Mad Men Season 5 Cast Pics

Posted on March 13, 2012

Darlings, it’s been a little while since we could say this with confidence, but HERE’S your pretty for the day.


Are you excited yet?

One thing to note: anyone who was hoping for mod ’60s styles entering the picture is going to be sorely disappointed. None of the major characters are really young enough to be so experimental with their clothes. Except for Peggy, but she’s too career focused to be fashion-forward. Even so, you can tell she’s spending a LOT more money on her clothes. In fact, for the first time, she may be wearing a more expensive wardrobe than Joan’s. Betty still looks like a spoiled brat. A very pretty one, but a brat nonetheless. Now, why are there no pictures of the future Mrs. Draper?

Let the speculation begin, darlings!


[Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC]

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  • Kathy Schrenk

    Am I the only one for whom the pics won’t show? This is killing me!

  • Pete looks waaaaay balder :/

    • luciaphile

      Rumor is they made Vincent Kartheiser shave his hairline to look older. I am not a fan.

      • sagecreek

        Hey, I feel vindicated. I thought he looked creepy back when he was Connor, and everyone told me I was crazy. And now he has taken Creepy to an Art Form!

        • Jodie_S

          Doesn’t Don’s hair look like it’s also receding at the temples?

      • filmcricket

         I was wondering about that – couldn’t decide if he was actually thinning and the shaggy ‘do he wears in real life was just hiding it, or if they’d done something to him.

        • melizer

          I didn’t want to say anything if it was natural, but I really don’t get it if it was intentional.   Was he supposed to have lost it all practically overnight?  We wanted to have young people in the office along with the older partners! 

          • Victoria Perry

             My dad was almost completely bald by age 28 (wedding pics) and he was thinning considerably at 22 (army pics).  I can believe that he could go bald at that young of an age.

    • He doesn’t have wrinkles on his forehead. It makes it look weird. Maybe Pete has had an accident with his oven.

  • I’m fine with the looks not being pushed towards the mod styles and keeping it really true to the times and the age of the characters. I prefer the richer looking clothes anyway. CAN’T WAIT!

    • I hope they at least have the younger characters dressed appropriate to the year being represented (1964 or ’65?) The office clerks would certainly be picking up the mod fashions at that time. I know as a 20-year-old I was.

      •  We may very well end up seeing the secretaries or other office background people in more mod clothing. I haven’t read much about season 5 but as I recall we were last in late 1965.

  • I’m sooo excited!!!eeeeeeeeeee!

    Okay, where IS Mrs. Draper? Also does Joan have a toddler at home?

  • Frank_821

    Yes Peggy’s wardrobe has really improved. She’s turning into quite the stylish creative executive

    • That light green dress they have her in is just too fabulous for words, isn’t it?

  • kentiesgirl

    I so knew you guys to get these pics up! Squee! I thought I saw a paparazzi pic of Peg going a little Mod, I must have that wrong. Whether or not, Pegs is looking good.

  • That floral dress is gorgeous!!!

    • TheDivineMissAnn

      Yes!  Isn’t it to die for?

  • ChaCha_70

    Oh Joan, you’re too gorgeous. I love you so!

    • asympt

      It’s so nice to see Joan again after a year of seeing Christina Hendricks dress herself.  I mean, she’s under no obligation to look as stunning as Joan in real life, but you just think she should take the costume mistress home with her sometimes, because, well–just look at her.

      • sekushinonyanko

         Lol city! So unfortunately true, but maybe she’ll just give it up and start dressing like Joan since she looks so good like that. I know that Leighton seems to have given up on not looking like Blair because well, classic beautiful clothing is classic and beautiful and looking bad just to avoid looking like your character never does anyone any good.

  • I swear to God, my pulse started to quicken as I was scrolling through these.

    That delicious, lush green on Christina Hendricks. The fabulous, jazzy lime on Peggy. (I will never be able to look at Elisabeth Moss without thinking Peggy Olson. Sorry bout it.) Yes, yes, yes. Yes. I approve wholeheartedly.And you boys just reminded me that I have to find some new fancypants cocktail recipes to shake up for the premiere in just under two weeks (!), so thank you.

    • MilaXX

       Please share any great recipes.

