PR: Mermaid vs. Cowgirl

Posted on August 06, 2011

Before we get started, we would just like to say…

His face looks literally painted on. Like he gets up in the morning sans eyes, nose, and mouth, and draws everything in with an eyebrow pencil and some lip gloss.

But oh, Miss Thing was full of surprises this week, wasn’t she?

We are of mixed opinions on this look, but one thing that really intrigued us was Josh’s heretofore-unsuspected ability to assess his own work and course correct effectively. He hated what he was doing and one word from Tim triggered a complete change in direction. That doesn’t necessarily speak to his talent as a designer, but it does bump him up the ladder considerably when trying to pick who’s going to be a contender.

We think this look has a pretty good shape to it; not the most original or interesting way to go with the silhouette, but the fact that he could manage a silhouette like this at all with such materials is a big point in his favor.

The top was particularly well thought-out because you can tell the shape and size were determined by the use of the aquarium rocks, which are pretty damn heavy and had to be weighing it down considerably. The use of the rocks – even if it is just more glued-on crap – was really smart. They look sparkly and sort of high end – at least in comparison to hamster shavings and bird seed. It’s just that we wish he hadn’t used so much of that neon green because the effect is akin to a black light poster.

The skirt was really sassy and cute. Had a nice swing to it. But that mirror was just stupid. He might have some good ideas on the fly, but there’s definitely a styling issue with Miss “More is More.”

The makeup was horrible.

Although it did provide some comedy when Heidi “Ringling Bros” Klum criticized it.

It was the shoes that really did him in. The idea was too Balenciaga to begin with, but rendered in a really cheap-looking way. Gimmicky and tacky. Nina looked rightly disgusted by them.

It could very well be this boy’s got the chops to go the distance, but only if he completely ignores his styling instincts. He might have won this week if he hadn’t gone so over-the-top with the detailing.

Poor Fallene (which sounds like the title to a country song) learned a valuable Project Runway lesson this week: Defend Your Garment.

Even when it looks like this.

We don’t think this was close to the worst thing on the runway. We’re not even sure it deserved bottom 3 over some of the others, but make no mistake: it’s pretty bad.

Both the idea and, for the most part, the execution on the skirt are pretty great. We don’t like the irregular hemline, but everything else about it is a decent enough interpretation of the “glued-on crap” schtick.

It’s shaped pretty well and doesn’t add too much bulk to the figure.

And it was an interesting choice of materials, even if the colors were slightly problematic.

See, she paired it with the simplest of possible tops, which is a crime in itself, since the skirt ain’t exactly a design triumph, semi-pretty as it is. But worse, it’s this horrible shit-brown, which picks up the slight brown accents in the skirt and turns the whole look way too autumnal and heavy.

She only heightened the effect by styling it with that belt, which completely throws the poor girl’s proportions off and makes it look like her boobs are drooping down to her waist. Paired with the brown, suede booties, the whole look feels out of style and inelegant.

It’s weird, because she had a decent starting point with the skirt. It’s just that every decision she made after that was the absolute worst decision to make. These proportions and colors just aren’t what’s in the pages of fashion magazines right now and that’s always going to be a huge factor in the judges’ decisions. Had she done a more interesting top in a vibrant, more modern color and chosen different accessories and styled her fresher, she could have actually been a contender, rather than facing the auf.

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  • Here’s where I don’t understand your criticisms – “glued on crap.” How else are they supposed to do this challenge if not to glue on crap, if they aren’t supposed to use fabric-like substances? I think that is a cheap criticism from the bleacher seats.

    Having said that, I agree generally with your assessment. The proportions are bad on this 2nd outfit and the styling on the first is atrocious. I do like the texture and color of the skirt on the 2nd a lot. Too bad about the rest of it.

    • Isadora Paiva

      There are other options. One of them would be braiding, like Andy did last season on the party store episode. The fact that he did that instead of  the whole “glued on crap” thing was largely responsible for his win. Kimberly did something similar this episode, but with worse results.

      • Anonymous

        My memory needs refreshing, but didn’t Miss T n T do a braiding that ended up being merely “safe”?  Will have to see in the always-fab T Lo recaps.

      • MilaXX

        If I had my druthers the rules would state no more than 50% can be muslin & no fabric like materials, which gives them a bit of leeway, but still (hopefully) pushes them to think outside of the box.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you about the “glued on crap” comment. If you can’t use fabric-like materials, you aren’t left with very many options. 

    • There are so many other options if you have an ounce of creativity. Off the top of my head
      * anything made of plastic can be fused with enough heat into sheets.
      * almost anything can be sewn together using beading techniques.
      * braiding, pleating and folding both from a paper-like material standpoint and a rope/tube like material standpoint
      * molding wish mesh, paper, practically anything… including wee wee pads

      That took me three minutes. You’d think people with degrees in arts could be a little more creative than glueing crap on.

      • fair enough, but I still think that there’s a lot of valid creativity with gluing on crap. 

        • scottyf

          I think the difference for me is that the actual garment is made of muslin. The glued on pieces are merely embellishment. I think it might be an interesting challenge if the designers were told that they could not use muslin as the base. Or maybe just for support, and not as an entire garment. For that reason, I think Josh’s skirt and Olivier’s top were a more creative use of unconventional materials. If it were my challenge, I’d give them more time, but like abitabite’s creative ideas, force them to think outside of the box.

          Say what you want about Emilio’s hardware store bikini…it was a creative use of materials AND unforgettable.

          • Anonymous

            Hmmm… but I did forget Emilio’s hardware store bikini!  I mean, now that you’ve mentioned, it I can’t seem to unsee it, but when I when I think of unconventional materials garments, I think of Austin’s corn husk dress and Korto’s seat belt coat.  And for some reason, Jillian’s candy outfit (but that might be because candy was involved).

