“Everyone Wants to Be Me or Do Me” Mother’s Day Contest and NYC Party, Kittens!

Posted on April 30, 2014



First, let’s give you the final details on the NYC book party and signing we’ve been talking about for a while. Let’s do this all bold and colorful so there’s no mistake.

WHEN: Saturday, May 3rd, starting at 2:00 p.m.

WHERE: EMC2, 240 Elizabeth Street, New York NY 10012, in the little courtyard in the back, where we got married last summer (this is the part where you go, “Awwwwwwwww.”) T Lo bestie Emmett McCarthy will be hosting and offering up refreshments as we put on our little cartoon-voiced dog-and-pony show of book signing and answering questions. Except this time, we get to drink while doing so, which should make things potentially very exciting. Copies of our book will be on sale, so you’d be once again helping everyone out (mainly us, but also Emmett) if you picked up a copy while there for signing. They make great gifts! 

WHY: Because meeting our Bitter Kittens on our book tour has been the very best part of this whole adventure. We kicked off our tour smack in between two snowstorms, so we’d like to give the Philly, NJ, and NY-area kittens (as well as any other adventurous kittens from further out) another chance to come out and mingle with us, as well as meet each other face to face. Having it in the courtyard where we met Tim Gunn for the very first time, which essentially kicked our blog into high gear, as well as the place where we got married? It couldn’t be any more perfect. The weather should be good, so you should come out and make a day of window-shopping out of it. Christian Siriano’s store is just a few doors down the street.

But that’s not all, darlings!

We are super-excited to announce our very first book giveaway contest! As with so many brilliant ideas, it started at brunch.

We were talking the other morning, while having our traditional Easter morning greasy diner breakfast, of how much we miss being on tour and hearing all y’all’s stories. One of the things we loved finding out was how many mothers and daughters read us together; sometimes calling each other up to talk about something we wrote, sometimes literally sitting down together to read it. So many moms and daughters coming up to us together at our signings, telling us that we’d become a little part of their lives and how they relate to each other.

How ridiculously cool is that?

Anyway, Lorenzo blurted out over his French toast, “We should do a Mother’s Day, giveaway!” which caused Tom to spew coffee all over him (not really) and shout “YES! I HAVE THE PERFECT IDEA!”


The Everyone Wants To Be My Mom Contest!


But darlings, if you want to win a free autographed copy of “Everyone Wants to Be Me or Do Me,” you’re gonna have to do a little work. With Mother’s Day coming up, we want you to give us at least 150 words (but no more than 250) on the woman who influenced you most in your life, whether that was your mom, step-mom, grandmom, aunt, teacher, mentor or friend. Give us a short essay entitled “Everyone wants (or wanted) to be…” the person you’re writing about.

Details in a nutshell:


* 150-250 words on your most important female mentor, explaining why everyone wants or wanted to be her.

* Emailed to bemeordome at gmail

* DEADLINE: MAY 1st midnight, EDT


We will pick our FIVE FAVORITE essays, publish them on our book site (under whatever pseudonym they’d like, if they’d like), and send the winners an autographed copy of the book in time for Mother’s Day.. You’re not gonna be graded on grammar and spelling, darlings. Don’t worry about that. It’s about the story you tell us and the women you’re paying tribute to.

Now get to writing!

And east coast kittens, come on out to our party!


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    • Ifeoluwa Olokode

      Do we have to RSVP for the party? SO excited to meet you, Uncles TLo!

      • Nope! Just show up, darling!

        • Ifeoluwa Olokode


    • Scimommy

      Sadly, I’ve had no female mentors, or at least none who taught me things that I didn’t desperately wish to unlearn. I guess I will have to comfort myself to coming to your book party, purchasing that book of yours, and getting it signed by your fabulous selves. Not half-bad. Echoing another person’s question: do we have to RSVP?

      • Lilithcat

        So, maybe you are your own “most important mentor”! Why not?

        • Scimommy

          Ha-ha, thanks, that’s probably true. At least as far as mentors of the female variety go.

      • That’s so sad!

        • Scimommy

          Eh, it’s all right. As Lilithcat said above, that means I’m my own mentor and I’ve done okay.

    • This Connecticut Kitten is very excited for the party! I’ll be double-checking the hem length on my pants and keeping my hands out of my pockets in preparation 🙂

    • Bexxx

      I don’t have to be at my roller derby game on Long Island til 5 so I think I might make it!!!!! It will be nice to feel chic & swanky before getting horrifically sweaty and having the pulp beaten out of me. Can’t wait!

      • OffToSeeHim

        You win coolest RSVP.

