The Walking Dead: “Say the Word”

Posted on November 12, 2012

We admit, when they put little LoriSophiaCarolePatriciaEverydeadfemalecharacter in Darryl’s arms and she quieted down almost immediately, we rolled our eyes a little at the obvious ploy to get ladyboners springing all over the viewership.

We’re doing another one of our very fractured recaps here, but this was a somewhat fractured episode – although that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There are two parallel stories going on – Woodbury and the prison – and this episode only moved the plot forward slightly. Not much happened on either front. We’re a bit surprised at how well the fractured storytelling is working this season. We assumed Michonne and Andrea would be integrated into Rick’s group by now, thinking that you couldn’t tell two different stories in two different settings and keep the audience’s interest, but it’s working really well by playing against expectations. Woodbury is a prison that looks like paradise and the prison is a safe haven that’s turned out to be hell on earth – for Rick, at least.

To be honest, we found ourselves getting annoyed with Rick this episode. Pull it together, buddy. You’ve got two kids to take care of; one that’s going to starve to death unless someone does something about it and another one who’s scarred for life. Granted, if there’s one character who’s earned a little crazy time at the moment, it’s Rick.

What really made this episode appealing to us – in a pulling-teeth-out-with-pliers kind of way – was that this was the first time in a long time, possibly ever, that we looked at the main characters and thought, “Hey, we really like these people.” It had something to do with the fact that the prison group almost wordlessly came together to keep Little Asskicker alive. There was no question that she needed formula to survive and not a moment of hand-wringing over how they were going to get it and who was going to go. We especially liked it when Glen didn’t stand in Maggie’s way when she insisted on going with Darryl. He understood what it meant to her and he trusted her to do everything in her power to stay alive and come back to him. She and Darryl made a surprisingly good team in that abandoned school/daycare center and there was something about that scene with the possum, and the ease that the two of them had working as a unit that really got to us. It’s such a turnaround from last season’s in-fighting and general stupidity. There’s no way anyone can survive in this world without smartening up a bit and we appreciate that the writing conveys that without hitting us over the head with it.

And speaking of smartening up, here’s Andrea, not doing it. We’ve been annoyed with her horrible instincts, but when you cut from the horror of the prison to the relative peace of Woodbury, it’s hard not to see her point of view. Sure, she was slowly starting to realize that something wasn’t quite right in Woodbury even before she saw the gladiator games, but there was obviously a part of her that needed to tamp down her unease in exchange for some cold lemonade and a feeling of security. We can’t say we blame her all that much, even if it is a little frustrating. Besides, we have to remember that we know a lot more about the situation (although not nearly enough to figure out what the hell’s going on) than she does. On the surface, The Governor is charismatic and seems to have the best interests of the townspeople at heart, even if, under the surface, and hidden from all eyes, he’s got a room full of severed heads in fish tanks and a zombie daughter in a strait jacket.

And as for Michonne, we’re happy to say that the writers haven’t fucked this character up at all, which was something we feared greatly going into this season. She’s smart, badass, and fun to watch. Even better, we have no idea what she’s going to do next.

So yeah, not a complete story told in one hour of television, but it was still an engrossing hour, because we finally care about what happens to these people. And we never thought we’d say this, but we really hope Carole’s not dead. That right there should tell you something about how much the writing’s improved this season because she was one of the most irritating characters in a group full of irritating characters.

It’s kind of funny how no one’s really mourning Lori, though. Guess they didn’t like her anymore than we did. Well, we suppose you could call what Rick is doing at the moment “mourning, but it looks more like a case of taking a vacation from sanity for a while.


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  • Rick forgetting about the kiddos – Some men react that way. When Teddy Roosevelt’s wife and mom died, he took off and left his infant daughter in the care of a relative. He didn’t come back for awhile.

    Rick can’t take off too far, so he’s going rouge in the jail.

  • Paigealicious

    Maybe I missed something, but did they not actually bury the bodies in those graves?

    • cornpicker73

      Good question. We see the graves getting dug, then they look filled in. With what, who knows? But why do all of that labor if you don’t have bodies for the graves?

      • ShivaDiva

        When Daryl laid that flower on the grave, and they zoomed in on the dirt as he walked away,I half expected a hand to pop out!

