Anne Hathaway at BBC studios in London

Posted on March 26, 2014

This seems somehow off-model for Miss Anne.


Anne-Hathaway-GOTS-BBC-Studios-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Anne Hathaway visits the BBC studios in London, England in a Whit ensemble paired with Chanel shoes, a Jennifer Behr hair clip, and Helen Ficalora jewelry.

Anne-Hathaway-GOTS-BBC-Studios-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Anne-Hathaway-GOTS-BBC-Studios-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Anne-Hathaway-GOTS-BBC-Studios-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Anne-Hathaway-GOTS-BBC-Studios-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

It’s just not coming together for us. We’re not loving that hairstyle at all. The shape of the skirt combined with the gigantic shoes is making her bottom half look cartoony. And that shirt looks like it should go with another outfit entirely. It definitely isn’t working with that high-waisted skirt.

Y’know, it was rumored years ago that she was going to do a Judy Garland biopic and it never seems to have gone anywhere, but we can really see it in these pictures, even though her features are far more Liza than Judy. Maybe she’s holding out for the Liza biopic. You know it’s coming some day.




[Photo Credit: FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES]

    • Evan

      She’s a really good singer. According to one of my professors who has worked with her, she can sing opera as well. So I think she would be a great fit for a Judy or Liza biopic. That said, this outfit isn’t coming together for me either.

    • Constant Reader

      Send the skirt and flower barrette (or whatever that is) to Kiernan Shipka. The other pieces are fine, just not together.

      • MilaXX

        I didn’t see the flower in her hair. Not liking that or her attempt at flat twist or whatever she’s done to her hair. I thought it was just combed back.

        • d4divine

          I saw the barette…then I tried to unsee the barette because I refused to believe it was there.

    • butterflysunita

      Don’t like the hair or outfit. Only thing working here is the smile.

    • boweryboy

      Gurl that’s not your look. Go home. You’re drunk.

      • lexilexi

        Yes, and I feel my irrational dislike for her bubbling up again.

      • Imasewsure

        Substance abuse issues aside, we’d like her a lot more if she were drunk… and then had to do a Parking Lot Apology Tour for us like dear Reese!

    • kimmeister

      The outfit’s not working, but I’m happy to see her using hosiery.

    • alyce1213

      I like the blouse, but the skirt is not for her.

      I would not like to see her in a Judy Garland or Liza Minelli biopic, not at all. Besides, it couldn’t be done better than Judy Davis did it about a dozen years ago. She was fucking brilliant.

      • Wendi126

        Judy Davis was brilliant as Judy. I can maybe see Anne in a remake of Sterile Cuckoo but that’s it. Liza was awesome in that role

      • Alicia

        I’d forgotten about that. Judy Davis should get some of the roles that usually go to Meryl Streep.

      • scoobynacks

        I still haven’t forgiven them for using Judy Davis in the ‘Meet Me in St. Louis’ portion of “Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows.” Davis was 46 for a role that Judy Garland played at the age of 22. The Trolley Song sequence was really off. Tammy Blanchard should’ve continued through that. Davis was even older than Mary Astor who played Garland’s mom in that movie.

        • alyce1213

          I agree about that. Tammy Blanchard did a phenomenal job as young Judy and should have been used in that segment. Director’s (producer’s?) decision, I guess.

    • International Model

      Do we really need another Judy Garland biopic? Judy herself starred in at least two of them.

    • hughman

      “Look, Mama, I was in the shelfie on the Oshcars!”

    • charlotte

      Is she trying to smile the ridiculousness away? It’s not working.

    • Alicia

      I don’t think the skirt is high-waisted, I think it’s a size small. Go up a size, it’ll sit an inch lower and it’ll be a more flattering length. I like the thistle-print blouse, but I think that is a bit to unstructured for that skirt.

      • lamamu

        I was thinking the same thing about the skirt/blouse combo. One can be unstructured, but not both. Perhaps, a simple black pencil skirt would have sharpened it all up nicely.

    • Sarah

      Her bottom half wants a sleek top, and her top half is missing its chinos in the worst way. Her hair is hoping it doesn’t get messed up because Mom pinned it that way for family photos after church.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      These two garments are not meant for each other. The shirt needs a sleeker bottom and the skirt needs a closer-fitting top

    • KateShouldBeWorking

      Everything but the shirt is too twee for Anne.