      • French 75:
        2 oz gin
        1 tsp superfine sugar
        1/2 oz lemon juice (freshly squeezed, please)
        5 oz brut champagne

        In a cocktail shaker, combine the gin, sugar & lemon juice and shake well with ice. Fill a collins glass partway with ice and strain the gin mixture into it. Top with the champagne. 
        My favorite: the Sherwood Avenue

        1.5 oz St Germain
        1/2 oz rum
        3/4 oz lemon
        1/4 oz Campari
        egg white
        Peychaud’s Bitters

        In a cocktail shaker, combine ice & the egg white. Shake vigorously. Add all other ingredients, shake again, vigorously till the cocktail shaker is quite cold. Strain into a (chilled) martini glass. Make 3 dots of peychaud’s in the white foam on top of the cocktail, dragging a cocktail pick through each one to make a heart. 


        • MilaXX

           oh that first one sounds great. I’ve missed this show so much I may  fix me a cocktail to sip while I watch.

  • Glammie

    I miss Mad Men sooo much–I’ve been watching some of the reruns–and it’s so nice to see characters who say funny things, show some complexity and aren’t utter idiots.  Yes, Walking Dead and Glee–I am looking at you.  

    Even if the main characters aren’t going mod, I assume we’ll see something with the secretaries and Don’s fiancee.  Even the outfits we’re seeing are giving me Proustian flashbacks–I look at Joan’s black flowered number and a small voice in me is going, “Mommy!”

    Come to think of it, some of the stuff I wore as a little girl was pretty mod looking, so a little something on Sally is possible.  Damn, how soon before Sally’s wearing love beads and experimenting with reefer?

    I do like Peggy’s striped number–she’s almost looking stylish.

    • asympt

      Try Justified if you want witty, complex characters who are (mostly) not idiots.  (Unfortunately, we’re deep into the second season already.)

    • I am proud to report that my husband and I have been watching the reruns on Sunday mornings before church every week.  He is now as much of a Mad Men fanatic as I am.  He knows every single character AND all of their flaws. *pats self on back*

  • Love!  And maybe it is just me, but Christina looks SO much better when she is covered up (the boobage, I mean).

    • MilaXX

       She does because when the boobs aren’t on display then you have to look at her. When the boobs are out they instantly draw all the focus.

      • angryparsnip

        She always looks so good on this show but why can’t she translate  to her real life.


  • MissAnnieRN

    I seriously cannot wait.  I watched all 4 seasons in the off time, only finishing season 4 about 4 months ago.  It is the best show on TV.

  • Ooh, now I want to go over all your Mad Men costume posts and read a ton of spoilers into these outfits. I love how Peggy and Don match, with their Neapolitan ice cream stripes, and Peggy’s bow reads almost like a necktie, conveying her authority rather than undermining it, as the “pussy bow” has sometimes done for her in the past. 

    What strikes me most about Betty is how childlike she looks in that pose–Edith Ann in the giant chair.

    • kentiesgirl

       How about how far out of place Joan (still) is in that group shot? First thing that popped to me.

      • Sweetbetty

         Yes, in two of the shots Joan is sort of on the outside looking in at the others.  Still a very important part of the group but not yet at a level with the others.  I also noticed how Peggy is paired with Don  in two of the pictures, as if to emphasize their bond.  And Peggy’s entire style has changed so much from S1, from the clothes she wears to her hair and make-up to her bearing; she’s a whole different person.

        • kentiesgirl

           To be honest, I saw the color before the body language. That bright slash of green in a sea of muted tans and black. Her color is nowhere to be found in the office. Peggy has a soft pink in her dress, but she blends right into the office and the guys (even kinda goes with the red chairs, and the mag, in a way). Don and Peggy are definitely matching, thanks for catching that!

          I literally feel bad for Joan just looking at these pics. But Peggy, WOW. She looks amazing, I totally agree, she really is an entirely different person. Betty, otoh, I feel like she’s gonna pop out of my screen and slap me.

    • Reading TLo’s Mad Men Fashion posts add an extra layer to watching the show–or any show. I am so much more aware of costuming for character development now. Can’t wait to get started again. And boys, don’t think we have forgotten some of the additional posts you promised — the men, lingerie, furniture (am I making that one up?).

      • kentiesgirl

         I think the furniture was covered in Mad Style episode by episode. Lingerie and men we are still awaiting-although we got some nighties; think it was all minor characters, though.

    • Reading TLo’s Mad Men Fashion posts add an extra layer to watching the show–or any show. I am so much more aware of costuming for character development now. Can’t wait to get started again. And boys, don’t think we have forgotten some of the additional posts you promised — the men, lingerie, furniture (am I making that one up?).