        • cornpicker73

          Yes, we were expecting the classic hand pop-out, too, ha ha!

      • Glen did the first grave, I guess T-Dog in there. Axel and Oscar dug the other two. One of those made sense because they didn’t know Lori got eatten.

        But damn if I can figure out why they bothered digging a third grave entirely.

        • DeebaCee


          • I know it was for Carol. But they didn’t find her body so there’s no point to digging a grave entirely.

          • DinahR

            I agree.  My only thought is that Glenn just assumed there was a body for Carol when Rick (?) so decisively said Carol didn’t make it.  It sounded, even to me, like he’d seen her body and thus no chance she might still be alive.  Also… after Rick made the mistake of just assuming Andrew was dead-for I’m pretty surprised no one has wondered about Carol.  Especially since this season she’s shown herself to be pretty capable and not a total lost cause in defending herself and no one even saw what happened to her. 

      • renad


  • cornpicker73

    Also loving this season so far. I have not read the comics but my husband has– he’s good about not dropping spoilers, though. The zombie daughter was pretty creepy. Loving Michonne. I thought she and Andrea were almost going to kiss goodbye. I hope Rick does get his shit together soon. Pretty gnarly how the zombie ate Lori but nice of him to leave the wedding ring. They are going to have to go on a LOT of formula runs. But part of me thinks at some point they’ll get to Woodbury and have the mama who just popped there be a wet nurse to Lil Asskicker. Seems like the 2 prisoners are pretty much integrated at this point. Where is Carol hiding? Was Rick hallucinating that phone call? Bizarre. Will the baby die of an infectious disease or other? Will Andrea get the hell out of Dodge now and find Michonne? What ‘experiments’ are they doing? Can’t wait!

    • When you say the wedding ring, are you talking about what Rick picked up in the spot where Lori’s body was?  On The Talking Dead later on that night, the director said it was the bullet that Carl shot into her head.  Or did I miss something?

      • cornpicker73

        Yes, that is what I meant. I thought it was a ring. 

      • mjude

        finally got to read tlo’s review.  you are correct it was a bullet that rick picked up.  to be honest i didnt realize the zombie ate lori!

  • ShivaDiva

    To some extent I think they are overcompensating for turning Rick into such a waffling goober during Season 2.  Now he’s gone from 0 to psycho in about 2 or 3 episodes.  I think they’ll get the hang of it once they finetune the character a bit. I have to say it’s good to no longer see him dragging around walkers on the end of a pole and trying to live in peace and harmony with the psychos in the group.

    They’ve clearly decided that Andrea will be the Danger-Prone Daphne of the bunch. Works for the plot, I guess, but she’s irreconcilable with the original, badass Andrea.  We’ll always have Michonne!

    • Rebecca Jay

      LOL @ Daphne.  That made me snort a little.

  • Their ladyboner ploy worked brilliantly on me.

    • It got me too.

    • JosephLamour

      me too…especially when he starts up with the baby talk.

    • I’m fine with Daryl going all Cable and fighting zombies with one arm and holding Little Asskicker aka Hope in the other. I’d prefer Carol be present though. Oscar too. Glen and Maggie can guest star.


    • gsk241

       Me, too, but even more than that, it served to push Darryl and Merle even farther apart.  Their inevitable reunion should be *very* interesting!

      • notterriblybitter

        I thought the same thing. I figured the point of the scene was to emphasize how integral to the group Daryl has become. Merle is in for a big surprise when they meet. The prison group is incredibly tight now; they’ve all got each other’s back. On the other hand, there’s lots of conflict under the surface at Woodbury, with everyone looking out for their own interests. 

    •  Me too. And when he put that Cherokee Rose on Carol’s grave I misted up a little bit.

      Also, can they please just keep the baby’s name as Asskicker? And why was I denied a herd of ToddlerZombies at the daycare?? I wanted it so badly, and it did not happen.

      • LeBarron

        Right? I sat in complete suspense during the daycare scene waiting for a Toddler Zombie. Alas…

        Also, Daryl and Baby NoName definitely got to me. I can’t wait for the Daryl/Merle showdown. Can. Not. Wait.

  • You would think they would learn by now not to assume someone is dead unless they actually see it happen. I’m voting for a Carol comeback too! 