          • Anonymous

            Gordana’s newspaper dress was made entirely of newspaper, with no muslin substructure—and it was fabulous—but she still didn’t get and love for it I think that was the first time in her season she was robbed..

          • LeeAnn’s leather dress/automobile dress; Did Rami’s candy wrapper killer of a dress have muslim infrastructure? 

            Actually in the automobile challenge, I can’t think of any who used muslin.  I also think many of the newspaper dresses/coats did not use muslin.

          • Anonymous

            The funny thing about that bikini is someone on PR Aus Season 2 tried something similar and it worked – and she won – so he was starting from a good place and just went the wrong direction.

        • I think that the birdseed was creatively glued-on-crap. Whatever the hell the crap that was glued on to the winning design was looked like the model was wearing bug paper and rolled around the floor of wood processing plant…  or in other words glued-on-crap completely lacking an ounce of creativity.

          And since most of the glued-on-crap outfits we have seen over the year have been the latter and not the former, I think the argument holds valid.

      • Anonymous

        Valid points, all. 

        • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Here’s the problem when you start getting experimental;
        1. Experiments often fail
        2. Time contraints
        3. Avaliblity of the proper tools to work the materials. 

        4. Anything that you have to work wet needs time to dry.

        • Gretchen did not win with the tinsel skirt – she should have, according to TLo, but it would have been her third win in a row (in the first three challenges). I just watched that season last week.

        • Anonymous

          Boy, you have a good memory. Daniel’s plastic cup dress was damn good, though, and I think it was in the top 3, wasn’t it?

        • Toni Mitt

          That’s funny, becasue I thought Gretchen won, too, but she didn’t.  What’s-his-face with the braided garbage bags won. 

    • It’s the criticism that somehow it’s more creative to glue hamster shavings or aquarium rocks to a garment sewn out of muslin than sewing a garment out of the fabric from a pet bed or umbrella that bugs me.  Gluing the “unconventional material” onto the highly conventional muslin is just an embellishment challenge, not a design or a fashion one.

      Not only did Andy braid his entire (?) dress, but Jay Nicolas managed to take the dreaded trash bags and create his own textile that looked like leather.  And Miss TnA, I mean, TnT, braided her top.  It may have looked exactly like last week’s top, but at least there was some problem-solving that didn’t revolve around creating a garment out of standard fabric.

      But with that said, I liked Miss Clinique’s skirt, until I saw it was completely see-through.  It takes a moment to see it, but once  I saw the model’s black, hip-hugger bikini briefs I couldn’t not see them.  Still, the skirt was adorable and well made and considering it’s a circle skit doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the model’s hips.  And while I think the aquarium rocks are a bit too bright and loud that when combined with the shape of the tank is a little too Kids Inc. I can admit that he managed to put together a fairly put together look, all things considered.  But, yeah, hopefully he will learn that more is not better.

      • Anonymous

        I agree that is is not more creative to use the muslin + an uncoventional material than say an umbrella and the mesh from  a lizard cage, which are certainly not conventional textiles.
        Plus the dog bed sherpa was a textile every bit as conventional as the nylon used to make umbrella’s.

      • THANK YOU! When none of the judges commented on the see through skirt, I thought maybe you couldn’t see it on the runway, only on TV.  But then TLO didn’t mention it either- I mean c’mon- it was vulgar.

    • It’s more the fact that after 9 seasons, unconventional materials challenge doesn’t yield unconventional results anymore.  Sitting watching the episode, I could give you a bunch of things that could have been used from a pet store (and would be) mainly because so many of the designers default to the same default of constructing a silhouette from muslin and gluing on odd items to make it fit the challenge.  Honestly, when Bert was complaining about the materials, I was really hoping he’d send a simple muslin-only dress down the runway in protest — it would have been honest and unique. 

      When someone actually utilizes the materials in a different way — Korto’s seatbelt coat, Irina’s newspaper coat, Gordana’s newspaper dress, Jay’s trash bags, Andy’s braiding, even Gretchen’s tinsel skirt (which could have been done without muslin, though I don’t think it was) — one in which the materials are heavily manipulated rather than just glued on, viewers remember it. 

    • Anonymous

      You know – I was thinking the same thing – about the Glued on crap comments – the judges even refered to Jash C?’s as being real fabric when his skirt was made with the same material at Ms. CLinique Counter’s.   

      And the dog bed and umbrella are too much like normal fabric. 

      So why wasn’t Laura’s cat scratch cardboard (which she stitched together to make her skirt, and the leash the Top 3.  Because that was pn of the few ( with Viktor’s purple puppy pad strapless /ruched column dress) that really was not FABRIC or GLUED ON CRAP

  • Fallene’s sort of looked a bit Autumn Fairy, if the model only had Fallene’s hair.

    • Lies L.

      I thought so, too. I think the look would’ve looked a lot better on someone with red hair.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t see the issue with the colors on Fallene’s. Those are great colors for me and many others, so there was no valid criticism on that front as far as I’m concerned. On the other hand, the proportions and styling told a whole different story.

      • Anonymous

        Michael K was jealous as it out-oranged his spray tan.

        • Anonymous

          oooo  When I caught the end of the replay today, I noticd Mis Kors – complaining about the Sungalsses on the one model ( dang the blue outfit?)  and he asked was he trying to makeit look likeshe was going incognito…….  THIS FROM THE GUY WHO GOES TO FASHION SHOWS and other INDOOR events in sunglasses.

          Crap – Heidi and the makeup
          Kors and the Sunglasses

          and Nina – well hell calling Olivier’s editorial….