    • KinoEye

      I’ve been lucky to have several female mentors, but Mom’s number one. Excellent idea for a contest. You’ll definitely be hearing from me.

    • MilaXX

      I think I can make this! Crossing my fingers for no allergic reactions and/or BPPV episodes. I can megabus into the city and do this thing. I’m kinda excited!

    • Very cool! Great idea. Jealous of the northeast kittens who can go to your party.

    • Meagan Given

      Will you ever come visit the Texas kittens?!?

    • your face

      I am intrigued by the idea of an “Everyone wants to do my mom” essay contest, but I see why you chose not to go that way.

      • Kent Roby

        Angelina’s kids would probably win that one!

    • formerlyAnon

      Well ain’t that grand! (And trust me, the “aaaaawwwww” comes automatically.)

      I’ll ponder this, my mom IS my hands down choice, but her stone-cold-awesomeness in every way was accompanied by a sharp streak fueled by great intelligence and an analytical bent. People were likely to view her as admirable, smart as a whip and a lot of fun, but not someone you necessarily wanted to be, and definitely didn’t want to be on the wrong side of on the infrequent occasions she let that sharpness out.

      Hard times make hard people; we were just lucky that hers didn’t ruin her or her capacity to love.

    • decormaven

      This ought to be a hoot! Will have to ponder this one a bit, but it sounds do-able. NYC sounds fabulous- we want lots of photos!

    • Jenz42

      The weird thing is that everyone I think of is kind of an antiheroine… My grandmother was very smart and beautiful but had a long-term untreated mental illness. My mom broke barriers at work but was just in the trenches like all the other women of her era. My favorite aunt is tall, thin, blonde, and gorgeous, but seems to be adrift without a constant companion. I know their sad stories so well that I have a hard time imagining anyone is fooled by the happy parts.

      • SierraDelta

        As Lilithcat notes above, perhaps you’re your own “most important mentor.” Sometimes the painful lessons we learn the hard way are the ones that most define and shape us. I know many people, male and female, who look with a scholar’s eye at their pasts, recognize an ingrained behavior or attitude, and have the courage to consciously break a cycle. They truly make a difference in the lives they touch.

        Tag — you’re it.

        • Jenz42

          Aww! So touched!

          • SierraDelta

            *Irish-English-Scots-German skin blushing FURIOUSLY red*

            There are a lot of Wise Women here — Lilithcat; formerlyAnon; bitchy,bitchy, bitchy; NDC_IPCentral; BitingPanda; and Qitkat, just to name a few off the top of my head. What’s the purpose of knowledge if you don’t share it?!

            • Jenz42

              Too true 🙂

            • bitchybitchybitchy

              I know that one woman I remember with so much love and respect is my godmother, who was also my maternal aunt-yep, a “Chinatown” moment-she’s my aunt, my godmother! my aunt, my godmother! She’s my aunt AND my godmother!(It’s a family quirk-we tend to choose biological relatives for godparent roles). Anyway, Aunt Edna raised three children while working and supporting a quietly alcoholic husband, and she still loved him. She was funny, kind, and loved me simply because I was myself, and that’s a priceless gift to a child. She attended my early May wedding wearing a boufant wig, long dress and her mink stole, and I have the photo to prove it. She was the best, and everyone in our extended family who had the good luck to know her remembers her with love.

            • NDC_IPCentral

              Golly, thank you, Sierra! I’m ducking my head in modest embarrassment, too; I didn’t see your message until today (05/02 – it’s been a busy week). We are a grand group here.

              And I hope to see a few of that group tomorrow afternoon at the NYC party at EMC2!

    • Isabel

      Essay -send it to you by email? post it here?

      • Gatto Nero

        From the instructions above:

        * 150-250 words on your most important female mentor, explaining why everyone wants or wanted to be her.

        * Emailed to bemeordome at gmail

        * DEADLINE: MAY 1st midnight, EDT

        • Isabel

          Thanks. Doing very quick reading, so my boss doesn’t catch me.

          • Gatto Nero

            Good luck on your entry!

    • Raspberry2012

      Noooo!!! I had to work late the night of the book signing, so I missed that. And I’m afraid I’ll have to miss the party too – we’re in the process of moving Mom & Stepdad, and that’s the weekend that the bulk of it’s happening. So sorry, Uncles, but thank you so much for thinking of us! We love you and are so happy for your success!

    • EEKstl

      Why oh WHY don’t any of your besties live in St. Louis???

    • Capt. Renault

      Female mentors? Dibs on Tallulah Bankhead.

    • ashtangajunkie

      Your book tour marks the first time that my Western Canadian-ness has ever made me sad. I hope all of the kittens have a marvelous time though!