In or Out: Jennifer Hudson in Lela Rose

Posted on August 02, 2011

Weight Watchers shill – and the latest celebrity to sadly sell the idea that happiness has something to do with dress size – Jennifer Hudson stepped out in a dress that requires closer examination.

Jennifer Hudson attends the 12th annual Art For Life Benefit Gala at Russell Simmons’ estate in East Hampton, NY in a Lela Rose dress.

Lela Rose Fall 2011 Collection

It’s interesting, but perhaps a bit too much dress for one person to handle. Let’s start with the detailing before we get to the dress. Hair, makeup, and jewelry all look great. We like the very subtle pops of color in the latter.  The shoes are a little hard to see because she’s standing on grass, but they look like an animal print. We approve. Even with a lot going on, that dress is still pretty colorless. Jewelry with some color and shoes with some oomph were the right way to go.

Now. Here’s what we’re gonna say and we hope it doesn’t get us in trouble. In pre-defense of ourselves, we’re going to remind people that we said the exact same thing about Mila Kunis’ Black Swan dress in Moscow. Namely this: darker-skinned girls need to try on dresses with sheer netting to make sure it still looks like the same dress the light-skinned model is wearing. We’re not saying darker-skinned girls can’t wear dresses where the netting becomes visible against their skin; just that they should be aware of it and know that the dress might look significantly different on them.

There are so many elements to this dress; too many, really. When J Hud puts it on and suddenly there’s an additional visual tier at the bustline, that’s when it all becomes too much. It doesn’t help that for some reason, the skirt on her looks like she’s got dirty dishtowels tucked into her waist band. We don’t know why it was arranged that way in comparison to the runway look, but it’s not an improvement. If we were her stylists, we’d have had that skirt slightly altered to be a little more streamlined, thereby cancelling out some of the “noise” of the dress. The neckline and visible netting is fine, but something’s gotta go here and to our eyes, it’s the skirt that needs some work.


IN! What a head-turning look! Girl looks FIERCE!


OUT! That dress looks like an unraveled shower puff.

Voting on Dianna Agron’s downscale hippy look is still open.

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  • Shannon Stewart

    I actually prefer the white netting on dark skinned women, where you can see that it’s there and a deliberate design element.  If it’s nude, though, it needs to be matched to skin tone — it can’t be that hard to make the same dress with a darker netting.

  • Anonymous

    “Noise” of the dress–bingo.  She’s looking terrific, but not in this dress.

  • Joseph Lamour

    I mean, it’s the same idea if this was Leighton Meester in this and it was black netting. It’d look funny. I think this looks a little too much like burlap either way. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    looks like a frayed burlap sack, both on her & the model

  • Anonymous

    The top is fine.  No problem there.

    The skirt is altered in some weird way, and it’s not good.  Sloppy looking, and it has nothing to do with skin color, imo.  

    • Anonymous

      The skirt definitely looks altered and not in a good way. I agree it looks sloppier on her than the model. Not a good change.

  • Terence Ng

    I agree. The illusion created by the netting in the neckline is part of the look of the dress. Surely a nude netting matching her skin tone could have been done. Also, I hate that the dress’ inner hem was raised so much higher. It makes the netting at the bottom (which is fine in a lighter color) look cheap. Keep the dress long or shorten the netting as well.  Too bad. From the waist up (netting issue aside), she looks great.

    • Karen K.

      I agree! It’s the length of the dress that makes it look sloppy and raggedy.  It’s much shorter on the model so it looks neater.

  • Anonymous

    I think the difference in the waistband dishtowels is that on the model, she’s walking and likely pushing them back with her hand movements. On Jennifer, just standing there, posing, they fall naturally and it just doesn’t work. Only because of the dishtowels, OUT. Everything else is good, but with them, disturbing.

  • Ted Kane

    She mostly looks pretty good, but those dish towels are very distracting.  It looks like she’s going to rip them off at any moment to show how great her figure has become.  It’s a design flaw, but I think she’s still pulling it off, so I’m going with IN because it’s more of a distracting detail than a what was she thinking?  I think the hands-on-hips pose helps it a lot.

  • Jo Miller

    “the skirt on her looks like she’s got dirty dishtowels tucked into her waist band”.  YES! That’s it exactly! Why is it styled that way on Jennifer when it isn’t like that on the model? Sorry girl, but you need to try again. This isn’t the dress style for you.