  • ThaliaMenninger

    Peggy’s acid-green dress is a teeny, tiny bit mod. That color looks great on her, too. And she has a little flip instead of Joan’s stodgy updo. There’s a lot less short hair (like, SHORT hair) than there was on women of this age at that time. My parents are almost the same age as Don (or Dick, really), and my mom and all her friends, plus my aunt and my mother-in-law, who are both ten years younger than my mom (or in the Joan/Betty area), all cut their hair in the 50s and 60s. Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music hair. I’m not saying everybody had that hair, but it seems odd that all the female characters have longer hair. If poor Vincent Kartheiser has to rock a faux receding hairline to make Pete seem more 60s, then at least one of the women could cut her hair.

    Whatever any of them are doing with their hair, I CANNOT WAIT for this show to come back!

    • Glammie

      Hmmm, now my mom had short hair her entire life *except* that one period in the 1960s–there were a couple of years when there was very little  short hair.  I think it’s part of why Twiggy and Mia Farrow with her pixie were so high profile when they showed up.  

      • rowsella

         My Mom had short hair in the mid 60’s because it broke off after getting a permanent wave at a salon–the processing chemicals back then were pretty harsh.

        • Hmm, remember the nurse/babysitter in season 4? She had quite short hair (which inspired Sally to cut hers off). 

          • Glammie

            That was a little earlier–I’m thinking specifically of the mid-late sixties.  Though, I think short hair stuck around for the Brits, kind of the way it is now.

  • serenitynow02

    Pretty? Pretty awesome!

    I loooove that greenish dress Peggy is wearing.

  • TheDivineMissAnn

    Interesting….no one is holding a cigarette….was this around the time the Surgeon General’s warning came out?

    • kentiesgirl

      Oh there are cigarettes, plenty of them. I mean there were ashtrays in hospitals until the 80s. Ashtray up top and Don in the Peggy pic.

      • TheDivineMissAnn

        Oh, okay ~ I see the ashtray in the first pic.  I don’t know how I missed it – the thing is full!  In the Don and Peggy pic, I thought that was a wedding ring.  I’m not so sure THAT many people decided to quit smoking after the initial Surgeon General’s report – and certainly not practically an entire office!

        • kentiesgirl

          Offices ran on until the 90s, at least where I worked. Including in the potty. I never got cigs in the restroom but, I guess you pick that up in high school, lol.

          • Gener1c

            I worked in an office in 2007 where almost everyone in the building smoked.  I had a sinus infection for a whole summer.

      • TheDivineMissAnn

        Yep – hospitals and doctor’s offices.  And airplanes.

        • kentiesgirl

          Airplanes took longer, if I remember correctly. I still occasionally run across ashtrays-included in the NO SMOKING OR THE AIR MARSHALL WILL ARREST YOU bathrooms. I think it was up until very recently that international flights were still smoking sectioned.

          • Mike McGee

            I started flying transatlantic in the early 90s, and never saw smoking sections on the planes. But that may not be true of airlines servicing the European and Asian markets.

          •  I was able to smoke on a transatlantic flight once, on my way from NYC to London in 1989. It was banned that same year, and I couldn’t smoke on the way home.

          • Glammie

            Not only do I remember smoking being allowed on planes–I remember a flight from Aruba to Venezuela in the 80s where the attendants gave *everybody* free cigarettes.  Cigs had already been banned on domestic flights, so it was pretty weird.  

            I think I’ve smoked eight cigarettes in my life–mostly from that flight.

          • kentiesgirl

            At least I know I’m not hallucinating, I really remember that it went on for a while after the U.S. banned it.

            I still have a bunch of teeny silverware with the United logo on it, and lawd knows how many free packs of playing cards racked up, but never had free cigs passed out. But you could’ve back in the day. Now I wanted to keep a glass from a Virgin flight recently and they snatched it back after they said I could.

            I miss free stuff 🙁

            ramble ramble ramble ramble

    • luciaphile

      I think Don is holding one in the shot of him and Peggy.

  • I really wish Christina Hendricks would make the Mad Men costume designer her stylist. She can’t go around wearing 60s clothes all the time, obviously, but whoever designs those clothes really has an eye for her shape that she unfortunately doesn’t have.

    • sagecreek

      no kidding, and how hard would it be to adapt some of those designs to a modern look? Answer, NOT HARD AT ALL.

      • MK03

        Not necessarily. Did you see the Mad Men for Banana Republic collections? They were offensive.

        • Corsetmaker

          It’s not the clothes that make modern versions look wrong though so much as the underwear. Modern rounded bra shapes look really wrong for a start, and then there’s the girdles or lack of them. 