    • LeBarron

      I’m pretty much operating under the assumption that Carol is most definitely amongst the living.

  • Also, I was expecting something far more messed up than the gladiator games. 

    • cornpicker73

      Like a zombie kid pageant? shudder…

      •  I was waiting for zombie toddlers when Maggie and Darryl went to that preschool! It made me nervous!

        • mommyca

          me too!!! the whole scene was so nerve-racking! 

        • funkycamper

          I must be a sicko because I wanted baby and toddler zombies!

          • Topaz

            They’re being pretty economical with the child zombies. I don’t know if that’s because of a limited CGI budget for evil babies or because, even for cable, that might just turn too many stomachs sour and impact on their ratings/ad revenue.

          • funkycamper

            I’m guessing the latter.  I would have still enjoyed just a glimpse.

          • marishka1

            I’m guessing that most of the babies and little children were easy targets for zombies and there just wasn’t enough of them left to…reanimate. *shudder*

          • Topaz

            I was going to make a comment saying something along the same lines but thought to myself “if I actually, out loud, break down in logical terms what would happen to babies in a zombie apocalypse, there is no longer any debate about it. I AM going to Hell.”

          •  Honestly, I think there would be more than expected.  Yes, children don’t have a lot of defenses or survival skills, but they do provoke strong protective instincts.  You’ll get a lot of adults willing to stick themselves between children and zombies. 

            So there are two reasons not to see a lot of them, and no one has to go to Hell for it:)

        • Me too!!!  I was terrified that there was going to be a hideous baby-zombie hiding somewhere.

      • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

        You mean like the kind of zombies on “Toddlers & Tiaras”?  🙂

        • cornpicker73

          Exactly. Two versions of horror combined!

          • Walker Boo Boo!

          • Mismarker

            They better red-neck-ognize.

    • I am surprised that they haven’t found some DVDs. No new TV shows nor games. Guess gladiator games are better than reading all of the time.

      • ShivaDiva

        Yeah, they apparently found the Skynyrd CD’s.  You’d think they would dig up a box set of Lost or something, too.

        • The whole town must of broke their glasses right outside the Library, because I’d be reading if I ended up in that creepy town.

  • I thought the moment with Daryl and Little Asskicker was a tongue in cheek wink at the audience. 

    I liked the scene in the daycare when they both stopped for just a second and looked at the handprints on the wall.  It’s was a reminder that all those little ones with their lives before them are now likely dead or zombies.  Except for teddy bear girl in the first episode, we really haven’t seen too many child zombies.  Every time Daryl takes off on that bike my husband says “He really needs to get a quieter motorcycle.”

    Did that one zombie really eat Lori’s body bones and all?

    Another thing about the Woodbury people, even the “research team” is so cavalier about the “biters.”  Yes, they pulled the teeth of the gladiator zombies but they are still very strong and have hands that can rip a person apart.  The Governor nearly got bitten more than once.  Penny could have easily bit him through that flimsy pillow case (or whatever he put over her head).

    • cornpicker73

      Huh, you think Penny is the daughter? I was wondering what the list of women’s names was. But don’t spoil it if you know!

      • I don’t know what the list was but I was pretty sure I heard him call her Penny and then the way he reacted when Michonne brought up her name, I’m just speculating.  🙂

        • Nice_Shirt

           He said, “Daddy loves you,” when wrapping Penny back up in her shroud.

          • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

            When you’re brushing your kid’s hair and a piece of their scalp falls off and you don’t run away screaming — that’s fatherly devotion right there.

        • turtleemily

          He did call her Penny, and I thought the list was maybe the Woodbury citizens that died/got killed on his watch.

    • DonnaL

       Exactly!  Remember that zombie ripping Dale’s stomach open?  

    • mommyca

      I was dreading for a baby zombie to appear in the daycare, I’m glad they didn’t do it though…
      Also, the Lori-eating zombie: really? he ate the whole thing? even the bones? that’s just too far fetched from what we have seen zombies do… but it appears that during the Talking Dead show the director confirmed that… also during that show he hinted as Carol being dead also.. which I hope it is not true (I didn’t watch the Talking show, but I saw comments about it on the Walking Dead FB page)…

      • The host of Talking Dead still misses T-Dog. He was a bit disturbed with the fake T-Bone with a chunk of missing shoulder plastic thing.

