PR: Mermaid vs. Cowgirl

Posted on August 06, 2011

Before we get started, we would just like to say…

His face looks literally painted on. Like he gets up in the morning sans eyes, nose, and mouth, and draws everything in with an eyebrow pencil and some lip gloss.

But oh, Miss Thing was full of surprises this week, wasn’t she?

We are of mixed opinions on this look, but one thing that really intrigued us was Josh’s heretofore-unsuspected ability to assess his own work and course correct effectively. He hated what he was doing and one word from Tim triggered a complete change in direction. That doesn’t necessarily speak to his talent as a designer, but it does bump him up the ladder considerably when trying to pick who’s going to be a contender.

We think this look has a pretty good shape to it; not the most original or interesting way to go with the silhouette, but the fact that he could manage a silhouette like this at all with such materials is a big point in his favor.

The top was particularly well thought-out because you can tell the shape and size were determined by the use of the aquarium rocks, which are pretty damn heavy and had to be weighing it down considerably. The use of the rocks – even if it is just more glued-on crap – was really smart. They look sparkly and sort of high end – at least in comparison to hamster shavings and bird seed. It’s just that we wish he hadn’t used so much of that neon green because the effect is akin to a black light poster.

The skirt was really sassy and cute. Had a nice swing to it. But that mirror was just stupid. He might have some good ideas on the fly, but there’s definitely a styling issue with Miss “More is More.”

The makeup was horrible.

Although it did provide some comedy when Heidi “Ringling Bros” Klum criticized it.

It was the shoes that really did him in. The idea was too Balenciaga to begin with, but rendered in a really cheap-looking way. Gimmicky and tacky. Nina looked rightly disgusted by them.

It could very well be this boy’s got the chops to go the distance, but only if he completely ignores his styling instincts. He might have won this week if he hadn’t gone so over-the-top with the detailing.

Poor Fallene (which sounds like the title to a country song) learned a valuable Project Runway lesson this week: Defend Your Garment.

Even when it looks like this.

We don’t think this was close to the worst thing on the runway. We’re not even sure it deserved bottom 3 over some of the others, but make no mistake: it’s pretty bad.

Both the idea and, for the most part, the execution on the skirt are pretty great. We don’t like the irregular hemline, but everything else about it is a decent enough interpretation of the “glued-on crap” schtick.

It’s shaped pretty well and doesn’t add too much bulk to the figure.

And it was an interesting choice of materials, even if the colors were slightly problematic.

See, she paired it with the simplest of possible tops, which is a crime in itself, since the skirt ain’t exactly a design triumph, semi-pretty as it is. But worse, it’s this horrible shit-brown, which picks up the slight brown accents in the skirt and turns the whole look way too autumnal and heavy.

She only heightened the effect by styling it with that belt, which completely throws the poor girl’s proportions off and makes it look like her boobs are drooping down to her waist. Paired with the brown, suede booties, the whole look feels out of style and inelegant.

It’s weird, because she had a decent starting point with the skirt. It’s just that every decision she made after that was the absolute worst decision to make. These proportions and colors just aren’t what’s in the pages of fashion magazines right now and that’s always going to be a huge factor in the judges’ decisions. Had she done a more interesting top in a vibrant, more modern color and chosen different accessories and styled her fresher, she could have actually been a contender, rather than facing the auf.

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Screencaps:]

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