          • MK03

            Yes, but the clothes themselves did not look right. Wrong fabrics, wrong colors, wrong prints, everything. The one that sticks out to me was the navy houndstooth dress that used a thin charmeuse for the top and a bulky wool for the skirt. And the armseyes were faced with unhemmed strips of bias fabric, sloppily sewn on with big, ugly stitches. I mean, really!

          • I’m thinking it’s a real “sign o’ the times” in that Cristina doesn’t look good in ‘modern’ fashions. Let’s face it, they are all made for sticks. Models have gradually, since the 50’s, gotten skinnier and skinnier. Now everyone designs for that shape. It does NOT work on a fuller figure.

  • I really wish Christina Hendricks would make the Mad Men costume designer her stylist. She can’t go around wearing 60s clothes all the time, obviously, but whoever designs those clothes really has an eye for her shape that she unfortunately doesn’t have.

  • I want Janie to throw some mod beauty on Kienan Shipka, but it’s probably a pipe dream, not really right for the character. I could see the new wife who shan’t be named in that stuff though. I mean .. Canada … that’s practically British, right? Right?

    • Glammie

      Hey, but there’s an idea–new wife buys Sally mod clothes and Betty flips out.  As I said above, I had some rather mod outfits as a kid.  That whole mod thing–short little a-line dresses, bright colors, strong graphics–all that stuff worked pretty easily with a kid’s wardrobe.  Far more than that whole midi-skirt Lycra top thing that happened later.  

      I think Mila should come in as a visiting costume designer for a couple of episodes.  

    • filmcricket

       I suspect Sally will skip mod and go straight to hippie. Not sure how old Sally will be in the new season, but if Shipka keeps shooting up like a bean-pole they’re going to have to stop dressing her like a little girl sometime.

      You’re probably right about the Fiancee – she and Jane Sterling are good bets for picking up the mod style (look at what Jane did to Roger’s office). Also a possibility: some of the folks Peggy hangs with in her off-time, although they’re pretty bohemian; they might go straight to hippie too.

      • MK03

        Nah, I see them more as mods than hippies. That downtown arts scene is much closer to the mod hipster aesthetic than hippie chic. Sally, though, is a little hippie in training. Anyone remember her Land O Lakes monologue from last season? 

        • Maggie_Mae

          Yes, but Peggy’s boyfriend is one of the serious intellectual bohemian types.  Not all that “stylish.”  (Partly because he can’t afford lots of new clothes.)  So Peggy doesn’t try to dress all that “hip” in her spare time. 

          Hoping for an office Christmas Party. Even Peggy might spring for a dressy dress for that occasion; it looks like most of her clothing budget goes to outfits suitable for client presentations.  If Joan is back to plan it, you know the invitations will go out in time to let everybody plan….

  • newleaf1

    I’m loving Peggy’s dress!  Gorgeous fabric.  I think I was really supposed to live in this era.  Can’t wait for the show!  

  • butter nut

    i cannot wait! 😀

  • MilaXX

    Love the dress Peggy is wearing. In fact I would rock that now. Cannot wait for the show to return.

  • MK03

    Do I really have to wait another week and a half for this??

  • eight_of_nine

    That last Joan picture… UNF.  Christina Hendricks needs to take style cues from the Mad Men costumer!

  • I know this all about the pretty, but who could be more glam than Rita Moreno?  A lot has been made elsewhere about the particular Life Magazine sitting on the table in front of the ensemble and that it’s a cover from 1954 with the glorious Rita on front.  “Could Mad Men be going back to the 50s?” was the headline I saw. Would love to hear the thoughts of various kittens (bitter, oblivious, or living sans-souci), fawns (unborn or recently spawned), and others.

    • Wow! I haven’t been following the speculation at all, but flashbacks to the 50s would only add to the depth of storytelling and add more contrast to the current storyline. On another note– I really admire Rita Moreno for her incredible body of work and her contributions to local arts scenes. Ok, carry on!

    • melizer

      How could it possibly be a fifties flashback with Pete and Peggy in the shot?  Am I missing something?  There were some fifties flashbacks last season…

  • jdice

    Did they shave back Peter’s hairline? Karma’s a bitch, Peter!

  • Rizzo’s back!

  • snarkykitten

    see, Ms. Hendricks? How you can look hot without the babyheads popping out?

  • I love Don’s tie.  Such a subtle difference, but it speaks volumes.

  • dress_up_doll

    Thank you, boys!!! These images of the cast are absolutely divine. The ladies all look beautiful —- especially Peggy in her 60’s mod lime dress. March 25th cannot arrive soon enough!