        • cornpicker73

          We don’t watch Talking Dead. My husband hulks out every time his annoying face appears for commercial break. Would rather hang with zombie Lori than that dude. 

      • MilaXX

         I didn’t get the impression that Carol was dead from watching Talking Dead.

        • mommyca

          oh good! Like I said, I didn’t watch the Talking Dead show, but I got it from comments on FB. I’m glad they are not accurate, I’d like to see Carol again… 

          • MilaXX

            I’m not saying they were wrong, just that that wasn’t what I got from the interview.

      • cornpicker73

        You know, you’re right. When they showed the beginnings of that herd who ended up destroying Hershel’s, there were zombies muching away on carcasses, and then they were easily distracted by the helicopters and started shuffling off. Eating an entire grown woman seems like a lot of zombie focus. Then again, not like he had anything else to do. I thought Rick was going to cut Lori’s remains out of his belly. Urrgh.

        • So, I guess if you are newly dead, you’re good food? Maybe that zombie hadn’t had anything good to eat in several months. I thought Rick was going to pull her skull out also.

        • turtleemily

          Wow, I got that scene completely wrong. I thought it was a pregnant zombie and Rick was killing the zombie fetus.

    • Did Daryl take a couple of the hand drawings?

      • MilaXX

         I thought it was a rag doll for Lil’ Asskicker

        • cornpicker73

          baby shower in the ZA!

      • beadskrit

         I think (though I’m not sure) he picked up toys from the shelves below the hand prints. I didn’t see it clearly, but after that point he was carrying the doll he brought back with them, so I assumed that’s when he got it, and that was the excuse for having him pause at the wall long enough to read the Sofie hand print. 

    • “I liked the scene in the daycare when they both stopped for just a second and looked at the handprints on the wall.”

      And since one of the little hands said “Sophie”, it was also a sad reminder of a lost team member.

    • Remember – Hershel and the gang got very physically close to their family & friend zombies. 

      Merle needs to let off steam, since it’s mostly boring living in Woodbury.


      In the novels the Governor has pulled his daughter’s teeth. 

  • AutumnInNY

    That was for sure a hard call for Andrea to make. Michonne clearly has the stomach for it and the fight in her, but Andrea’s had it, and who can blame her for not wanting to go back out there?  I’m wondering how many episodes it will take before Rick’s chain gang shows up at Woodbury and Rick and the Gov will go head-to-head. 
    I’m hoping Carol is safe as well, I’m betting she is. Can’t wait to find out where she’s hiding.  Every nook and cranny in that prison is a danger zone.

    • Andrea likes being clean.

  • mommyca

    Exactly! it seems the zombies that the people at Woodbury encounter are less strong than those encountered by Rick and the gang…. not clear…. 

  • Mismarker

    Pretty sure I ovulated at the sight of Daryl holding the baby. 

    Those graves did look “occupied”, right? I assumed Lori’s body was eaten by that zombie Rick found in the boiler room.  Carol’s just missing and presumed dead.  T-Dog is the only body they could have recovered.

    I hope Carol’s gonna be found alive hiding somewhere in the prison.  T-Dog’s death can not/should not be in vain.  I know some people are resistant to the idea of a Carol/Daryl romance but I’m all for it.  Especially if it means more scenes like the one on top of the bus in the season opener.  This show could use a little levity.  

    Is there something wrong with me that I want to see more of the sadistic, menacing Governor from the comics? The Governor we’re seeing here is too rational and charming.   

    • I concieved at the sight of Daryl holding the baby. Norman Reedus owes me child support now.

      • cornpicker73


    • beadskrit

       I’ve been thinking the same thing about the Governor. I think it’s more plausible that the TV Governor would be able to bring a whole community together, but he doesn’t seem all that threatening either. After watching things like Hershel having his leg hacked off or the zombie who ate Laurie, the gladiator games didn’t even seem that horrible.

      TLo wrote when the Governor was first introduced this season that it would be a test of how far this basic cable show is willing to go–now I spend most of my viewing time with the show both anticipating and dreading finding that out.

    • Maybe they let the convicts bury Andrew in one of them?  He was their friend, even if he was a dick and they did dig two of the graves.