    • msdamselfly

      i think this is really cute

    • Little_Olive

      No, it’s not a great ensemble. But I like seeing her more polished, showing legs and OMG forehead! I actually really like the hair, which had been quite lackluster these past weeks. And smiling!

      • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

        It is an improvement. Like you said not, great. Cute. Very cute.

    • Missy

      From the waist-up it’s Anne, from the waist down it’s all tappa-tappa-tappa.

    • littledamnhero

      This is Emmy Rossum’s outfit.

      • Fuchaforever

        No. It’s no one’s outfit.

        • demidaemon

          Exactly. Or at least the skirt is.

    • largishbearishAtlish

      The hair almost looks like she has a wig waiting somewhere to on over it….not working at all. Almost looks like a ‘back stage’ pic..

    • MilaXX

      I’m not 100% sold on the skirt, but I almost like this. If this was just a regular pencil skirt I think I’d like it more. Not liking the hair at all.

    • LeelaST

      Black pencil skirt would fix it.

    • greymain

      what is up with THAT HAIR ???? or rather that STYLE ????

      • AnaRoW

        I really wish she’d grow it back out. I’m really not crazy about the short hair on her. At least this is different from the helmet she’s been wearing.

      • jhedman

        I think she IS growing it out. Having grown out a pixie a time or two, I know that at a certain point, you do ridiculous things (for a grown woman) like resorting to obnoxious barrettes. My first look at these photos I thought, “Thank god she’s finally growing out that hair.” My second thought was, “Burn that skirt.”

        • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

          True. Growing out a short haircut is really tiresome.

        • mlle

          I used more bobby pins than a ballerina and wore scarves as headbands to cover the pinned bits for a solid two months when I was growing out my last short haircut.

    • Kirstin McAulay

      Great outfit for Radio?

    • Fordzo a.k.a. Fancy Mukluks

      Is there a do-dad in her hair?

    • Fuchaforever

      This doesn’t make any sense! MAYBE, her stylist’s assistant f’cked up while packing her suitcase and forgot to pack the right top for that skirt AND forgot to pack the right bottom for that shirt. And when they figured it out there was absolutely NO time to buy a new outfit and that’s what Anne had to wear. Or the best thing they could come up with. Improvise. I mean that can happen…it’s plausible right? I just can’t think of any other explanation! That had to be it. And I bet that stylist’s assistant has been fired. Full disclosure: I was once a stylist’s assistant for a very famous female singer-songwriter- so I can see that happening. But then they give you the credit card and tell you to run to the nearest Barney’s and buy something.

    • Trickytrisha

      That face needs a good framing of hair, not a 1950s guy style. Let it grow! Please? Like the tights and shoes, but that’s about it.

    • MK03

      That hair is pure “A Star Is Born” Judy. And that’s not a compliment.

      • Mr. J.

        Totally agree about her hair, MK03….it’s that Judy/dykey look, and it’s not doing anything for Anne….plus her eyebrows are too sculpted.

    • demidaemon

      It’s a big NO on that skirt. I think it’s the one piece here that cannot be saved with restyling.

    • decormaven

      A flower in the locks isn’t going to fix that hair. I like all the elements of the look, just not in that arrangement.

    • d4divine

      That outfit is so confusing…I mean…how on earth did she look in the mirror and think this was ok

    • Meg Smitherman

      I love all of it.

    • Susan Velazquez

      The skirt is simultaneously high and low waisted and fugly as hell.

    • quiltrx

      Girl, that’s NOT your skirt. Those shoes are fierce (and I generally hate platforms) but they are not working here.

    • heuristicvalue

      Love the hair, but not the clip/barrette. The outfit makes zero sense.

    • snarkykitten

      She’s channeling the nerd friend from Princess Diaries. You know, the one that actually looked like a misfit instead of a pretty white girl in glasses?

    • sherrietee

      Her hair is probably in that really awkward growing out stage. I always hated it when it was in between the short cut and going long again.

    • clatie

      Growing out a pixie is painful, Annie. I’m doing it, too, so I get it. But we have to be patient when attempting hair accessories. We’ll get there – but we’re not there yet.

      PS Dark hose with that skirt makes it looks like you are taking cocktail orders at a La Guardia airport lounge in 1978. Kisses!

    • unbornfawn

      All the pieces are fine. They just don’t go together, and girl, that is not your hair.

