David Beckham Leaves The Gym in LA

Posted on May 30, 2014

Who needs to start their Friday off with a sweaty guy in silly socks? You do, darling. You do.


David-Beckham-GOTS-SCG-Tom-Lorenzo-Ste-TLO (1)David Beckham is seen leaving a workout session at SoulCycle in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

David-Beckham-GOTS-SCG-Tom-Lorenzo-Ste-TLO (2)

David-Beckham-GOTS-SCG-Tom-Lorenzo-Ste-TLO (3)

David-Beckham-GOTS-SCG-Tom-Lorenzo-Ste-TLO (4)


You’re welcome.




[Photo Credit: Mariotto/INFphoto.com]

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  • Danielle

    If Joe Manganiello is the patron saint of Sausage Friday, is David Beckham the cardinal?

    • Karen Belgrad

      Based on this outfit, he’s the janitor, LOL

  • Mothra

    Why does he look like a homeless crazy person?

  • Can I say it? NO to the head condom, just plain NO. Otherwise, yep. I’ll take one.

    • Jacqueline Wessel

      Yes, that stupid hat and those baggy-ass sweats kinda ruin what would normally be a big turn-on for me. Maybe later, I’ll go back in the archives and find some nice pictures of David in a suit and tie. Those are really hot.

      • jen_vasm

        Those orange Foghorn Leghorn chicken feet are killing me. Killing. Me.

        • smayper


      • Jecca2244

        i bet you 100 bucks (ok not that much, i don’t have that) that he is wearing small spandex underneath. there is no way he cycled in those.

    • On thinking more about this.. I cannot help but wonder if Posh is aware of the existence of this beanie.

      It strikes me it would be the sort of thing she would pick up with a pair of tongs and gently escort it to the nearest fireplace or garbage bin.. 🙂

      • I suspect he has a whole separate apartment where he keeps his “real clothes”. I think, frankly that this is just as carefully crafted a look as anything else. Its saying loud and clear that he works out hard and takes it seriously, too seriously to consider his appearance. riiiiiiight.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I do believe you have nailed this.

    • MagsRagsVintage

      That looks like a Carrhartt logo on the side of that beanie, and that’s one of the colors they use for their stuff. That enhances the Manly Man
      image, like he’s headed out to work a construction job.

  • Karen Belgrad

    I do not understand why he needs to go to a public gym, doesn’t he have all the amenities at home. In the #BeMeOrDoMe world, looking like this doesn’t really fall into either.

    • Oh sure it does. There’s a whole bit in there about making sure you’re photographed leaving the gym, splashed with designer water so it looks like sweat. This is the essence of #BeMeorDoMe.

      • Karen Belgrad

        I read the chapter so many times, and I can see if they come out looking sexy/fashionable, but he just looks smelly here! 🙂

        (My day is complete since TLo replied to me in the comments!)

      • rockin robin

        Only, shouldn’t he look better?

        • Janet B

          He’s no Taylor Swift that’s for sure

      • SugarSnap108

        I love the concept of designer sweat.

      • Excuse me but I need clarification. Is a BEANIE included in the essence of be me or do me?

        The rest of it I get, and I’m ok with, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD does he need to keep his heat in with what could be the worlds most ugly beanie in a shade mostly known as baby poop? That looks more like snow wear than LA wear. Pair it with a tank top and the worlds daggiest track pants..

        I respectfully decline this for the sake of all mankind. 🙂

        • “Daggiest” – now there’s a word I don’t get to hear very often!

      • ballerinawithagun

        Yes, that sweat looks way too orchestrated!

      • smayper

        I found the “sweat stains” interacting oddly with his tats. Like they were tats on his shirt, or the tats had migrated and spread in a rash-like way.

    • Kristi Mitchell

      Because how can anybody want to be him or do him if he is home by himself where no one can see him?

  • kduffin7

    This man could wear a binliner and still look gorgeous.

  • FrigidDiva

    Um, no. THAT HAT. If he was in North Dakota during the winter time I’d give him a pass, but it’s Springtime in CA, why the heck does he need that hat? I’m just imagining the smell and how gross his head must be. EWWWW.

    • randeekay

      I grew up in ole ND and you are correct….we all better buy one carhart might be trending!

      • FrigidDiva

        Can you imagine? Maybe that will be part of the next style movement. Instead of Normcore they’ll go with Farmcore and Carhart overalls will be all over the runways and red carpets.

      • semirose

        Oh trust me, all the hipsters are super into Carhart (and Pendleton). You’ll be super trendy among that crowd.

    • Alyssa

      Perhaps for the post-workout chills?