      • Mismarker

        I don’t think Rick’s group would have allowed Andrew a burial.  Oscar and Axel pretty much said they had no affiliation with either Tomas or Andrew.  

  • Seriously though, Carole is still alive… right?

  • Poor Lori didn’t deserve to be eatten whole.

  • MilaXX

    Rick is indeed mourning, but in the worse possible way. He is so consumed with grief and probably a bunch of shoulda,woulda, coulda’s that it has pushed him over the edge.  He’s  blinded by rage and grief. I get why, but he needs to pull it together. I was sad to see that he pushed Glenn away like that. It felt like the group was allowing him to go off his nut and blow off steam, and Rick was hitting the point where he was beginning to wallow in that grief. I hope finding and killing the walker who ate Lori’s remains will be enough to stop him, it’s stop to get on with the business of living.

    FYI – The ploy with Darryl and Lil’ Asskicker totally worked. I melted and may have even said, “Aww” out loud.  I was worried when they were in the daycare that we would see baby
    walkers. When they found the possum, I was scared it was going to be a
    tiny kid walker. Thankfully the writers didn’t go there. Loved that Darryl also picked up a doll for Lil’ Asskicker and a Cherokee rose for Carol’s grave. Please let that be her on the phone.

    I’m sorry I still think Andrea is still too dumb to live. No matter how tired I was from the last 8 mths of running, or in spite of, the Farm would still be firmly in my mind. I would distrust everyone and Woodbury just looks too perfect and special. Additionally if the person who had helped me survive for the past 8mths straight up said they were leaving, I’d be going with them. Andrea gets no passes from me.

    • DeebaCee

      I was thinking it’s either Carol or the governor on the phone. Those are the only two people that can possibly make sense to me right now

      • cornpicker73

        Oooh, Carol. Good call. Like maybe the internal phones still work? Unlikely but I guess could be. Just think, he hasn’t used a phone in over a year. Weird. 

        • Landline phones were that second to last  thing to go out in non-flooded New Orleans during the Katrina. 

          That phone is an American made Ma Bell phone. Those things are indestructible and heavy.

          • cornpicker73

            What was the last thing to go out? Just curious. 

          • I think it probably water. I left before the water got turned off. A friend told us about a rumor that the leevees broke. We hightailed it out of there to Lafayette. We didn’t know what was going on until we got to Lafayette.

            But, the infrastructure is now damaged. The land line was the second thing to go out during the dumb Cat 1 Issac in a hot September. (Electricity no. 1). There was running water for the entire time. I didn’t drink it but I would take very quick cold showers when the baby wipes weren’t enough to deal with the smell.

            The NYC area will have problems with electricity and communications systems in the future. Water gets into the system and no one really knows how deep it can go.

          • cornpicker73

            Thanks. Glad you got out. Yes, parts of NYC are pretty effed right now. At least there’s no zombies around, too… that we know of…

          • YoungSally

            If you listen to Cuomo, it sounds like everyone at LIPA is a zombie.

      • MilaXX

        It would make sense if it was the Governor. I could see him using the prison as another source of walkers. It could also be the way that Woodbury and the rest of the group are united. Then again, I would love it if it was Carol and she had found another hide-a-way.

      • YoungSally

        I will hate myself for this, but what if it’s just annoying hold music?

        cue Burt Bacharach.

        • Mismarker

          “One less bell to answer.  One less egg to fry….”

          • YoungSally

            I was thinking “Take on Me” or “We built this City”…..

            Then again it could be a political robo-call.

    • AutumnInNY

      Anyone out there think the phone call is Rick’s hallucination? Just a guess.

      • dress_up_doll

        I, for one totally thought that it was just a halluciation.

      • cornpicker73

        That’s what I thought at first. But I like the Carole theory. Or someone else on prison internal phone. “Hey, Rick, can you please get your shit together and come back to cellblock 3? Thanks.”

    • Mismarker

      Andrea is my least favorite character right now.  Anytime she comes on screen I just wish she would wake up or in some way show me that she is capable of rational thought.  She is such a badass in the comics and it sucks to see her portrayed as some moon-eyed nincompoop.  Michonne was right to leave her and Woodbury behind.