          • I’m fine with that, because Kors isn’t styling someone in them.  He’s wearing them himself, and the man wears the same outfit every day anyway.  Besides, he’s old enough he might have some sunlight issues — if he has to wear the sunglasses until he gets indoors he may just leave them on. 

      • Anonymous

        I agree. I liked the colors. Maybe they weren’t “runway” colors (I guess they prefer the 1980’s neon on steroids colors from Josh’s aquarium rocks blouse), but I thought the skirt was really pretty. Of course orange is my favorite color…

  • Gretchen won using those kinds of colors last season.

    • Maybe the judges are remembering exactly what happened when Gretchen won.

      • Logo Girl

        That’d be nice, I don’t think they’ve learned a thing! Look at how they were strong-arming for the winner again! You’d think they hold dark secrets about Heidi’s past or something…

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed Clinique’s outfit. If he had added an other tier or two to the skirt he may have had a winner, didn’t everybody except pee-pee pads do a mini? I like the lava rock top. She’s going to a rave. 

    Fallene, Fallene, Fallene! Please don’t take my man!
    Uh, I mean solid middle of the road. Not bottom two.

  • Lies L.

    I just don’t think Fallene’s was all that bad. It wasn’t a winner, but I expected her to be safe at least. There’s a few others I hated way, WAY more. In fact, from a ‘Would I wear this?’ point of view, Fallene’s was one of the few outfits that I said yes to. … But then, you know, not made of pet store supplies. It looked simple, but wearable. Certainly not an auf-worthy outfit. The styling was kind of horrible though.

    As for Miss Clinique Counter, I think he’s hilarious and definitely amusing to watch (and after all, the reality tv factor DEFINITELY counts in this show). Wasn’t too wild about his outfit, but it was well done and better than most, and as you said, it did show he knows how to turn himself around, which is important in this kind of competition. Once again, though, hated the styling.

    Also, the main reason I’m sad Josh C. is out is that I think him and Josh McK. should be an item right this moment. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I would love a skirt in that color paired with a neutral colored blouse or sweater and some great boots. I love Autumn colors though and go for comfort and colors that work for me without care for what is in style. It wasn’t the best but really, there were a few things I rated far worse then hers.

    • yes, yes, yes! I’m was pretty shocked to see her in the bottom 3.. it wasn’t a winning look, certainly, but I thought it had a bit of sass to it and autumn is DEFINITELY the season this hippie chick prefers. I have red hair, though, so I’m always drawn to browns anyway. I liked the belt, and overall liked it a whole lot when it came down the runway. I get annoyed when the judges use “I would wear that” as criteria, so I guess I shouldn’t either…. That said, I would definitely wear that.

  • Anonymous

    Joshua McK reminds me so much of the character on skates in Reno 911, Terry Bernadino played by Nick Swardson.  I was racking my brain to remember who it was her reminded me of and then wow.   I loved that character.

    I think he will go far this season. I like him, too.

  • I kind of love Fallene. She’s adorable. Reminds me of Alyson Hannigan in the Buffy days. I hope she sticks around for a while, at least till we can see whether she has any personality or design chops.

  • Anonymous

    I really liked the aquarium rocks outfit. I thought it had lots of verve and punch. The green pattern is very reminiscent of seaweed, I thought. He really did ruin it with the styling, though. Her makeup looks cheap and those shoes are trashy. I did kind of like the mirror accessory, though–an ironic, whimsical touch. 

    Poor Fallene–she crumbled under the weight of expectations. It doesn’t look like her kind of outfit at all, so no wonder she couldn’t defend it. I don’t see the problem with her color scheme, though. What’s wrong with creating an autumn look? I thought she did a far better job at creating a skirt using textured stuff than Olive Garden did–at least her model didn’t look a mile wide.

    • TLo’s comment about defending the outfit brought to my mind Santino Rice during season two of PR. Santino sent some really, really shitty pieces of crap down the runway that season, in particular in the lingerie challenge, but he always defended his work vociferously.  If a designer doesn’t believe in what they put on their model, then the judges aren’t going to, either.

    • Erin Wilkins

      I feel like if  Fallene had defended her garment, the judges would have questioned her taste level. I mean, that was one of the criticisms with the contestant that was auf’d last week–“he thought it looked good!”

  • Anne Robotti

    You guys are really nice, I was GAGGING on Little Miss “Oh I Agree With Everything You Say And I Suck.” You know what? Defend your shit. Say, “I was going for XYZ, which I still think would have been awesome. I couldn’t quite execute because of issues with the materials.” Say, “I was so in love with the skirt that I ran out of time on the top.” Say SOMETHING. God, I can’t stand people who don’t own their shit.

    • and yes. While I loved her dress, (I really did) I was certain they were going to auf her just for that awful attitude.

    • Anonymous

      more people survive the Auf when they are deferential – except maybe Kenley and Santino, no?

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure Not-aufed Joshua can rein in his styling instincts.  Look at him and what he was wearing.  He’s ‘more is more’ to the core unless Nina and Tim can beat it out of him.  The look was cute, the styling was horrific, but it was a good challenge for him.  

    And I agree with everything you said, T Lo, about Fallene (whose name rings in my head as if Dolly Parton had changed the title of ‘Jolene.’)

  • I thought Clinique stood out-he had a very clear concept and even if it meant including a severe ponytail,3AM makeup and hooker shoes/accessories I’m telling you hundreds of girls (at least in the places I’ve lived in-where drinking,nightlife and going out are so integral to local life) would be racing for that top and dress at least,he’s in touch with a very relatable,realistic customer and overall the look and idea is one helluva solid package

  • Josh’s, I dislike the matching silhouettes. Top and bottom are both swing styles and then there’s the 80’s color vibe which I just loathe. But since I *love* how he styled the shoes–too funny–I would’ve thrown out everything above the ankles and kept those.