    • uprightcitizen

      That skirt doesn’t look like her at all. Too girly, too short, too bouncy. I kind of like that shirt on her. With dark jeans and boots, or those shoes and a pencil skirt, it would totally read as her look. Judy Garland? She’s kind of tall and Hepburn-like for Garland. I would put dark hair on Megan Hilty and have her take a stab at Judy. Bet she’d nail it.

    • Swiftlytiltingplanet

      Hate the skirt. Hate.

    • Jacob Bowen

      The shoes don’t go with EITHER piece, the shirt DEFINITELY does not go with the skirt, and that hairstyle….not good. Go back to soft butch Anne. That combined with your FIERCE Resting Bitch Face were doing it perfectly for me!

    • marlie

      If the skirt were a different shape, I *might* be able to get behind the outfit. But I’m still not necessarily thrilled with it. And I liked her hair until I realized that there was a bow in it. That killed the ‘do for me. But, as usual, great smile.

    • BLauD

      Something is definitely wonky here. The proportions are all off.

    • stellamaris73

      That blouse and those shoes need to get in my closet.

      I could easily see the blouse with a sharp, crisp pair of ladypants. It’s the odd skirt that’s throwing this look completely off.

      • PeaceBang

        Yes, I was wishing for some Hepburnesque trousers.

    • Skippymom1

      The skirt makes me twitch. It looks like something you would get a B- in Home Economics class/First year sewing, where the seams don’t lay right and the fit is horrendous. As for the shirt with the skirt? Did the stylist dress her in the dark, by feel? Because that is the only explanation I have for the “party on the bottom, Avon Lady on the top” look of this.

    • Gaby

      I was really hoping this was going to be a prairie length skirt, because I imagine that working much better than this. Switch the flats out for some adorable ballet flats or boat shoes (yep, I’m obsessed right now) and bam – perfect little look. Might be more spring/summer than the weather, but certainly warmer than a miniskirt and pumps.

    • Sunraya

      I hate adult women with a frilly skirt. It just seems like it would be cute on a 12 year old. And definitely not with those shoes.

    • LambeeBaby

      Not good. I’m getting a fledgling Drag Queen from this outfit.

    • suzq

      Burn the skirt. Wait…it would probably melt, wouldn’t it?

    • elemspbee


    • MannahattaMamma

      Shoes great, shirt pretty, skirt totally ridiculous. But she looks actually genuinely happy rather than smile-for-the-photogs happy and so despite looking a bit like Olive Oyl’s baby sister, she looks sweet. Doofy, but sweet.

    • nannypoo

      She has never looked worse. It’s idiotic.

    • formerlyAnon

      I love her head here. The skirt is awful. Not in love with the shoes, but nothing could save that skirt.

    • FridaStaire

      She’s having a style identity crisis due to growing her hair! (Love to see her as Liza/Judy)

    • Columbinia

      The shirt and skirt combination looks like the practice clothes worn by the chorus girls rehearsing a number behind Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler in “Gold Diggers of 1933.” It’s that bad. The shoes look like something out of a completely different decade. Who thought all these pieces went together?

    • Dagney

      It’s kind of a Sears back to school look.

    • Ros

      I listened to the interview yesterday and they talked about the Judy biopic, so I think it might be actually happening soon.

    • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume

      if the pictures were only the shoes…..

    • Kelly

      I’m feeling serious hair-hate here. And singing the Ridiculous Skirt blues.

    • Melissa Morrison Fernandez

      The woman in the back to the right of her looks better than she does……

    • E2_Remote

      I think I can actually get over the skirt, but the Magnum P.I. Aloha shirt with those tights and shoes is just a big fat NOPE.

    • WendyD

      My immediate visceral reaction was “GET AWAY FROM MY BBC”.
      Then I looked at the outfit and pronounced it “meh”.

    • Lilithcat

      it’s a bit sloppy-looking. Shoulder seams are off, bra straps showing, collar flopping, blouse hanging over the waistband. The top might have worked with a more casual pant, but not with the cheerleader skirt.

    • KES4K

      That skirt shape needs to stay in the early 2000s and/or in department store children’s sections only. And the flimsy sheer blouse with black hosiery and heavy black shoes? No. I feel for Anne, as this is such a hard time of year for dressing oneself (too cold for spring clothes, but too late in the year to want to put on the same old sweater)…but she doesn’t *have* to dress herself. Surely there’s a stylist who could be called upon to assemble a wardrobe module for ‘unseasonably cold spring’.

