WERQ: Amy Poehler in Peter Som at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Posted on March 04, 2014



Amy-Poehler-Peter-Som-Oscars-2014-Vanity-Fair-Party-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Amy Poehler attends the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood, California in a Peter Som dress accessorized with LoveGold jewelry.

Amy-Poehler-Peter-Som-Oscars-2014-Vanity-Fair-Party-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Amy-Poehler-Peter-Som-Oscars-2014-Vanity-Fair-Party-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (7)Peter Som Fall 2014 Collection

Amy-Poehler-Peter-Som-Oscars-2014-Vanity-Fair-Party-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Amy-Poehler-Peter-Som-Oscars-2014-Vanity-Fair-Party-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Amy-Poehler-Peter-Som-Oscars-2014-Vanity-Fair-Party-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

She’s been lagging behind her good pal Tina Fey in the style department, but she’s finally caught up with her. She looks gorgeous here. Perfectly polished. Hair and makeup never looked better. And we love her for wearing a print on a night when most celeb-ladies act like they’re radioactive or something.  Our only quibble is that she’s wearing a bit too much jewelry and it all doesn’t quite seem to go together. But as far as we can tell, it’s all pretty fab jewelry, so there’s that.

You WERQ that Personal Best, girl.



[Photo Credit: Juan Rico/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images, IMAXtree]

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  • Justine

    She looks great, but that print looks blurry and it hurts my eyes

    • NinjaCate

      Just about to say that. My eyes are bad enough without tricky dresses making me think I’m even blinder than I actually am.

      • butterflysunita

        Yes, at first I thought the photo was out of focus.
        She does look great.

        • Dam_Angel

          The whole collection used blurry prints

          • Inspector_Gidget

            I actually kind of like the effect. It makes you look twice to understand what’s going on. Which wouldn’t work for everybody, but I think it does for Amy.

    • sienna elm

      Maybe it’s supposed to make her look like she’s going really fast!

      • Capt. Renault

        The Doppler Shift is blue, so she’s approaching us at considerable speed.

      • Maybe when she’s moving it looks like she’s not.

    • Dandesun

      Same. The first picture I thought maybe an errant breeze had caught the dress but the rest of the shots confirmed that it’s the print. It really does hurt the eyes.

    • Alyssa

      If it’s that blurry while she’s standing still…imagine it while she’s moving!

      • It looks like it’s standing still.

    • Introspective

      i really had a double and triple take on this cause its been a long day at work. but yeah, still she looks good, optical torture and all.

  • Sarah

    She looks really gorgeous, and I love the shape on her but the print is making me feel totally drunk. Like, I can’t find my way home and I might sleep with a stranger drunk.

    • TAGinMO

      But come now, dear…can you really blame both of those things on the alcohol?


      • Sarah

        Always worked when I was single 😉

  • Akemi

    I love this! I want to have it.

    • 3boysful

      I HAD it–albeit with a handkerchief hem–in 1980. Nevertheless, she looks good

  • PastryGoddess

    Just so we’re clear….the dress is NOT moving, right?

    • Laura Renee


      • PastryGoddess


  • That style of top was made for those Danish shoulders. Also, am willing to do anything for that ring. Name it.

    • Twigg

      To get the ring, you have to make the print stop moving.


    Hair, makeup and jewelry are gorg but did someone move the camera while shooting the dress?

    • Sobaika

      I think the print is intentionally hazy. Gives you a bit of pause in pictures but it must have looked dreamy in person.

  • KateShouldBeWorking

    I love that the print matches at the waist. It’s better-cut than the one on the model.

  • charlotte

    And she looks so happy, too!

  • Glam Dixie

    That really looks like the pictures are blurry. It’s a very strange effect to want on your dress. Makeup is lovely.

  • smh4748

    I hate the print–I know it’s interesting, but it’s just too disorienting for me. But I like the fit of the dress, the accessories, and especially everything from the neck up! Seems like it was overall a really good makeup night for people.

  • @Biting Panda

    I love everything she’s done. Momma wants that big ass ring. But that blurry print is killing my soul, hurting my eyes, and making me motion sick.

  • CLoverleaf

    If I try not to focus she looks great, but that blurred floral confuses my brain and eyes. Ouch.

  • thecitysleeps

    OMG I want this dress, so simple yet so pretty and lovely print.