    Fallene erred on the proportions, especially with the too-wide belt. I wish she had replaced that and made the bodice more interesting–strapless is so boring–but the colors were fine IMO, and not deserving of the judges scorn.  TLo says it’s too autumnal which is true (I’m glad to see the top IS brown because I remember the judges going all halloweeny and thinking, is it really black?) but I don’t recall the challenge as specifying that the outfit had to reflect a certain SEASON. It was a middle-of-the-pack entry.

    • Anonymous

      I love orange, and it’s a good color on me, but it’s always a challenge to find a top that’s not Halloween.  Not a heck of a lot goes with orange, unless you’re Betsey Johnson and can do hot pick or something crazy that expected of her.

  • Anonymous

    Anya has the best earrings. My toddler would have a field day with them.

  • scottyf

    She got drug to a pet store
    In the cold light of morning
    and told she must somehow make do
    with three hundred dollars
    she must create a fine fashion
    of collars and and trays made for poo

    Poor Poor Fallene
    Why must PR be so mean?
    This sweet country cutie
    Got kicked in the booty
    Poor Poor Falleen

    Now she stands with her model
    In an orange sea kelp skirt
    Her creative spirit laid bare
    And silently she listens
    One teardrop it glistens

    Her outfit is what NOT to wear

    Poor Poor Falleen
    Why must PR be so mean?
    She now sadly wishes
    She hadn’t gone with the fishes
    Poor Poor Falleen

    Available on ITunes…as soon as I can come up with a melody. Bwhaaa!

    • Anonymous

      AWESOME!  This goes into heavy rotation on my playlist right now.

    • Anonymous

      I hope she’s reading this!!

    • muzan-e

      Hmmm. Feels a little Nick-Cave-ballad to me. 
      Get down, get down, little Fallene….

    • Anonymous

      Oh Scotty – perhaps someone has already suggested this (I haven’t gone through all the comments yet) – but what about Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’? I think you already have the right phrasing down….

  • Anonymous

    TLo: a technical comment here. If I click on the “reply” button and get the comment box, but then decide not to reply, I can’t seem to get rid of the comment box, nor can I make any further comments on other people’s posts or submit any further comments of my own. Nor can I click “like” on any comments. Is there some way to to add a  “close” option to the comment box? I’m not sure if this is a usability issue or my browser (Firefox, but not the most recent one).

    • reload the page.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I try that and still have the same problem. I end up having to close the site and open it again. 

  • Toto Maya

    I cannot stand this Joshua. He is so greasy, and greasy men gross me out. I just wanted to punch him in the face the entire episode, for some reason he pissed me off more than any contestant on this show ever has. But you know what? I still liked his outfit better than the top two. And I like the shoes, they’re tacky but hilarious.

    Also, I still don’t see what is so horrible about Fallene’s that merited her being in the bottom two. It isn’t the best, but it was middle of the road to me. I honestly thought it was pretty.

  • Anonymous

    I liked both of these outfits.  Would have given Josh the win over Olivier (I think the styling should be less important than the garment). Fallene’s shouldn’t have been in the bottom 3.

  • Seriously, I loved Fallene’s skirt.
    I liked the color and the texture. She should have defended it instead of agreeing with everything cruel thing the judges said.
    On the other had I hated Miss Clinique’s top.
    Just ugh.
    and the overdone 80’s styling…very, very bad.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Clinique’s styling was bad enough to cost him the win. I thought the pattern on the top was amazing and I love how it becomes asymmetrical on the back, and his look was much more wearable than Precious Moment’s was

  • Have to say that I LOVE Clinique’s outfit. I could see it being a wearable look (in non pet-store form). Lose the little mirror and replace the dreadful shoes — voila! I even like the I Dream of Jeannie hair.

  • see, i would think that the proper decision would to be to switch these two looks, so fallene is on the top and clinique counter is on the bottom, but i am heavily biased by wanting to mack on fallene because she is precious.

  • Why Fallene didn’t defend the work that went into the skirt, I’ll never know. Even if everything else negative is true, she put work into it that shows, with the right flowers of the right color, she might have been able to do something great. Bryce was better than this? That I still don’t see.

    • Anonymous

      Agree…Fallene’s certainly wasn’t swoon-worthy, but Bryce’s was just all kinds of wrong.

    • Maura McGrath

      It’s entirely possible that she did defend it and that little bit was left on the cutting room floor…like oh so much of the deliberations

      • Except that the judges kept saying she did nothing to defend herself.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I liked both of these–God bless the people who use color.  Is Josh’s a little ’80s?  Yes.  But I preferred the ’80s to current trends, so go, ’80s.  If we can outshout the boring neutrals, then outshout them, honey.  If the gravel weren’t so heavy, I’d say that top could be worn out dancing.  I even sort of liked the weird little mirror.  (Not as a mirror, I just liked the way it moved when the model walked.  In a real outfit, that could be a little purse for your ID, lipstick, and money when you go to the club.)  The shoes were hiddy, but I’d have still given him the win, just for the color use and planning, and having a much more interesting silhouette than the other two in the top.