  • I’m so glad there were no little biters in that daycare centre. But someone in that group had better learn to lactate fast. There is no way they’ll be able to find a tin of formula a week for the next year. Not to mention that bottles need to be sterilised etc etc…

    • cornpicker73

      LOL @ sterilized. Nothing under the sun is going to be sterilized except maybe Maggie or Glenn now, ha ha. I am guessing they’ll find a wet nurse or the kid’ll die from some old world disease soon. But I’m rootin’ for ya, Lil Asskicker!

      • Will Lil’ baby get priority on baths?

  • In episode 2 the writers intentionally included a scene where Carol practices a c-section on a lady zombie. Any chance that Carol came across Lori post c-section and either saved her or attempted to save her? They never showed Carl actually firing the bullet into Lori’s head, so I think the writers have left a lot of room for plot twists. Of course, I don’t know where Carol would find suture material to sew up Lori’s uterus and skin, but it makes me wonder…

    • cornpicker73

      I think it was pretty clear that slovenly distended belly zombie had just enjoyed a Lori menu. Barf.

    • Mismarker

      That would be a very cool plot twist but I don’t think it happened.  The director of this episode said the boiler room zombie had Lori’s hair in his mouth and in his hands.  It may be safe to assume that Lori is a goner.  Though, for a second I thought the boiler room zombie WAS Lori (since, you’re right, we didn’t actually see Carl shoot her in the head).  Until I realized it didn’t have long brown hair! 

      • You’re right about the hair. Lori hadn’t been dead for too long, so the hair would be nice.

        Zombie Sophia still had blond hair when she walked out of the barn. Not in the best of shape, but you could still tell it was long.

        It looks like if you’re a zombie for too long, your hair starts to fall out, although Zombie Penny still has good hair.

        • cornpicker73

          Not for long if her dad keeps dislodging scalp. Ewwww….

          • Mismarker

            They need to raid that Piggly Wiggly for some detangling spray.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    I wonder if the zombie found Lori rather stringy.

  • Everybody already had a ladyboner for Darryl anyway.

  • Vera L-

    It wasn’t the little asskicker comment that got me, it was Carl tripping over Lori’s name. ~sniff~ 

  • turtleemily

    I thought something was going to happen on Daryl and Maggie’s trip with the bike breaking down and them not being able to get back since Axel mentioned it sounding off in the previous episode.

    Kinda disappointed that the gladiator stuff has been changed from the books, but that’s not going to say it won’t be happening that way later in the season.

  • renad

    Sooooooooo, Glenn/prisoners dig three graves, but no one goes back for the bodies, esp. Lori’s? Who, we are meant to believe, has now been eaten by boiler room zombie, bones and all? And then one of the final scenes is Darryl laying a flower on a freshly filled and mounded grave? Huh? None of that makes any sense. 

    And Rick’s breakdown is not only annoying, but out of character. I don’t buy it.

    Darryl needs to slap him and take over.

    • BigShamu

      How do you know they don’t go back for the bodies.  They definitely saw where T-Dog went down.  I’m still assuming they saw a disfigured body they thought was Carol.  For all we know they went back and got Lori and the zombie only ate the leftover mess the son’s bullet caused.  From the blood path it looks like Lori’s body was dragged.  I don’t remember zombies doing that, they eat where they find a good meal.  You just don’t dig graves and then don’t put bodies into them

      • I don’t know… They characters on this show have constantly done things “because that’s what humans do” (such as burying their dead, when burning would be easier… or focusing more on line drying laundry than protecting your self from walkers…) in a vain attempt to hold onto whatever civilization they could… i wouldn’t put it past them to dig empty graves for a purely symbolic reason…

      • renad

        Because these are talky folks in a talky show and they didn’t say they went back for the bodies. I would think Glenn would have said something in that regard when he asked Prisoner #1 and #2 to dig the graves. You make a good point about the drag marks re Lori, but then why was the zombie in such a carbo coma and with such a bloated tummy? Plus, I think Glenn et al would have picked Lori up and put her in a blanket or bag or something, not drag her. A great episode, but mostly for the way in which it left so many inexplicable—as yet—holes.

        • BigShamu

          I imagine Glenn dragging Lori’s body back, sans bag or blanket, her bony limbs bonking on stair railings, thumping down steps, all the while Glenn grumbling about having to find freaking baby formula and diapers  in the Post Apocalyptic Zombie world.  Poor dude, he stocks up on birth control only to get stuck with a crying baby anyway.  And can I say, the prison acoustics are just RIPE for colicky baby.