  • Anonymous

    Do you really think that peplum/skirt overlay was really rearranged?  I wonder if maybe she is pushing it into that triangular shape because of having her hands on her hips?  Just a thought.  Also, I think she should have stuck with having the underlay extending more to the knee, as in the model photo–there’s just too much cross-hatch stuff hanging off the bottom.  I like the idea of dark skinned women wearing clothes with this kind of design element & think it generally flatters them more than pale skinned babes.  It’s just that the proportions are wrong with Ms. Hudson.  Still, I’m going to call her IN.  There’s too much positive going on.

    And while weight loss on her scale may not make her, or anyone, happier, you can bet she is certainly healthier.  I see way too many morbidly obese patients in my hospital.  So shill away!

    • Anonymous

      She’s only healthier if she’s not starving herself to be thin. Thin doesn’t automatically equal healthy.

      • Anonymous

        The whole point of Weight Watchers is NOT starving yourself.  Yes, of course I know weight is only an outward sign of physical health.  But it’s my professional experience that it’s a pretty good outward sign.  Statistically speaking, an obese person has a far higher chance of having all those problems mentioned by Denise (above).  The odds are even further stacked against persons of color.  So I stand by my statement that I bet she is generally healthier since losing all that weight.  And celebs who take off that much weight, and keep it off, and look great afterward, can help inspire others to take that first step.  I say, bravo to her.

        I also still think the look is, overall, an IN.  That’s why we’re here, right?  And I say that as a mother, an entertainer, and a person.

        • Anonymous

          I agree. I think she looks damn good; healthy and happy.
          Also I like the dress so I say IN.

    • Denise Alden

      Let’s not judge people’s health based on their appearance, okay?  As a nurse you probably know that weight is one component of health, along with blood glucose levels, cholesterol and blood pressure.  No one can see those, so let’s not make assumptions about health based on one measure.

      • Anonymous

        But the idea (whether true or not) is that’s she’s doing it on Weight Watchers which is a healthy system. I love her as the spokeswoman. As a WWer myself, I know having dropped 55 pounds, I feel better across the board AND have lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure, feel less sluggish, don’t chafe my thighs as much… TMI? Of course weight is only an outward sign of how healthy someone may be, but it’s quite a significant one.  Regardless, as someone who is healthier and happier and less hefty than he once was, I applaud her. But more importantly, I applaud this dress. Yeah, it’s a LOT of look and does look a little like a burlap challenge on PR, but dammit–I love it. IN!

  • Anonymous

    She is gorgeous, but that dress is horrid (I hope Betty doesn’t mind me borrowing her remarks).


  • Rand Ortega

    It’s the dishrags. That’s the “noise”.
    Sorry to say, OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT!  The dress does, indeed, look like an unraveled shower puff.

  • Teresa MacDonald

    I’ll call her an IN, but that dress looks like the result of a Project Runway unconventional materials challenge.

    • Joseph Lamour

      LOL. (I thought a like wasn’t enough for this comment)

  • Anonymous

    OUT, looks like a Project Runway burlap sack challenge.

  • Anonymous

    I agree about the netting being too contrast-y with her skin tone, and it would be the same if the other model had worn it in a darker shade. With a matchy look, this dress looks light and ethereal. With a contrasting look, the netting looks more like rigging on a ship than the lacy look that was intended, just because it stands out so much. A darker color would have looked really nice on her, I think. With all that, though, I rarely get past her face. I think she is sooo pretty—at any size.

  • MinAgain

    Ugly dress.  And I really do hate sheer panels that are longer than the lining.

    • Anonymous

      It would be one thing if it was just an inch or two longer, but that thing is a good foot longer than the lining.  Ridiculous!  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Well I don’t know about fierce, but compared to some items for voting, I’ll give JH an IN as in in-teresting, dish towels and all.

  • Anplica Fiore

    So much looks good here that it’s an in…barely.  Ditch the dishtowels and it’d be a much stronger IN!!

  • Judy_J

    She looks great from the waist up.  The skirt on that dress is wretched.  It looks like it went through a paper shredder.  Still, the rest of her looks so good that I’ll give her an in.

  • Judy_J

    She looks great from the waist up.  The skirt on that dress is wretched.  It looks like it went through a paper shredder.  Still, the rest of her looks so good that I’ll give her an in.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Somewhere in Africa, a half dozen children are missing their mosquito netting.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Somewhere in Africa, a half dozen children are missing their mosquito netting.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, loose the embellishment on the skirt for a sleeker silhouette, but I think she looks confident and otherwise well put together. IN. 