    I actually thought the plain and simple top was the way to to go with Fallene’s skirt.  I didn’t care for the belt, but, oh, well.  She definitely should have defended it, but then, it’s hard to defend against Michael Kors personal dislike of the colors.  What do you say to it, really, other than the dippy sounding, “Well, that’s YOUR opinion”… because, kind of, that’s what it is.  Michael Kors doesn’t like the orange and brown combination.  He’s not going to start liking it no matter what you say.  It bothered me a little because clearly, she chose the materials she did, so must have liked them–but if she’d defended it on that basis, she’d get tagged with the deadly “taste issues.”  I don’t necessarily agree with what she did, but I can see the thinking that goes, “If I throw myself under the bus, they’ll think I’ve learned my lesson, and I’ll pay more attention to their tastes in the future.”

    • Anonymous

      I found it entirely interesting Michael Kors personal dislike of the orange considering that’s what color his skin is.

    • Anonymous

      Michael Kors doesn’t like the orange and brown combination

      Which is weird considering those are the colours he sees in the mirror when he shaves.

  • muzan-e

    For the first time, I have an aquarium in my house. I’m pretty sure that it took me over a half-hour just to choose a combination of gravel – because there’s such a variety of colours and shapes, these days, including strange pearlescent glassy things, and glittery duochrome plastic dodecahedron-y things, and –

    So as you can imagine, I spent the first quarter-hour desperately hoping someone would bring a few bags of the stuff back to the sewing room, and apply a hammer to it with vigour; with artistic verve!

    And now, for the first time, I find myself beginning to appreciate Blue Steel. 🙂 And not just because his eyebrows are goddamn perfect, but because that there is what you do with a few pound bags of glittery neon plastic – and you team it with a black skirt of subdued style and fetching bounce, because the hyper-glitter top needs to own that look. 

    …. I’ll even defend the shoes. But it’s a circumstantial sort of defense: as part of the outfit, they’re perfect for the market this is aimed towards.

  • Anonymous

    BTW,  I forgot to mention this from last week about Josh M:  Did anyone else notice that when they gave them their scrubs to wear for the pajama party, Ms. Clinque Counter made his top into a sleeveless tank?  Someone sure does love himself.  Isn’t he the one that had a mirror next to his computer  so he could see what he looks like when he’s online?  You can smell the drama coming down the pipe on this one…

    • scottyf

      Thanks for mentioning that! I kept meaning to bring that up, but someone with less pancake on their face would capture my interest.

      It’s funny, sometimes in his confessionals, he looks and sounds to me like Shannel from RPDR. 

      • Anonymous

        Yes Scottyf!! I am always getting the Shannel vibe from Clinique Josh!! I kept waiting for him to start juggling in the workroom. I want to like him but I just can’t due to his overly manicured brows and that stupid Carrie Bradshaw flower on his jacket.

      • THANK YOU!  I couldn’t put my finger on who he was reminding me of, and it was driving me nuts!

    • Anonymous

      Also, he appears to have his own name tattooed on his right wrist.  HIS OWN NAME! 

      • Anonymous

        Could be worse, I know someone who thinks she has her own name tattooed on herself in characters she can’t read.

        I don’t know exactly what it says, but my limited knowledge of the language tells me it doesn’t actually say her name. 

      • Seriously?  His name is JOSHUA, for God’s sake — it’s not even an interesting or complicated name!

      • Anonymous

        Well, he is gay–it is quite possible he’s had a partner with the same name, either past or present…

  • Anonymous

    Props to Fallene for recognizing that she was sending a sub-par outfit down the runway, but I have to agree: defend what you put out there. You don’t get any do-overs on this show. (Then again, it’s another example of the PR double standard at work. How many designers have we seen auf’ed—or at least in big trouble—for acting like they’re in love with their outfit and not realizing there’s a single thing wrong with it?) I’m glad she made it through, though; she’s so cute and bubbly, it’d be a shame to lose her so early!

    Curious that we see both a presence and lack of editing skills from Josh in the same episode. I’m very impressed that he was able to scrap his original idea for the top, start it over midway through the challenge, and still turn out something worthy of the Top Three! I think he could have won it if not for the poor styling, but if he can manage to dial that “more is better” attitude down a bit, he’s probably a serious contender.

    • Anonymous

      I think the thing is you have to own it, but you also have to seem to have done everything you could to salvage it. Fallene gave the impression that she knew it would be crap immediately, and just kept doing it instead of course correcting and trying to save it.

      • Anonymous

        A strong, adamant defense is what saved Santino time after time. If nothing else, it makes the judges a little bit afraid of you.

        • Anonymous

          I think Fallene is a bit too meek to properly pull off a Santino defense.

  • Anonymous

    I liked that top Josh turned out pretty well.  I wasn’t sold on the cropped length and the colors were pretty Meshach Taylor in “Mannequin” but it was very interesting and well done.  the skirt was fine but I would have gone with a pencil skirt out of that material in a longer length and for the love of god, NOT THAT PONY TAIL!
    I really didn’t get Fallene being in the botom three, I really liked that skirt a lot and she did a good job on the construction.  The top was a little sad and dull, I get that, but not bottom three IMO.

  • Anonymous

    Faline was the name of Bambi’s wife.

    • Anonymous

      And apparently Fallene really likes deer (according to her home visit). I wondered about that connection myself. 

  • Anonymous

    I really loved Fallene’s dress, and would totally wear it. The color combinations reminded me of autumn, and the busy-ness of the skirt was balanced by the simplicity of the top. It’s too bad she didn’t think so herself. I’m less annoyed that the judges seemed to overlook the fact that Fallene’s dress followed the same pattern as Olivier’s, Anya’s and Kimberly’s (textured bottom and plain top) than the fact that she just recoiled into someone that could not defend the hours she spent on that garment. And if you’re going to spend the time designing, creating, sewing and cutting, and you don’t have the wherewithal to defend it, maybe you don’t deserve to be in the running.

    Clinque’s top reminds me of Gak, and not in a good way.