    • cornpicker73

      I thought Rick was going back to get Lori’s body. I thought they already had T-Dog. So only Carole missing at that point. 

  • Zippypie

    I found the intercut between the two stories too abrupt at points.  But all in all, a good ep, not a great one.  Rick is one guilt-infested puppy now – didn’t finish the job with Andrew and make sure he was dead, treated Lori like a complete stranger (not saying she didn’t deserve it) and now she’s been a Sunday pot roast dinner for a zombie, saw his kid look like the living dead, two other members of his “family” dead (at least he believes that) – I guess I can cut him some slack.  Until the phone rings.  He’s now officially BATSHIT crazy.  All this speculation about the phone working makes me laugh.  This is a phone in a remote boiler room, not the central switchboard of the prison.  Who the hell would have that specific number?  NO ONE.

    I really hope that Carol comes back and she and Darryl take care of L’il Asskicker.  My theory is that the writers really want to mark the difference between Darryl and Merle so that when the two shall meet again, there will be a serious problem.  Making Darryl so damn loveable and Merle so violent will do the trick.

    Andrea is really my only problem with the show now.  Between the Breck Girl highlighted wavy bouncy hair and her stupidity when confronted with a psychotic alpha male, I really want her to end up zombie fodder.  Did her 8 months with Michonne teach her nothing?  What a fool.  I hope she ends up an experiment.

    Jury still out for me with Michonne.  I love her bad assery but I want more about HER.

    • funkycamper

      But what has been shown that would make us know the Governor is psychotic?  He keeps a zombie.  So did Michonne x 2 and Herschel x multiple.  The only thing we’ve seen that is evidence of anything wrong is the gunning down of the soldiers.  But, then again, is it OK for Glenn to wish they had killed all the prisoners as he stated to Herschel last episode?  Especially when two of them are helping dig the graves?  Or the killing of the two jerks in the bar?  Why couldn’t they have just tied them off and left them to be found by the rest of their guys while they high-tailed it back to the magical farm?  Or the holding of Randall while they debated murdering him?  Sorry, but the Grimes Gang have hardly earned any moral high ground here.

      Yeah, the head aquarium is pretty creepy but isn’t evidence of psychosis.  While people who have read the comics and those of us who have heard about the comics know that he’s supposed to be a spooky guy, they really haven’t shown us that yet.  I think the 99% of us who aren’t extremely anti-social like Michonne would prefer to stay in Woodbury, too.  Especially after being on the run in dangerous situations with limited access to food and other comforts.  I think all who claim otherwise, are forgetting that we all want to be the heroes in our own stories but, when it comes down to it, we are all just human.

      • Zippypie

        Ok, so murdering a pilot, chopping off his head and keeping it in a secret aquarium after slaughtering his buddies for no reason except that they might threaten the Gov’s little empire isn’t psychotic but just “creepy”?  AHAHAHA! Ted Bundy and Hitler and Charlie Manson – all charming and kinda normal too?  After all, they were both able to convince people pretty readily to either follow them or believe them or both.

        Glenn TALKED about killing the prisoners.  He didn’t act on it.  The one of two jerks in the bar pulled a gun just as Rick did.  It was in his hand when he went down.  They talked the whole Randall thing to death and Rick decided to let him go.  It was psychotic Shane who killed him, remember?  Herschel kept the zombie family in the barn hoping there was a cure because he didn’t know better as he was isolated on the farm.  He didn’t groom them to classical music in the middle of his safe paradise while serving up other zombies for entertainment and death.  Do the “Grimes Gang” have blood on their hands? Yes, they admit they do and, unlike the Gov, it bothers the various characters to different degrees.  Rick wouldn’t have gone batshit if he didn’t feel guilt.

        But no, I wouldn’t want to stay in Woodbury and drink the Kool-Aid.  Be my guest.

  • I thought this episode subtly dealt with the mental health of people having lived through an apocalypse. Rick’s mourning drives him crazy bloodthirsty mad, the Governor’s journal response and actions after his daughter’s death, Glen needing symbolic empty graves, Andrea at times suspecting paranoia in Michonne’s argument, and finally the twisted spectacle sport derived from a society who has lost the meaning of life and death.