  • I predict Janey Bryant will dress Betty in Norman Norell and  Pauline

    • marywv

      Good Lord I hope so! I love Norman!!

  • LOVE that striped dress on Peggy! Is it possible Joan’s waist is tinier? I gasped when I saw Betty… couldn’t care less about the future Mrs. Draper

    • Glammie

      Oh, but I saw a pix of her in a massively cool coat-dress-set.  Don’t care about the marriage, but Mrs. Draper 2.0 has serious clotheshorse potential.  I’m so looking forward to her wardrobe.  Sort of like Jane and Trudy.  

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      nope, she’s bigger. i was wondering what they were gonna do w/ this issue. what they did do was a fantabulous job dressing her. it’s some kind of foundation garment, i have some guesses but for one & for sure it is surely not spanx. the woman who does the costuming is amazing.

      • Sweetbetty

         I thought her waist was tinier too.  Now I have visions of Christina holding onto a bedpost while Mammy laces her into a corset.  Poor girl; she looks fabulous but how she must suffer for fashion.

  • Vodeeodoe

    I need 45 minutes alone with these pictures.

  • Vodeeodoe

    Five bucks says that at least once, Peggy will wear some mod outfit to see a band or go to some hip joint with her Bohemian friends.

  • CMCH

    Much wider neckties than in season 4, which I just rewatched. That ended in fall of ’65, so I’m guessing this one begins somewhat into the following year. Peggy’s dresses here, wouldn’t look out of place in stores right now (especially with neck bows having a moment again).

  • Vodeeodoe

    How dare they mess with Pete’s hairline! You know, not every guy loses his hairline, for goodness sake…

  • girliecue

    Christina Hendricks should never be allowed to leave the Mad Men set. I thought my computer was going to burst into flames from her hotness! And look at Peggy Olsen holding her own against Joan in the 6th picture. Cannot wait!!

    • Glammie

      Neither should Elisabeth Moss.  Girl cannot pick the right dress color to save her life, but there she is looking amazing in lime green.  Who’d a thunk?  Janie Bryant, that’s who.

      • girliecue

        God bless Janie Bryant!

  • Love Joanie’s olive green dress!

  • NDC_IPCentral

    Hurray, hurray!  What I’ve been looking forward to for… 17 months… and now which will be an even bigger treat, considering the wait [and all the rest going on pour moi].  Peggy, I so wore my hair like you did in your lime green photo back in the mid-to-later ’60s. 

    Less than two weeks!  And to have the T Lo analysis treatment as en episode “post prandial” to anticipate, well, happy-happy, joy-joy.

  • NasserShaheen

    My god those dresses are legendary!

    Only problem: No pics of chunkalicious Rich Sommer.

  • Kimmu

    To hell with John Hamm, whose appeal I will never understand. Please break me off a huge piece of Jared Harris, stat. I need it.

  • That floral print is just the right color for Joan…but it’s still ghastly.

  • judybrowni

    Yummy de yummy yum!

  • filmcricket

    To analyze: Joan’s not showing at all, Cooper’s still in the picture, and January Jones still has a bit of baby weight on her (looks good). I wonder what they did with Betty while JJ was gestating? No picture of the new Mrs. Draper or Henry Francis.

    Also: Man, I miss Paul Kinsey and Sal. Harry is a doofus and Ken. Cosgrove. Accounts. is just boring. 

  • Cannot wait! They all look fabulous. Loving Joan’s outfits, as usual. Gorgeous. 

  • AnaRoW

    It’s been so long that I can’t remember names but, in the second picture, isn’t that the jerk that Peggy fired last season.  Why is he back?  Also, it’s amazing that January Jones is the model but she’s the only one whose eyes are completely blank.

    • luciaphile

      No, that’s Stan who was still doing art in Season 4. You’re thinking of the other jerk, Joey.

  • Judy_J

    I”m so excited to see Robert Morse!

  • gabbilevy

    So excited. SO EXCITED. (And so begins another year of begging Christina, Elizabeth and January to learn from their characters’ costumes for their RC appearances.)

  • OMG, I am COVETING the dress Christina Hendricks is wearing in the last picture. Good god. 

    I cannot WAIT!

  • marywv

    WHere’s Joan’s Prego bump?! I wonder if they killed off two characters as AMC was demanding?! Where is Mrs. Draper no 2? AAAAAhhhh… Hurry up, May!