  • Anonymous

    Fallene’s outfit is terrible, but I was surprised she was in the bottom and not blanket girl (Julie?). That dog food bag outfit was shocking!

  • Anonymous

    Josh McK was my pick for the winner–during the runway I squeed when it came out. Compaired to the other “glue stuff on muslin” top 3 choices, his was clearly the winner in my eyes. Olive Juice’s made his model look huge and was too simple and easy, and Anthony’s was pretty, but basic as well. This was glued on shit, but glued on shit in a PATTERN. You can never convince me that Olive Garden’s was, his was light on top and brown on bottom. Josh made a pattern out of that. Yes, he made some styling choices, but that top was freaking fantastic, took a lot of thought and effort, and looked great on the runway. I think he was robbed.
    I didn’t mind Fallene’s. She is going to cry next episode, though. I’m not sure she can hold her emotions in check.

  • Anonymous

    I’m starting to wish they’d have a challenge that prohibited any styling whatsoever. The models all come out with stick straight hair and the same minimal makeup. Barefoot and with nothing from the Piperlime wall. I’d like to see just one challenge judged on the design merits and not as Project Aspiring Stylist.
    I’m pretty sure had Fallene chosen a different belt and shoes she would have been safely in the middle, autumnal colours notwithstanding.
    Miss Thing OTOH, looks to be as over the top with her design instincts as she is with her styling choices. Which should be good for a season of entertainment.

    • dickinson-julie

      Your lips to Nina’s ears…!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks TLo for posting on Saturday again!

    Just wanted to comment that I loved that Josh M styled his shoes. I don’t remember too many contestants doing that–a lot of clutch making but not shoe styling. If it had been done a bit better it would have been great.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, TLo, I really appreciate the Saturday PR post.  It feels like a reward for doing all the Saturday morning chores.  Also, makes it easier to get through to Monday for the next PR post!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, TLo, I really appreciate the Saturday PR post.  It feels like a reward for doing all the Saturday morning chores.  Also, makes it easier to get through to Monday for the next PR post!

  • MilaXX

    I thought Ms Clinique styled herself out of top 3 contention. I love makeup and even I thought his model’s makeup was bad.

    Fallene has worked my nerves and should be thankful that Mormon boy did so poorly. There’s admitting you messed up & there’s giving up. She should have at least said what her initial plan was instead of just “yeah I hate it too.”

  • Anonymous

    Joshua is already a Madame Tussauds version of himself!  He seems to have some skills, but I think the Tacky Factor will kill him in the end.  Over the top from head to toe.  The tacky colors of the rocks made it look like some sort of hippy tie dye.  And those shoes!  I think he’s into dressing women as if they were drag queens rather than the reverse.

    Totally agree that Fallene was torpedoed by color.  This could have been a far better look in different colors.

    The “glued-on crap” garments took first, second and third place this week, so I doubt the glue gun is going away any time soon.  I sort of agree that they can’t send the designers to a pet supply store, poo-poo fabric-type materials, and then sigh at all the glued stuff.  

  • I feel sorry for these kids: it takes multiple blogs, days of discussion, serious on-line analysis for us fans to parse out what the hell the judges want from a challenge that the designers receive, conceive and complete in less than 24 hours. But still I am desperate to know: what the F. P. Chang is going on with the models & maquilage? IT IS AWFUL this season, absolutely gross. Sure, in the past some looks have been controversial, but I never doubted the technical proficiency of the stylists…..

    • Anonymous

      Yes, the make-up is terrible. It’s flat-out trashy. Someone upthread referred to the make-up on Josh M.’s model as “3 AM make-up”, which is a perfect description. And most of models are coming out on the runway looking that way. Gah!

      Fallene made a skirt that matches her hair.

  • Anonymous


    On the other hand, the beauty queen’s earrings are as big as her face. 

    • Yeah, those are even too big for me, and I regularly wear earrings that brush my shoulders.  (I have big ears, small earrings look stupid)

  • It seems to me that it takes more skill to glue individual flowers on muslin than to dump birdseed on it even if you shape some of that birdseed into an Alexander McQueen collar.

    • Anonymous

      I totally disagree. There’s no shape, no pattern in Fallene’s skirt.

      • I completely agree on the shape and pattern. It’s the time it took to get each and every flower on that I’m trying to emphasize.

        Not saying she should have won. Just saying I don’t get how Bryce’s is better.

  • Totally disagree with the color “problem” of Fallene’s.  Those are warm beautiful colors.  Yeah, the belt was heavy and cut her off making her torso seem too short, but really, Nina?  To go on and on about the dislike of those colors, when they’re definitely interesting and sort-of pretty!

  • Anonymous

    I bet that orange skirt would be a great exfoliator.

    The aquarium outfit is cute – and I’d say that gravel came in a limited palette.  If only he had used the dog toys for earrings instead of boot heels.  Sigh.

    I think he’s channeling Tammy Faye.

    • You can usually get black aquarium rocks which I wish would have taken the place of the neon green as the primary color there.  In fact, I think the whole thing would have been better in all black.

  • Anonymous

    gotta love miss clinique.

    • Anonymous

      I’m going to call him Miss Gift-with-Purchase.

  • Anonymous

    I think he is cute, who cares if he likes to make himself up.  

  • Anonymous

    I think he is cute, who cares if he likes to make himself up.  

  • Anonymous

     I can’t hear her name without thinking of Filene’s Basement, especially after this week.