  • Laura Renee


  • Blair Sylvester

    Luv her and Parks and Rec. So glad she has been going out looking pretty and in charge lately.

  • gloriana232

    Could use a belt, but i LOVE THE EARRINGS.

    • fursa_saida

      Right? I was sort of so-so on this (not for any particular reason, I just wasn’t responding so much) and then I hit the earrings and I was ON. BOARD.

    • kimmeister

      Those earrings are so Q*bert!

  • teensmom99

    She has been getting more and more gorgeous AND well styled. Great to see a talented woman coming into her own. All this and feminist icon, too. Woo hoo. And I continue my fantasy that her ex-husband was holding back her fashion, forcing her to dress in unappealing clothes.

  • RussellH88

    That print looks like she’s vibrating on an atomic level, like her existence in this universe is not stable.

    • TAGinMO

      It’s a little hard to look at in stills, but I’ll bet it was striking as hell in person.

  • Emily Smith

    I need this dress.

  • ElaineMarie34

    Pretty, pretty. I like the slightly old-fashioned color scheme of the print and the just-off-enough jewelry. Lovely.

  • hyperionic

    I dunno, this dress seems kinda cheap and dated.

  • decormaven

    This is a great look for her, and the stylist pretty much nailed it with hair & accessories. There’s a great shot inside the party (I think) where she’s clowning around with her pals – so much fun! It’s her time to shine.

  • Anna

    As a near-sighted gal, this print is very disorienting (ironically it doesn’t seem so bad when I take my glasses off). I love the overall look though, especially the jewelry.

  • KinoEye

    GAY GASP. She looks flawless. Those earrings WILL be mine. I don’t care how. I don’t care when. I must have them.

  • Watts

    Not a crew neck! Praise be!

  • Gatto Nero

    She’s getting the hang of this.

  • marlie

    Fab, Amy! I’d kill for those earrings.

  • Emily Giovanni

    The blurriness is so confusing to me. Is that the point?

    • rage_on_the_page

      Right? I kept trying to figure out if it was a blurry photo. No me gusta.

  • BayTampaBay

    Love the hair, makeup & jewelry. Do not like the dress. Sorry fellow kittens.

  • Lilithcat

    I hate that print. At first, I thought the photo was out of focus. Then I thought I should go clean my glasses. But no. It’s apparently intentional. Ick.

    On the other hand, I’m crazy about those earrings!

  • deelup

    She looks gorgeous. But this reads as Gap maxi dress that she threw some jewelry on to dress up. A little too casual for the event in my mind.

  • colleenjanel

    This may be the first time that looking at a dress LITERALLY caused me physical discomfort.

    • It’s confusing my eyes. She’s in focus, but the print’s not. Can’t.Process.

  • Victoria Anzalone

    I’m so excited to see this post. This was one of my favorite after party looks!

  • Leah Elzinga

    those earrings need to be in my life. now.

  • That print is awful. The blurred images cause optical distress.

  • YAAAAAAAS. i told my boyfriend that if TLo didn’t give amy a werq for this, i’d be so upset for her. she looks amazing. the earrings and cocktail ring are perfect. i never would have thought of that neckline for her, but she looks so happy, comfortable, and chic.

  • Sofia Bentivoglio

    the print is making me nauseous, but i think it’s funny that she looks good even though you can’t look at her dress too long. i can’t help but think that her outstanding sense of humor had something to do with this dress choice.

  • Aidan B

    Personal best!! You look fab, Leslie Knope!

  • SewingSiren

    Yes. Entirely too much jewelry. She should take off that gigantic offensive aquamarine ring put and put it in a box with my name and address on it. Thx.

  • ballerinawithagun

    I wouldn’t use the word polished but she looks perfect to PARTY!!! Loved the photo of her when they almost dropped her. Are we having fun or what???

  • Anathema_Device

    I love the crisp neckline in contrast with the blurry print. Cool chick in a cool dress, who is wearing way too many bracelets, but that’s okay.

  • MilaXX

    Fewer bracelets and this is a homerun. The print looks great with her eye color.

  • Jessica Freeman

    The shape of the dress looks great on her and from the neck up is indeed a WERQ, but that blurry print is making the dress hard to look at.