    • TheLaurenJean

      The hair looks to me like she’s finally trying to grow it out. Can’t fault her for that, it’s a horrible process. But the outfit? Looks like something I would have put together when I was seven, trying to look “cool and grownup”. I mean, I’ve always been pretty stylish, but still, I’ve got some better looks she can borrow.

    • Bill Craven

      That last photo; she’s clenching her fists and forcing a smile; she knows she’s a mess. Those pockets on her blouse sitting awkwardly on her breasts and being able to see the bra through it kill the look for me; also the rolled-up sleeves accentuate the sawed-in-half body. Painful.

    • ReadBarbara

      that skirt looks like it belongs to a little girl’s cheerleading Halloween costume. I will take shoes, though!

    • Wink

      Love the hair (but lose the hairclip or whatever that is) and love the shoes. Everything in between needs to go. Now, back to rehearsing the big dance number… 5, 6, 7, 8!

    • prisma

      What’s the verdict on stockings/hose? Are those back in? In this transitional weather tights seem too heavy but in the conservative professional settings where I work bare legs look unpolished. I don’t know what to do. Thank you, Anne Hathaway, for giving me the opportunity to raise this important question.

      • formerlyAnon

        In the conservative professional settings I am familiar with hosiery never went away to be able to come back. Only summer interns and very junior staff ever go bare-legged.

      • mlle

        I work at a law firm where hosiery is still de rigueur in cold weather but most women under 40 eschew it once the weather warms up.

    • Joanna

      Lose the little flowery thing in the hair and make that skirt some lady pants, and she would be fierce.

    • Tatiana Luján

      Is it posible that her legs are too long for that skirt?

    • kategs

      what I see here is her long long neck. And that lovely smile.

    • RescueMe23

      Its all very disjointed. Not a fan of this look.

    • formerlyAnon

      Because I should be working, I’m going to defend the hair: It’s a very ‘handsome’ woman look, it lets you appreciate the bones in her face. I have never liked all the attempts to soften her features and make her conventionally pretty. I personally think she’s going to be able to play one ass-kicking midlife woman and look sexy as hell doing it. The girly ingenue roles are visually awkward on her.

    • Jeanettesca

      The seam lines on the skirt make it look kind of cheap, especially the one running smack down the front.

    • Imasewsure

      OMG a Liza biopic could be awesome… I’m still sobbing over the loss of the promised Freddy Mercury starring Sasha Baron Cohen biopic so I think Hollywood owes us another good one… and Annie’s outfit is really off although I kind of like that ugly shirt

      • EEKstl

        Horrible, not one redeeming thing here. So, that dispatched in a hurry, let’s get down to MY feelings for Anne. I have gone from liking her and thinking her reasonably talented, bright and cool to topping my Irrational Hatred List. I know I’m not alone. What happened here? Anyone have a theory?

        • Imasewsure

          You are not alone although she is not on my list (well not at the top anyway). I think she buried all of her initial good will with that incessant Oscar pole dance for Phantom…. most of her well-wishers fell off there
          She’s probably a nice, well-rounded and intelligent woman (but who cares… IHL rules!)

          • scoobynacks

            You mean Les Mis. Alas, Phantom was a let down.

      • scoobynacks

        Ben Whishaw is playing Freddy now apparently, and I’ve seen him on stage. He’s very talented, but I just don’t think he’s the right person for this part. Either Sasha or nobody. I heard the band Queen had a problem with SBC’s angle on what to portray of Freddy and it feels like they’re almost trying to white wash him.

        • Imasewsure

          Yes I think SBC would have been perfect and probably the only one who could have given a truly fearless performance worthy of Freddy the Great. Too bad… that would have been a portrayal for the ages!

    • Raspberry2012

      There is literally nothing about this that I love. Zip. Nuttin’. Donut holes. Goose eggs. Hatin’ it.

    • JP

      I think if the skirt were a knee-length pencil skirt, it wouldn’t look so odd.

    • Jean Beaton Leavitt

      I wish she would host the Oscars with Hugh Jackman.

    • Fabiana Zalazar

      I feel like if the shirt was matched with white shoes or something white in the bottom or blue then it would work out. But the skirt would definitely have to go take a trip far far away.

    • SylviaFowler

      She looks like she’s playing Roz Russell playing Auntie Mame.

    • Lily

      Way late to the party on this one, but my first reaction on seeing it was “Oh honey, no.” Wrong skirt shape/height, wrong blouse, wrong hair, wrong hose, wrong everything.