  • Anonymous

    I hated how Fallene just stood there and practically said “Kick me” to the judges and of course that just egged them on and they went on and on out of all proportion since her outfit was far from the most hideous out there. I thought it was cute and I like the earthy colors. So there. Throw on a fitted little jacket and it’s a nice transitional outfit for Fall. Let’s face it, the winning design wasn’t all that much more, but LOLivier used a color palette that happens to be trendy now. He of the too-perfectly-arched brows made quite the nice ensemble. It took me a while to realize it because I was so distracted by the horrible styling and makeup–his and his model’s.

  • Jolene Barnett

    Am I the only one who thinks his model looks just slightly like Brittany from Glee? They’re not twins or anything, but have just enough resemblance in the bone structure that I was wondering if I knew the model form somewhere.

    Also comparing the makeup on the model to the makeup on Heidi… uh no. I’m probably going to get flamed for this, but as fabulous as TLO are, I don’t think they understand makeup artistry very well.

  • I am already confused and things are just starting; is Josh the one with only one ball or is it that blonde lady?

  • Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful..(or because I grew up in the 70s…..)   But, I really liked Fallene’s color scheme.


    • Anonymous

      Remember when Barbie used to wear a lot of orange?

      • I remember when my FAMILY ROOM CARPET wore a lot of orange!

        I also remember when Barbie had a “disco hair dye kit” and Ken had a cock ring on a chain around his neck.   Crazy times, my friend.   CRAZY TIMES.

        • Yeah, I didn’t think it was that bad either — and I didn’t live through the 70’s even as an infant.  And orange is one of the few colors I have a really hard time wearing, so I’m normally not a fan of it.  But overall, it was on the boring side, but certainly not horrifying.  I wonder if some of the judges comments were trying to see how far they’d have to go before she defended herself.

          Also, I didn’t hate the proportions.  Maybe because I have a long torso and short legs, so anything that shrinks my torso a bit works for me.

        • Anonymous

          Haha! Our living room carpet was orange. My parents gave great parties, and one theory was that the orange carpet was a nice, warm color that made people feel at home. 

        • Anonymous

          And it was even called “burnt orange” as if that gave it panache!

  • even tho i hated the clown dress, i felt very bad for fallene here.
    just about ALL of the colors people used were garish. the aquarium dress’ colors are not garish?
    colorwise, they were limited @ least somewhat by what was available. i never knew how over-the-top were my animals’ accessories til i saw this show. & didnt they have the peacock feathers, a buck apiece, at the counter?
    had he only used just the blue aquarium rocks it wouldve looked so much better. but it wouldnt have been more is more {a concept pioneered this last half century by an artist of whom he has never heard, duggie fields}.
    anyway, they took quite awhile to put the episode online. birdseed shoulda won, peepads shoulda gone home {the guy who went home was scared so he tried to make himself safe, didnt work. peepads made a way way worse outfit}, fallene’s wasnt as bad as all that.
    the end.

  • Anonymous

    “Tlo said: Although it did provide some comedy when Heidi “Ringling Bros” Klum criticized it.”

    Not for nothing, but she would be a big hit strutting around the great cage with her whip.


  • Anonymous

    I really liked Josh M’s character on this episode, makeup or no makeup. His outfit was OK, but honestly I was not very excited by any of them. My favorite quote of the episode is Josh M referring to Bryce’s outfit: “Where is that girl going? And why is she going there? In THAT?’

    I also liked Fallene, did not think her outfit was all that bad and like others I hope she sticks around a bit longer.

  • Anonymous

    I wish Fallene would have thrown the color comment right back at the judges and said “I’m not using old color trends, I’m looking for what will be hot next”

    • i keep waiting for someone to do that.

      • And that is why I could never go on PR — I’d have to say it.  As soon as they told me that my work wasn’t on trend, I’d have to point out that a) a designer can’t follow trends since all designers show around the same time, so you wouldn’t know when designing what the trend would be, and b) if people want to buy knockoffs of other people’s design which follows the trends, they wouldn’t be going to a designer.

        • Anonymous

          I’m certain that over the course of nine seasons that there have been designers who make similar agruements to the judges against following trends. But the show is his highly edited and the judges always have the upper hand.
          Designers can know  what future trends (within the industry) will be though, there are businesses called trend forecasting  that  designers/maunfacturers can subscribe to.

          • I think if all a designer ever does is follow the trends that have already been set, it does kinda make it seem like they’re knocking off more visionary designers.  I mean, I don’t mind following some trends but if I’m going to pay that much for garment by a designer, I want them to have a vision of their own — I want their work to be somehow unique. 

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t Gretchen work only in those colors? (And with much worse-looking non-wearable end products?)

  • Joshua is Jerrell 2.0!  That same inability to stop adding on stupid crap.

    • Anonymous

      You are correct, sir.  And ultimately, it will be his undoing.

      • Anonymous

        Not sure I can see Joshua doing a syrup bottle stage show like Jerrell…doesn’t seem to have that humor.  We’ll see.

  • “Although it did provide some comedy when Heidi “Ringling Bros” Klum criticized it.” BAHAHAHAHA. This is why I love you guys.

  • Lattis

    When I was watching this ep, I thought Fallene’s colors were bright red orange and a deep magenta top. Which I thought was kind of cool. But it’s brown and orange basically, isn’t it. Fallene herself would look pretty snappy in it with her red hair.

    This is a little OT – I think the judges frequently over-praise the winning entry, and over-demonize the losing entry – when there’s only a coin toss of a difference between them. When it comes to the Auf, though, the judges run down the losing outfit like its an abomination – even though, shoot, even when there’s a colossal disaster on the runway, it doesn’t necessarily lose (Jeffrey’s outfit for Angela’s mom, the metal washer bikini . . . ). 

    If I were a contestant I might keep that in mind when they rip the hell out of my outfit. 