    • Sweetbetty

       I’m assuming Joan already gave birth and is back to her pre-prego size, or somewhere thereabouts.  Mrs. Draper No. 2, she may be at home sporting her own prego bump…who knows.

  • Who is the guy on the far right in the second picture down? The one to the left of Rich Sommer? I don’t recognize him….

    Also, is that a Lanvin ad over Peggy’s head in the Peggy/Don pic?

    I watched the (completely pointless) AMC trailers with ” is back” last week, and got excited just seeing old footage of these characters again! Can’t wait.

    • That’s the obnoxious guy that didn’t tell Peggy she had lipstick on her teeth before a presentation. He’s really horrible and insecure.

  • I will believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Jesus if a plus-size designer makes a knock-off of Joan’s black rose dress. SIGH.

    • Caaro3

      That dress is KILLER!

  • I am like 6 episodes from the end of season 4, and I am LOVING LOVING LOVING this show. Gotta finish the last few episodes up on Netflix so that I can watch Season 5 with the rest of ya.

    They all look GORGEOUS.

  • Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness, it’s so freaking gorgeous. I always LOVE the publicity stills for this show, and can’t wait for the show to start!

  • Seriously, whoever the costumer designer is on Mad Men needs to be Christina’s full-time stylist..

  • gubblebumm

    I have been buying clothes from websites that have the vintage madmen vibe, and man, i would kill for betty’s dress….i love the brat look…sigh

  • QJ321

    Seeing these pictures makes me so happy.  I cannot believe it has been a year and half since the last original episode of Mad Men aired.   I wish I could forget this show, but I’m addicted — I’ll rearrange my life to be sure I see the next 13 episodes, and then wait longingly another year or more for the next season.  Glad Mrs. Draper V2.0 is no where to be seen.  Watching Don destroy another woman/sink another marriage will be a big bore.  Hope this signals a quick end to his ill conceived proposal.   Also hope Henry Francis
    drops dead so Betty can deal with being a widow with a mother-in-law who hates her.  Bet Mr. Francis hasn’t updated his will.   

  • nancymae

    Okay, between Pete’s seriously receding hairline, Joan’s non baby bump, Peggy’s fabulous wardrobe upgrade and Don’s bare ring finger, I would venture a guess that things pick up 18 months later. Pete’s hairline is really… Like whoa.

    • filmcricket

       Don didn’t wear a wedding ring when he was married to Betty, either. He told Pete he felt wrong about wearing jewelry (but of course it also made his affairs easier, I’m sure). You’re right though that we’re probably jumping a good bit into the future (although again, Sally can’t age too, too drastically beyond what Kiernan Shipka is capable of playing).

      • Sweetbetty

         But they also can’t hold back too much for the same reasons; kids the Draper kids’ age grow noticeably in 18 months so they can’t pick up like it’s only a few weeks since we last saw them.  And given Joan’s shape I’d say they’re not trying to pull that off.

  • Tom Shea

    Wow. I never noticed how curvy and sexy Christina Hendricks is as Joan!
    Say God DAMN, woman.

  • Audrey Christiansen

    Loved the T&Lo comments on the costumes!  And I love the abstract pin on Joanie’s dress!

  • TxMom2011

    OMG…. I cant wait!  Peggy looks so grown up!  Love that green dress she is lounging in!

  • AudreysMom

    are these from THIS upcoming season? They could have been taken from S2.

  • Sarah Thomas

    I dunno, bare arms and a flip seems pretty mod for a Madison Avenue advertising executive in 1966. People are usually advised against bare arms in corporate environments today. 

    Amazed how Joan still looks freaking spectacular but how you can also tell her arc this season is going to be all about how dated her style is becoming. Last dress especially. Bloom is off the rose indeed.

    • “Bloom is off the rose” – brilliant! I had that feeling too. Joan looks as impossibly gorgeous and fragile as ever– and that may be a sign of stagnation, or fear of moving forward. The one picture where I get a bit stronger vibe from her is the one where she’s holding the folder, in office manager mode.

      Peggy looks like she’s just daring us to come closer and find out what she’s made of. Like others, I love how her dress and Don’s tie mirror each other.

      Betty, petulant as always. 

      The men look so much closer to previous seasons than the women do, to me, with Peggy making the clearest break for it. Can’t wait to see where Matthew Weiner takes us! 

  • Lattis

    Just looking at Pete’s face makes me want to pop him in the nose. 

    At a local mall there used to be a boy mannikin with a truly obnoxious snotty, sassy face. One day my 89yo mom and I walked by it and my she said, “Don’t you want to just pop that kid in the nose.” That’s how I feel whenever I see Pete’s face.

