardrobe of her character was a conscious decision on her part to infuse some fun stylish outfits into the show. Thus, it is surprising to see her be unable to translate same fashion-forward instincts on the red carpet.

  • LeelaST

    I know it’s bad when I scroll to reveal the full outfit and OMG comes out without a thought. Her taste, or her stylist’s, seems non-existent, or at least wildly inappropriate; ditto for her makeup. Do they not look at her photos and realize what’s going on?

  • Sam Smith

    I like the color against her skin, but nothing here is working otherwise.

  • Wink

    The top should have been turned into a retro, tunic-style dress, with the embellishment along the hemline. No shorts… EVER!

  • That outfit should not exist. Nor should that shade of lipstick. The creators of each really seem to hate women.

  • Monabel

    It’s only the awfulness of everything else that fools our uncles into a provisional acceptance of that epically unbecoming top.

  • Imasewsure

    Yes it’s all NO…. hate hate hate her makeup again.

  • MW

    Remove the cut out and this outfit would be adorable on a 6 year old going to her grandmother’s birthday party. I suppose Mindy should get a shout out for dressing too young for her age as opposed to what other stars are doing.

  • Jacob Bowen

    Her rings don’t go with this outfit, and they don’t go with the pajamas I’m still sporting, but I would wear them anyway…Mindy, I just finished your book and I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it! You talk about clothing and that you actually like to dress up and look nice, but HONEY, you need to find the people who can help you do it!

  • Mrs. O

    Shorty jammies for summer! Cool and comfy. Wear your princess tiara and be the cutest princess at the slumber party!

  • I love her chutzpah.

  • mjude

    oh dear, the outfit looks like babydoll pjs

  • marlie

    That lipstick color makes me angry. And I can’t imagine trying to sit in those shorts.

  • Mothra

    She needs to stop wearing yucky fabrics that bunch and wrinkle when you sit. I like the color even though it clearly matches the Fox TV logo (!) but ew. Also, that lip is all wrong.

  • Lisalady161

    My sweet Lord. That outfit makes me clench and not in a good way.

  • Fuchsiaforever

    Don’t care if this is MiuMiu, it looks so cheap! So. Wrong.

    • P M

      That looks like MiuMiu via Forever21

      • Fuchsiaforever


    • demidaemon


  • MoHub

    This is so wrong on so many levels.

  • JoDo11

    When I was in kindergarten I begged my Mom to let me wear my pajamas to school. They were mint green bloomers and a top with polka dots. This is giving me a total flashback. And no, Mom didn’t let me wear them to school. Maybe Mindy should have asked her Mom’s opinion….

    • SayWhaaatNow

      Her mother passed away. On the same day that FOX picked up her show.

      • P M


  • formerlyAnon

    No. She needs MUCH better help.

  • Madre Santissima! What a disaster…

    • P M

      I’m stealing that phrase.

  • Whoa. I had been hoping you’d cover this outfit just so I could see the rest of it (I’d only seen pictures of her from the shoulders up). Damn you, monkey paw.

  • these are some of the most unflattering pictures ever, in addition to a horrific outfit. and she needs to get a new makeup gay pronto.

  • Jenna621

    Total scrolldown “WTH?” I was thinking, “Okay, it’s not so b….*recoil*.” Why, Mindy, why?

  • Cambel

    I don’t like the cut of the outfit, but I think the color looks good on her skin tone.

  • DagnyReardon

    Starting to hum Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff”when I saw this

  • MyFavoriteColorIsGlitter

    she needs a new make up artist STAT!!!

  • MissAmynae

    Love the color and the lipstick. Do not like one single other thing.

  • Bonnie Blue

    This unfortunately looks like shortie pajamas worn out in public. I have grown to love Mindy and her show this season. I admire her talent and beauty, but she really needs fashion guidance. Some of her outfits on her show are so cute, I know she can do it!