  • Jessica Freeman

    So….I think this is the first time I’ve found him unattractive.

    • jilly_d

      Yes. I mostly like dudes scuffed up, but I prefer my Beckham clean-shaven and impeccable.

      • Wink

        Yes… clean-shaven and impeccable, but don’t forget ‘silent.’ His squeaky voice is an instant turn-off. Just stand there and look gorgeous.

      • Jessica Freeman

        I find the English mens are much more tasty impeccably dressed and clean shaven.

        • jilly_d

          yes, quite.

    • deelup

      Me too. I think it’s my problem though because I’m fixated on how much sweat is going to be on the seat of his car. Eww.

    • barbarienne

      Agreed. Can’t decide if it’s the douchey hat or because he’s stolen Big Bird’s feet.

    • Glam Dixie

      Agreed, I think for me it’s partly because this is also the first time that his tats look more like he’s really dirty than tats. ew

  • Wink

    He looks great when he’s in full-on red carpet mode or modeling underwear. This middle-of-the-road/post-workout stuff is a bit too ‘real’ for me.

  • EveEve

    i’ll take two of everything. even the silly socks. Thank you TLo

  • Denise Rambo

    I will NEVER understand wearing a ski cap in warm climates in the spring/summer thing. It looks ridiculous.

    • Shawn EH

      Maybe he’s having a bad hair day?

      • Denise Rambo

        Then wear a damn baseball cap or something.

        • You couldn’t pay me to wear a baseball cap.

          • Denise Rambo

            Me either – LOL! But something other than a SKI cap!

          • Shawn EH

            I vote for the Beckham Straw Hat brigade! Or maybe a bowler! Hipster havana panama?

  • Elizabetta1022

    At first I thought his tattoos were mud spatters and wondered what kind of spinning class he’d been too!

  • Anna

    HAHAHAHA. Oh David, why are you dressed as Justin Bieber?

    Fortunately, I’ve seen your H&M underwear ads to know what mostly everything looks like underneath.

    • Wink

      I was thinking the same thing about Bieber! In 20 years, a tatted Bieber will look like Beckham (if he’s lucky). If he’s unlucky, Bieber will look like Vanilla Ice.

      • Anna

        Definitely more Vanilla Ice, and even that I think is too generous. I’m thinking more along the lines of Aaron Carter. The beenie, sweats and socks are pure Bieber though (although Bieber’s would have even more of a dumbass drop-crotch).

        • Wink

          Bieber wearing those awful drop-crotch sweats is like Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer had a baby.

        • demidaemon

          I’m thinking he’ll look like a young, douchey Ellen DeGeneres.

      • MilaXX

        My money is on Vanilla Ice

      • Peeve

        I’m thinking more like that idiot Puck from the early ‘Real World’ series. (Man, I’m old…) Shudder!

        • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

          Remember him? What a jerk!

        • demidaemon

          You may be right. Except shorter and infinitely more annoying.

          • Peeve

            And with all his money and notoriety, the Biebs can annoy us all instead of just California. But you’re right–he’ll probably look more like Ellen DeGeneres, ’cause he still looks like a girl.

  • Fred Vaughn

    Thank you, Uncles.

  • Michael_Jones

    I’m struck by the huge disparity – again – between “leaving the gym” pap shots for men and women. The women have to look perfectly made up and put together and refreshed, like they just had a “slight glow” during yoga class. The men have to look sweaty, pumped up, and like they worked really hard on those muscles.

    • demidaemon

      Gender disparity and its cousin, gender expectations, at its finest.

  • marlie

    Nope, this version of Becks isn’t doing a single thing to me. a) He doesn’t even look like himself. b) That shirt is gross. c) Those socks are INSANE.

    I do sort of like the salt & pepper scruff, though.

  • SistaT

    My Lord. Mrowr. I find him even hotter when he looks dirty and grubby and like that dude down the street who does nothing but drink beer all day and you know he’s wrong for you, he’s wrong for anybody, but he has washboard abs and a ridiculous face like an angel and you just have to do him just this once, you just HAVE TO.

  • I just love that he does actually look like he worked out, right down to the sweaty bum.

  • onefifteen

    It is of some comfort that stars can also look ridiculous when leaving the gym.

  • MoHub

    Silly socks? I couldn’t get past the hat.

  • Alyssa

    Mmm…those arms! Although I am wishing he wasn’t wearing that hat & those sweatpants. I don’t like my Beckham so covered up.

  • MilaXX

    Ew! I feel like homegirl back there in the blue pants giving him the side eye. Becks looks a little on the crazy side here.