  • Joan looks so sad and wistful in most of these pictures.  I don’t think she’s going to have an easy ride in the new season (dead husband? baby issues?), but I hope they let her still be great at her job.

  • Esz


  • RzYoung

    It’s torture, Tlo, torture 🙁 I don’t have Sky, I can’t watch series 5 until it’s out on dvd

  • Lilyana_F

    Oh, man, Christina looks so damn good in dresses like that, she should stick to that silhouette in real life, I think. Gorgeous photos! 

  • 3boysful

    Looking at Peggy’s striped dress, I am reminded of those square, layered coconut candies that are in pink, brown and white striped.

  • MinnieO

    Anyone else notice that Joan appears to be wearing her wedding rings — but weren’t these stolen when her and Roger were mugged?  I would be very surprised if this was an oversight — so does that mean Greg is back and replaced her rings?  Or is she remarried??

  • Laylalola

    It’s just ridiculous how clueless Christina Hendricks is when it comes to dressing herself. There is no earthly reason why she can’t look this good while dressing for 2012.

  • miagain

    melt melt… pant pant!

  • Anyone else notice the amount of green in the women’s clothing in those pictures? Green used to be a lot more popular than it has been recently.

  • Is that Robert Morse in the background channeling Colonel Sanders?

  • TheOriginalLulu

    OMG I loooooove that last photo. How amazing does she look in that dress?

  • nannypoo

    Why can’t Christina Hendricks replicate these looks when she’s not on the show? She looks great here.

    • Farthingale

      I’ve been thinking about this and I’m guessing it’s because she dislikes the foundation garments necessary to make these silhouettes work in real life. As an hour-glass shaped girl myself, I recently discovered what an incredible difference a girdle-type garment makes in making this kind of shape “work”. It’s not just about a spanx to cover imperfection, it’s about a serious garment that can shape the waist, lengthen the back and enhance posture (important for chesty girls), and really heft the goodies UP THERE. I found one I like and started wearing it constantly. It was amazing how much better I looked in everything.  

      I’ve also discovered that this type of shape benefits from a very tailored, structured garment, with lots of darts and panels. It’s hard to accept the fact that a lot of knit, light, airy, frothy numbers that are so adorable don’t work on a curvy lady, but when you see such a stark contrast between Christina’s MM wardrobe and her real life looks, you see that there must be something to it. Although the clothes are chosen impeccably, there is a lot going on underneath that really allows the va-va-voom to happen. 

      In some ways women may have thrown the baby out with the bath water when we liberated ourselves from our foundation garments. 

      • Logo Girl

        So agree! I’ve often thought about having custom foundation garments made for just this reason. I think it was liberating for A-cups to not have to wear bullet bras, but for those of us who go into the 4th or 5th letters of the alphabet, a compromise between old fashioned and contemporary garments would be welcomed.

        • Farthingale

          Just found this “Power of Shapewear” article on Janie Bryant’s website:

          Also, as far as bra’s go, when you’re busty, the last thing you need is a molded, single piece cup. It’s all about the seamed cups, with at least three pieces of fabric sewn together. Chantelle is a great brand. I learned the hard way that “minimizers” are more aptly named “matron-izers”, because they smoosh and widen. 

          This thing kills. it does all the things I mentioned above as well as helping with portion control. lol. I wouldn’t call it comfy, but I love what it does for me. I can’t wait to size down to a medium. 

      • Corsetmaker

        Like, like, like, like, like 🙂

      • Laura Maki

         Where do you buy your serious garments? I have a special occasion coming up that would be perfect to debut a Joan-ish (major emphasis on the -ish!) silhouette! My dress is even from the 60s, and really does call for some shapeware, but spanx just compacted everything rather than displaying it. This thread is pretty old, but I hold out hope that I’ll be guided into the light of the hourglass!

        • Farthingale

          I tried to give a link in an earlier post with a link to amazon but it had to be approved (I guess they are afraid someone might be trying to shill here). I bought something called a “squeem” that is my go to. The one with the straps, not the one without. It’s really affordable and it is serious. It’s really great for people recovering from tummy tucks and post partum (wish I knew about it when I was having babies). Seriously, I wear it daily and it’s also good for portion control as you are confined.

          You wear your own bra with it, and the best bras for busty girls are NOT molded cups made from a single piece of fabric, but the ones with seams, usually three. The seaming gives the structure big breasts need. You get lifted up, out and around, and you look like a woman, not a dowager. 