  • Anonymous

    She looks beautiful — it’s a shame she’s in that all-kinds-of-wrong dress. Out!

  • Anonymous

    She looks beautiful — it’s a shame she’s in that all-kinds-of-wrong dress. Out!

  • Anonymous

    to me the biggest problem is the too short underhem.  i think that that is the thing that throws it off the most.  that said, i going with an  “In.”  This seems a _bit_ more cutting edge than she usually does, and since all the other elements are so good, i would like to give her the benefit of the doubt encouragement!  a moderate “in”, but an “in.”

  • LE Molnar

    Agree with your analysis! esp. the “dirty dishrags”…the original configuration was much more elegant. I wonder if she or the stylists thought the squared off panels would look too hip-widening? But the first thing I noticed was the difference in the hem. On the model, the lowest tier is completely sheer and the ‘weaving’ stops just slightly below the hem of the dress, for a much finer and floatier effect.   The revisions (except for the top) really cheapened the look. I think she totally could have worn the skirt as originally configured.

  • Anonymous

    As a mother, an entertainer, and a person I consider that an awful lot of dress.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  The various nettings and overlays of the skirt are not the same as the model, the skirt is too short and too tight.  Not convinced animal print was the right choice.

  • Amy Wilson

    All I can look at is her forehead. What is going on with her hairline? I know nothing about wigs- is it a wig or something? It just looks like someone took a Sharpie and drew a line at her hairline. And that dress just looks like a shapeless mess. OUT

    • Anonymous

      I had the exact same thought! What is going on there?

  • RyzandShyn

    OUT. Yes, the skirt part needs work. The model version would have been an improvement.

    I think Jennifer Hudson has been very careful not to link happiness with dress size. I think her message has been about feeling better, being healthier, and setting a good exampleof healthy eating and being active for her child. 

  • Anonymous

    She was just at the zoo I work at with her fiance. In other news, OUT only because there is a lot going on and, while that isn’t her fault, she is the one wearing it.


  • Anonymous

    Top half looks great, but the bottom half is far too much look. I give it a “barely in”

  • Wendy Kaufman

    I dunno guys, I see the same dish towels on the runway version. I was gonna say that you guys were way wrong all over, but then I did find the neckline sheer to be distracting. I have no idea why the dress was not made with just that bit of sheer switched out. Major foul on Lela Rose on that one. Why on earth would a designer do that and ruin the artfully pattern making that way? Still not an out, though…..but is that a lace-front she’s wearing?

  • Anonymous

    She looks gorgeous but that dress is so, so wrong.  OUT.  

  • Anonymous

    Out.  She shouldn’t have hacked off the hem of the underskirt.

  • Anonymous

    I love the unraveled part. But I wish the lining of the skirt was longer. It wouldn’t have to be exactly the same length, but within an  inch. You have a great body girl , you don’t have to show the whole thing. I’m still giving her an In, because she’s a hard worker.

  • Anonymous

    Out – the dress looks like it is unravelling.

  • aussiegal77

    OUT. It looks like some sort of packaging material.  

  • Anonymous

     This dress is the same shape as something she wore to a famous red carpet — Oscars or something. Can’t bring up the memory, but the shape is the same except now there’s all this weird netty stuff so it looks like she bleached and chopped up that past dress.

    So, that’s OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the dress, and I don’t think she looks good in it, but as a fellow Weight Watcher who has lost a comparable amount of weight, I’ll giving her an IN.  Just because.

  • Anonymous

    I think it looks okay, but she gets an OUT for the bright colored lipstick.

  • Lauren Bradshaw

    OUT.  I think the dress looks terrible on them both.  She still looks great and is rocking out the WW gig.  

  • Joyce VG

    The dress is interesting and she looks very slim and therefore happy.  I’m a bit torn but I’ll go for IN because I think she pulls it off.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm. I think most of the skirt problem is caused by the fact that it looks like they’ve shortened the underskirt significantly, thus making the bird-nest-twig over-skirt much more pronounced…not in a good way. Shorter isn’t always better – throws the proportions all off. I like the upper part, though, and hair, makeup, jewelry and partially hidden shoes are good.

    Oops – almost forgot – I would have to give her an OUT due to skirt shenanigans.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks amazing in this dress – better than the model because the contrast between her skin and the material allows the details to shine. I love it and think it’s a total IN.