  • I’m sorry, all I see are the tattoos, which I find positively revolting. A blind spot with me, I know, but I just loathe the whole idea so very, very much. I like his socks since they cover his ankles, which no doubt are tattooed, also. Yes, I’m feeling cranky this morning……have to leave for work in 2 minutes and Fridays always blow big time.

    • charlotte

      The tattoos make him look like he is covered in dirt. Who would want that?

  • James

    I like the socks. That’s pretty much the only thing I like here.

  • SugarSnap108

    I think the socks are the best part of the ensemble. He should take everything else off. Immediately.

  • lynnlee

    Those duck feet ruined everything.

  • CatherineRhodes

    It’s been 80+ in L.A. this week, so that hat is just crazy and/or pretentious.

    • semirose

      Since Carhartt hats are what all the hipsters are wearing these days I’m going with pretentious.

    • demidaemon

      I’m going with pretentious. This is the man who is married to Posh, after all.

  • RescueMe23

    Its gym attire – like normal people wear – who knew? Celebrities – they really ARE like us!

  • Lilah

    I’m not sure I understand what I’m looking at here. Did he managed to sweat in thin little rivulets or did he dump a bottle of water over his head just before he left the gym so it would look like he actually worked out? And why, if he just worked out, would he need to put a stocking cap on before going out into the LA sun?

    • MitchellGilburne

      My thoughts exactly! This is not an authentic soul-cycle sweat pattern.

    • boweryboy

      I’m hoping it’s a print on the shirt because if not it totally looks like he poured some water on himself to give the illusion of sweat.

  • nannypoo

    I can smell him from here.

  • ashtangajunkie

    He looks cute in his saggy bum pants.

  • boweryboy

    I know it’s gym wear, but that’s a whole lotta look: day glo shoes, bright yellow socks, too big sweats, weirdly patterned muscle shirt (or pretentiously poured water to give an illusion of sweat), the hipster beanie, and then those awful tats (sorry tattoo aficionados but they’re just not my thing). It all reads try-hard douchey to me.

  • Mrs. C

    I was fine with the look until I got to his baggy sweat pants, which just need to come off. Seriously. Like, right now.

    • semirose

      I’m handwaving them by saying he just tossed them on over the padded bike shorts. Which I guess means yes, they do need to come off.

  • John11581

    I don’t know, call me crazy, but it’s a refreshing change of pace to see one of these celebrity exits the gym spreads where it actually looks like the celebrity used the gym for its intended purpose.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    Gor bless the lad, with those socks he just needs a pair of floppy clown shoes.

  • venusvelvet

    Whoa, Ronald McDonald scroll-down.

  • Fanny_Trollope

    Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-do
    I have another puzzle for you

    • demidaemon


  • formerlyAnon

    Those socks and shoes make me look at him more favorably than anything I’ve ever seen him wear.

  • stubbornthoughts

    I hope he deep cleans that beanie after having been to the gym. Or, better yet, I hope he gives it to me right now so I can keep it under my pillow.

    Also: BUTT.

  • ktr33

    yeccch, I think he looks gross; I can’t tell what’s sweat, what’s tattoos, and what’s dirt.

  • traceyishere

    He looks homeless and like he smells…..and not in the good way.

  • Shawn EH

    And silly shoes. My only question is, if it’s so hot, why the hat?

  • Molly Dowd

    Oh hey, he actually looks like he worked out. Take note, Taylor Swift.

  • FibonacciSequins

    That may be the most ridiculous workout outfit I’ve ever seen. The pattern on that shirt blends right into his tattoos. But hey, he went to the gym and I didn’t, so good for him.

    • Synnamin

      You may be right, but it’s a refreshing change from the “oh? this old thing? Yes, I always wear heels to my spinning class. Why do you ask?” outfits we see from celebrities leaving the gym. At least they look like grungy clothes to work out in!

  • The Versatile Chef

    I love that the chick behind him is completely unimpressed.

  • DB Ruberto

    I was agreeing with most of the comments, but then Becks turned around.

    DAT ASS.

    And this is why he is here for Sausage Friday.

  • unbornfawn

    That sweat looks splashed on.

  • aquamarine17

    the beard and tattoos kind of ruin it for me. i’ve seen him looking so much better. to me, he doesn’t even look like David Beckham in these shots

  • JP

    Argh. I can’t even with this. It’s LA in late May, lose the douchebag wool cap.

  • Too. Sweaty.

  • H2olovngrl

    Dainty ankles.

  • Man Dala

    That’s some piece of ass he’s transporting. I love the grey in his beard.

  • mickiemonkey

    I prefer him in his undies.