          Another place to look for serious structure garments are websites that supply people with post surgical garments (plastic surgery).

          Good luck!

          • Laura Maki

            That Amazon link did work for me, and I just got a Amazon gift card for an early college graduation/birthday present (my special occasion) so this is perfect! I’m ordering it just as soon as I get home and can remeasure myself.

            I love that it doesn’t have a built in bra, because I am rather small chested so I can tuck the belly while still adding a little in the bust. I will definitely pass on your knowledge to all of my busty friends, they always complain to me about their bras and the selection in stores. Those conversations always seem end with us going “I wish I had your boobs” to one another.

      • nannypoo

        Well, I want to know what garment this is that you have found. Lots of us could use it. Please share.

        • Farthingale

          What I like now is the squeem. With straps, the one without doesn’t smooth as well (I have both). No muffin top or back roles and lots of lift under the breasts and shaping through the waist. The positive reviews on amazon are not hyperbole. Also look at suppliers of post-surgery compression garments. There is a huge selection of these things for every body part and most of the retailers allow buyers to post reviews. 

          Also corset makers sell ready made AND custom corsets, which seems like the ultimate luxury to me. Run some searches on “compression garments” and “corsets”. 

  • Julie Fountain

    Wow, Zoey Bartlet’s all grown up! Okay, so I don’t watch this show, but you could put pictures of Jon Hamm Wears a Suit up every day and that’d be just fine with me.

  • meowing

    Does anyone know if AMC posts the episodes right after they air?  Sadly, downgraded cable, so hope I’m not too far out of the loop, if I can view ’em on-line.

    • It is possible, I did it last season. AMC doesn’t post the episodes. We’ll have to wait & see what the deal is for this upcoming season. I remember them being hard to find, but they are definitely out there on one of the video sites. If you get really desperate, they might be available on iTunes a few days after they’ve aired. 

  • aimee_parrott

    11 days!  11 days!  Uh… yeah, I might be a BIT over-excited.  I got a little breathless looking at these pictures.  The first thing I noticed was Peggy’s definitely higher-end clothes.  She looks great. 

  • Sunshine16


  • WHY doesn’t Christina Hendricks let Janie Bryant dress her all the time?  WHY?!  The world is being deprived of fierceness, Christina. 

    I covet that green dress (and the waistline to pull it off, alas).

  • mommyca

    Not sure if anybody mentioned this already: but now seeing these pictures, the Banana Republic Mad Men Collection makes more sense, since the overall feeling is definitely NOT ’60s mod… I love both of Peggy’s dresses, they are divine!!!! I’m concerned about Pete’s receding hairline, how many years had passed???? 

  • There is a pic of Betty, Joan and Peggy standing (that I cannot find right now, ugh!) but you can clearly see a mod feel to Peggy’s lime green dress, in line and cut. Definitely much more fashion forward dress than the other two. 

  • *squeeeeeeeee!!!!!!*

    One of my great-aunts had a dress almost exactly like Peggy’s stripey one up there!

    Can’t wait for the new season!

  • CatherineRhodes

    Will two years have passed? I can’t wait to see how the show’s writers bring us all up to date.

  • EEKstl

    SQUEEEEEEEE!  I’m trying to remember how much time has passed (on the show) between seasons, I recall Matt Weiner saying something about 18 months but not sure…I’m wondering whether they kept the pics office-focused (with one of Betty, who everyone knew would be back) so that we can all speculate up a storm and they wouldn’t be giving anything away.  Is it March 25th yet?

  • sockandaphone


  • Emmyllou

    Oh *SIGH!* How gorgeous is Jon Hamm?

  • I was thinking that as I was looking; is it just me or is her face in partly in shadow in all of these shots (except the last)? I’m worried about Joanie…

  • bluefish

    So so so excited!  I am hoping and praying that Lane Pryce and Joan H. get together!  Would love to see Jared and Christina do a love scene. CH looks amazing in that last photo — love the dress.  And good to see Peggy looking much more polished and put together.

  • I am so excited. I’ve watched ALL episodes from ALL seasons during Jan/Feb just as a refresher 😉 This is absolutely the best show on TV. 

  •  I Know it’s a weird comparison to make, but the sepia-toned shots really remind me of LA Noire. They have the same sort of weirdness about them. It’s most evident in the one where they’re in the doorway at SCDP, and I know that part of it is that it’s the same actors, but there’s the same kind of weird painterly quality about the face. Only instead of making it look like a drawing, it makes it look like a bad rendering.