  • lifetime_student

    I have five daughters and I am now kicking my own ass for not thinking of naming one of them Little Asskicker.

  • BigShamu

    Excellent episode.  Notice the necklace Michonne wears?  Looks like a little gold A.  Still holding out hope for a mighty Sapphic Warrior Queen.  Oh Andrea, bad move staying behind.  So what does the Governor feed his dear sweet, bloody daughter?
    I still think Carol’s dead.  If they killed off T-Dog, nominally a fan favorite, why wouldn’t they kill off Carol, a character the fans hated not so long ago (before filming Season Three and actually giving her some backbone and interest).  An ensemble cast show can only support the weight of so many actors.
    I can only hope that was not some of that bad Chinese baby formula. 

  • royinhell

    A question I never thought I’d have:  Do zombies poop?  What happens to what they eat? 

  • Rick goes pretty mental in the books after Lori dies, though. Ring ring ring, bananaphone!

  •  She likes Woodbury because her hair has never looked better.

  •  I think Rick is going to get a message but everyone is going to think it was a hallucination.

  • I’ll start by saying that I’ve not read the graphic novels (as TLo seem to have), so I know nothing about the new characters (The Governor, Michonne) beyond what the show has shown us.  

    I have to admit that I’m sort of irritated by how little we know about Michonne.  I can tell we’re SUPPOSED to care if her and Andrea split up, but honestly I don’t know anything about her (or their relationship except that they where together for several months) so I’m not all that invested.  I also feel like if I knew more of Michonne’s past/personality, I’d be more likely to trust her instincts on the whole Woodbury issue.  When I watch her, I can’t help think “does the rest of the world know something I don’t?”  Am I supposed to trust her instincts based solely on the fact that she kept Andrea alive?  Rick kept this team (mostly alive) and up until this season their instincts were atrocious… She’s obviously a smart cookie, but I feel like they’re relying on her cliched “bad ass with sword” persona too much and not really giving us any depth to her character at this point.

    I can’t tell if I’m just desensitized to the new reality of the zombie world, but I haven’t yet found anything at Woodbury all that shocking.  There’s obviously something going on with the Governor, but Herschel had a barn full of walkers and he turned out to be a stand up guy (no pun intended).  It looks like from the previews that next week the SHTF in Woodbury, so hopefully we’ll get to core of what’s going on soon.  I will say that I think the show has been effective in making me think about just how much principle I will sacrifice for a little comfort (an issue our country is DEFINITELY dealing with politically/economically right now).  I must admit that I could look the other way on a lot of stuff in exchange for the small comforts Woodbury has to offer.  However if the show’s message is that comfort is NOT worth it, then there better be something pretty horrific coming up to drive that point home (cuz right now, that iced tea is still pretty tempting, zombie daughter or not!).

    I agree that Rick was being a little annoying this episode.  I understand that, more than anyone else, he’s been holding it together for the sake of the group all this time.  He’s under enormous pressure, so he’s bound to snap at some point (death of wife/birth of child into horrible world seems like a reasonable breaking point).  On the other hand, he’s probably the one member of the group who has lost the LEAST personally up to this point, and most of the other characters have taken their personal tragedies in MUCH better stride.  I don’t want to begrudge him his grieving time, but I hope he snaps back to reality sooner rather than later.

    Great review as always

  • Dudes aren’t the ones who care for infants….Rick is shattered and will come back in his due time. They have taken this show to the next level, and I find myself yearning for it like Mad Men.

  • I don’t see all the Andrea bashing… 

    Last season, I would have sided with Shane as well.

    With the exception of the gladiator fight, Andrea hasn’t seen anything in Woodbury that would send a normal person running for the hills.  

    She was criticized for her “attraction” to Merle, but that has gone nowhere.  It seemed to me like it was more just her happiness to see a familiar face with whom she shared history than any kind of sycophantic psychopath worship.

    I don’t know her from the comics (in which she is apparently more of a bad ass), but I don’t think she’s any worse than any other female character in the story.  

    What am I missing?

  • FloridaLlamaLover

    You’re right, TLo — I do not miss Lori, and I am beyond the valley of happy that they didn’t screw around with that aspect of the storyline.  Lori was annoying as hell.