  • P M

    Yeah, what the Uncles said. See, the top is somewhere in my wheelhouse, and I’m a couple shades lighter than she is. I’d have gotten the top in a different shade of blue, or even a coral, gotten a neutral skirt IN A LONGER LENGTH, and gone for diamond studs or some edgy jewelry, with some sparkle on the shoes.

    Mindy, love, get all the pics of this outfit and BURN THEM.

  • ScarlettHarlot

    No. Absolutely no.

  • demidaemon

    This looks like a fancy sleeper set. NOPE.

  • Jackie4g

    Please let her make up people tone down the shiny face. She always looks greasy-faced, and that’s not pretty. I do like the orchid lipstick color.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    Sparkly shorts, shiny face, both need to go…

  • cocohall

    I have to believe that she simply picks her outfits based on colors she likes and things she thinks are cute. And then her formidable creative powers overrule her eyes when she actually puts them on and she believes she looks as adorable as she imagined. Because otherwise, I’m just at a loss. I love her to bits and pieces – as do my teenage daughters, so I am rooting for her to figure this out. And Padma Lakshi? Are you out there? Do a sister a solid and send over your team who clearly know how to make up a woman of color. Or Frieda Pinto, from Slumdog Millionaire. She consistently looks good.

  • Hair and face a greasy mess. Goes perfectly with that horrid outfit!

  • ladybane

    Sweetie – two words: Joan Holloway. A tall column of color can be your friend when you are not waif-thin but built like a “woman/” So pretty, but packaged so badly.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    I’d approve the top if it were paired with a skirt or pants per uncles T and Lo. The shorts are totally done in by that ticky tacky trim. That looks as if it came straight off a roll of sequined trim from Jo-Ann Fabrics.

  • Columbinia

    Pajama shorts and a top. It looks like a 13 year old playing with her mother’s jewelry and shoes at bedtime. Seriously, no. Who did this to her? Oh, and the lap creases are a death blow to the outfit.

  • murt

    At least her makeup is much improved here. Normally it looks awful.

  • elemspbee

    she is just all kinds of wrong from head to toe. must. un.see.

  • Jecca2244

    shorts as a fancy thing are so hard on most people. shorts in general are so hard.

  • gefeylich

    Yeah. Even Lena Dunham is learning to dress for her body and forfeiting runway outfits which she fancies but were designed solely for 98 pound six-foot-tall models and would look terrible on her. But I guess Kaling hasn’t received that particular memo and/or is steadfastly ignoring her image in the mirror.. This thing is hideous: a color which is awful on her, a too-tight top and too tight SHORTS. Bleh. And her makeup is squalid.

  • Trickytrisha

    Are pettipants still a thing?

  • Man Dala

    Mindy’s slumber party — bring your pajamas!

  • I’d like to see her in something like a contemporary take on a sari. I’m thinking she could make it work, and that it would be a good look for her. Too ethnic?

  • BarniClaw

    If this is the post that the PR person asked you to modify, then boo on them. If I could afford Miu Miu in the first place, I’d be all for a boycott.

    • TheLaurenJean

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Violina23

      Seriously. So lame. The nerve of Mindy for being a normal-sized human being attempting to wear fashionable clothing despite her lack of model-sized features. And I only use the word “attempting” because the outfit is fugly, but not because of her body, that’s for sure.

  • dschubba

    I love the lip color.

  • Dagney

    Mindy- You are a lovely lady. Get a tailor. Get a stylist who will get you pretty clothes in flattering colors. Get a makeup artist who will understand you have striking features that look silly under 50 pounds of eyeliner, lashes, and purple lips.

  • Gina Mondzelewski Small

    It looks like she rolled out of bed in her summer jammies and suddenly realized she had an event.

  • Fuck you guys; she looks great. What’s it like to float around in an impenetrable bubble of superiority, anyway?

  • Ali2044

    You guys, that is a $3000 pair of shorts… The mothereffin’ ugliest pair of shorts I’ve ever seen cost $3000. Let that sink in for a second. Mindy deserves better than that. Does she have no one to say “Girl, hold up. No, do not leave the house like this”