  • Anonymous

    While I totally love the “Clinique” tag, with his last name I can’t help but think of him as MAC.

  • Phillip Wilde

    I really wasn’t a fan of Josh’s look.  Overall, she looks like a slutty 80s Barbie doll.  The see-through skirt and the shape of the top really turned me off.  The way that top is draped, it could not be worn by a woman with any chest at all.  The girls would just fall right out the bottom, even with a good bra.  The aquarium rocks were a nice touch, but I definitely agree that he used too much of the green.

    As for Fallene, your review was pretty much spot-on.  The skirt was nice, but the rest was just kind of blah.

  • Anonymous

    I like Joshua, he makes funny comments and come on, he’s not just painted, he’s very pretty already.

    Anyway they should’ve overruled old fart’s immunity and sent him home.

    • Anonymous

      I am patiently waiting for TLo’s assessment of Old Fart’s bad attitude. 

      • Anonymous

        When even Scottyf (with 2 t’s) ‘fesses up to the need for pre-martial counseling, we’re in for a rocky ride…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what bug the judges had up their asses about Fallene’s outfit, but they went totally overboard with their criticisms. It definitely had its issues, but, as practically everyone else has said, it was a solid mid-pack entry.

    Josh’s top might be glued-on crap, but he did a great job creating a pattern with the stones. I don’t love the colors, but the pattern itself is impressive. And I love the skirt, despite it being completely sheer.

  • Anonymous

    I would have woven those rubber aquarium tubes into a disco EXTRAVAGANZA

  • Anonymous

    I actually want Joshua’s top as a dress…badly. I do like his personality and his design, but the way he styled used those pointless toys and mirror crap screwed him. Fallene’s was not bad at all, I thought it was fine and I like autumnal colors…I guess they were being picky.

  • Anonymous

    I completely disagree with the monkier “Miss Clinique Counter”. 

    Josh totally seems like more the Nars type! 

    • Anonymous

      I agree! No one as fancy as Miss Thang there would wear Clinique makeup. Also, Josh reminds me of a guy I know who actually works for Nars, so that’s IMMEDIATELY what I thought.

  • RyzandShyn

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who laughed at Heidi’s expense (which I felt terrible about since she DID champion Mondo at the Alamo last season) when she had the gall to call someone out about make-up while looking like a clown herself.
    It was a good glued on shit episode.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Fallene’s outfit, both the top and the imaginative skirt. But then, I’m wearing an orange shirt right now, and I wear brown at least twice a week.

  • judithhaber

    Does anyone else think Fallene looks like Lisa Kudrow’s younger, redheaded sister?

  • Anonymous

    I’m  going to let the rest of the minions discuss the designs, proportions, styling, etc. Me? I am going to keep scrolling up to that first picture and laughing. Dear god that is funny. And I’m having a shitastic weekend. so thanks for the bright spot T Lo.

  • Miss Clinique’s top looks like the terrible sand sculptures we used to do at summer camp.  You know, where you pour a bunch of multicolored sand in layers in a bottle?  And all the colors are really bright and eye-bleedy?  And then it gets mixed up and looks like crap?

  • Miss Clinique’s top looks like the terrible sand sculptures we used to do at summer camp.  You know, where you pour a bunch of multicolored sand in layers in a bottle?  And all the colors are really bright and eye-bleedy?  And then it gets mixed up and looks like crap?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get the love for Josh’s glued-on-crap top. The colors are dreadful, but worse than that, it reminds of me those little plastic oversized glitter bits that preschoolers are sometimes given to glue on to their art projects. Actually, it reminds me of those art projects: a four-year-old, those plastic bead-bits, and a whole mess of glue. voila! you get Josh’s top. blech.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see how a skirt that shows the model’s panties ends up in the top.  Now, if she’d been wearing granny panties, Nina would have gone crazy and demanded that Josh win.  But I do think his course correction augurs well for him.

    And I liked Fallene’s colors more than Josh’s. The top was a throwaway, but I liked the skirt and thought it looked much better than a lot of the other designs.  And forgive me, but what’s wrong with being “heavily autumnal?” Let’s assume this was part of her Fall 2011 Collection, as opposed to Josh’s Crazed by the Summer Heat 2011 Collection.

  • Toni Mitt

    I really Like Ms Clinique’s outfit–cute and sassy.  I;ll bet that shirt was heavy…I use aqwuarium rocks to embellish fiber art–it doesn’t much to make fabric drrop. 
    I guess I don’t get the deal with Fallene’s look–I didn’t think it was so horrible.  Autumnal colors, indeed, but it was basically another short strapless “towel” dress.  We see that silouette all the time.  What makes this so bad?  IDK….

    I did almost spit out my popcorn when Heidi said the model had too much make-up on!  Almost as bad as the time she told one contestant that he had to choose between legs and boobs, but don’t show both!!!!  While she was wearing a STS dress!  Egads. 

  • Anonymous

    I liked many elements of Josh’s outfit: I thought the pattern was great (it’s the central focus of the garment) and well thought out (even if the colours were garish), the silhouette was a good choice (and mostly distinct from the rest), if not particularly inventive, and he did a good job of managing having to change his design. The accessories were a bit much, however – though I did appreciate that he thought to make them. His styling, in general, is questionable, to say the least.

    Fallene’s really wasn’t terrible and I felt bad for her. It certainly wasn’t top three material, but I don’t think it was bottom three material either (much less bottom two). I’m just not sure who should have been in the bottom instead. She definitely should have done more to defend her design, even if she did agree with their criticisms and saw many flaws in what she made – she didn’t give the judges much reason to think that she was merely off in this challenge, rather than lost in general, which is a real problem.