  • Violentcello

    The print is giving me a headache, but GIMME THOSE DAMN EARRINGS!!!

  • Trickytrisha

    So, is the print blurry, or is the pic blurry? Driving me nuts, but she’s so perfect here otherwise. I even love the crazy jewelry.

  • kmk05

    Mmmmm YES! She looks fabulous, and exactly like this is her style.

  • twocee

    Dear god, someone fix the focus on the camera. Oh, that’s the print? Are we supposed to all feel constantly drunk?

    LOVE those earrings though.

    • TigerLaverada

      I had the same reaction. Great looking dress, but hard to look at. She looks terrific, though.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      The print does look blurry-but Amy looks confident, and the earrings are great.

  • imspinningaround

    The picture where she’s NOT smiling is AMAZING. Editorial, almost. I will snatch those earrings right off her head.

  • Danielle


  • fiddlecub

    The print. I just can’t with it. I keep trying to re-focus my eyes

  • jilly_d

    I can’t even describe how much I love seeing the letters of the alphabet jumbled around into the following order: WERQ: Amy Poehler. It fills my heart with joy. And that neck line is terrific on her.

  • formerlyAnon

    A fully earned WERQ, indeed. Whomever did her hair really caught the “wholesome vixen” vibe her features can give off.

  • silvertreese

    Love her and love the earrings…but the print actually gave me a headache.

    • Carolyn

      The blurriness is hard to look at!

  • PeggyOC

    I covet her Q’bert earrings.

  • pattyw

    Want. That. Ring. I confess I adore Amy far more than Tina, if for no other reason than bringing Leslie Knope to life. It’ll be a travesty if she never wins an Emmy for that role.

  • E. D.

    Yay! Especially love her hair.

  • webslice33

    she looks so young in that outfit!

  • Lesley Knope working it. Stunning, funny lady. Love love love her hair – especially from the side.

  • ShaoLinKitten

    The print literally made me queasy and question my vision. Other than that, great look and the jewelry is to die for.

  • Cassidy Olsen

    I love the permanently-blurry pattern. And I’m definitely liking this 1000x more because of the pictures of her being carried by a bunch of other comedians.

  • I kept thinking the photos were out of focus.
    But Amy looks *incredible* in this dress, regardless of the myopic print.

  • cocohall

    Looks like mama is getting a little something for herself these days. I don’t usually think of her as sexy, but she is giving off real Do Me vibes. You go girl. But yes, I thought I had forgot to put on my cheaters when I first saw the photos and that’s why the dress looked blurry – but no – I’m all goggled up – that is a weird weird effect.

  • dschubba

    I love seeing her without that Leslie Knope hot pink lipstick.

  • kategs

    That ring! The bracelets are a bit of an odd mix in particular the faux tortoise one but she looks wonderful.

  • quiltrx

    I love that the dress looks like she’s moving really fast, but the rest of her is standing still. Neat, bold choice.

  • icm

    beautiful dress ,she looks great but the print on the dress is too out of focus for my eyes.

  • MissusBee

    Love the earrings. Geometric makes a great foil to the floral dress. Taking notes here.

  • merciblahblah

    Amy – I love you so much it hurts. So glad you decided to TREAT YOSELF like the fabulous diva you are. Hair and makeup are perfection, and I MAY steal that ring. You’ve been warned…

  • MsC

    I love everything about her look, except the print on her dress. It looks like a Days Inn bedspread.

  • ashtangajunkie

    Oooh, love. She looks just fantastic.

  • Cindy Bartlett Zigler

    love the dress, but she needed to remove basically all of the bracelets and just keep the ring and earrings, and then she would’ve been a 100% WERQ for me.

  • PaintingChef

    It’s a lovely dress. I’ll give her that. But I’m pretty sure I bought this dress at The Limited in 1999…

  • e jerry powell

    Something in me would like this a little better if it stopped at the knee. Not to say that it’s bad as is.

  • Clash D

    That print is so meta, I thought it was a blurry photo then I realized it was intentional.

    Edited cos those earings are fantastic too!

  • peachy

    love the escher earrings…. but agree with the blurry print = hurty eyes comment

  • Sally Spannagle

    I would have loved a slightly more berry lip color — but she is really coming into her own. Work it, Amy!!

  • martha

    It’s funny that lovely spring sundress is part of a Fall Collection