  • MilaXX

    I get what you’re saying about the netting and I’m okay with the look up top, but on the bottom the contrast between her skin and the netting just adds another layer to an already busy dress. So I like the dress from the waist up. I’d even be okay with the wings or whatever that is on the bottom. but the extra layer of shear on the bottom is just one element too many. Even though the hair/makeup and accessories are fab and for once the boobs are under control, this is an OUT for me.

  • Elena

    Something just isn’t quite right. Out.

  • andrew

    Out, she said with reluctance.  Why are her boobs two-tone?  TLo’s analysis was spot-on as usual.  The shoes and jewelry were just right.  The hair and makeup were fine.  (Okay, she could do with slightly shorter hair if she’s going to go with the straight-as-a stick styling) The dress was just too much.  And the comment about skin tone influencing the look in a distracting way was precisely right; the skirt and the legs did not work together harmoniously.  The difference between the solid portion of the skirt and the netting was too pronounced this way.  And dirty dishrags tucked in– exactly!  Sorry, Jennifer, I’m still a proud fan, but this look didn’t work.

  • myblackfriendsays

    Out. The thing I don’t like about the dress is those little wing-things in on the sides/front.
    Also– 95% of people who lose weight on diets have gained it back in two years. HAES.

  • Margot Brose

    Out… that netting is not flattering, sorry girl. The dress is just too distracting, and I don’t like what’s distracting me.

  • Gaby Ripoll

    They shortened the lining under the skirt, to give it that “longer sheer over shorter opaque” skirt look. Don’t like. It pains me because I love her, but this is OUT. The shortening of the underskirt, rather than the illusion netting, was what puts it into “hot mess” territory for me.

  • Anonymous

    Those aren’t any old dishrags.  Those are dishrags that point to her crotch.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    The shorter underskirt (compared to the runway version) is wrecking the look, as is the illusion netting. Looks liked the runway version didn’t have that netting, but it was added and the straps pulled up to the shoulders to give her girls support. A worthy notion,  but maybe if you don’t have the right body type for  certain style, you should just choose something else. Lord knows she’s gorgeous and fit enough to look amazing in plenty of other looks.


  • Jamie

    thought she looked great until I scrolled down. That skirt is horrid. OUT

  • Anonymous

    Why the blowing kiss picture?  I want the underskirt to be longer, like on the model.  The way it is, out.

  • Liana Brooks

    The top is okay, but I don’t know what the skirt is doing. Sorry, sweetie. OUT

  • Maria Rosenfire

    Eh. Looks like cheesecloth. That’s already been used to make cheese.


  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind the non-illusion netting, though the transition point to skin would have been better if marked/camouflaged with jewelry or occurred lower on her chest.

    I think the under-skirt should have been much longer, though not necessarily all the way to the hem. That’s why the skirt looks sloppy, IMO.

    Nonetheless, Just Barely IN.  It’s a cool dress, accessorized well, and she’s shining through all the visual noise, though it’s a struggle.

  • Anonymous

    Out. The dress is uggs.

  • Mariah J

    I like the design but whatever material it is looks like burlap, no good.

  • Sara Munoz

    Actually, I think this dress looks MUCH better on Jennifer than the model.
    You say the netting at the top is too much on Jennifer. But I think the top of the dress looks boring without the ‘tier’. Also, somehow the model looks awfully hip-y. Yet Jen, who has curves, looks fantastic. Proportionate and just seriously rocking this. IN.

    I am not a fan of straight hair on Jen though.

  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    The material looks so different between JH and the model, I can’t believe that’s all down to skin tone?

  • Anonymous

    The odd material on the skirt looks like the stuff you put under rugs to prevent them from slipping….i’m also not crazy about the placement of the darts on the bust that is giving her breasts a rather unflattering visual in the photo…OUT

  • Vaniljekjeks

    Out.  The dress looks ethereally lovely on the model, but on Jennifer, it looks like a grain sack.  It’s just not her dress. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT. This dress looks like it was attacked by raving moths and cats, and she still decided, “I look awesome.” No, just no.

  • Anonymous

    When I saw it on your home page from the bust up, I thought it looked great. Then I saw the whole thing. Oops.

  • Sorana Tarmu

    OUT. Not the dress for her, not this way.

  • Anonymous

    I actually want to like this, it’s such a clever use of materials. It *almost* looks ethereal on the model.

    But it just turned out to be a combination of what other posters have said: a dirty unraveling burlap used cheesecloth rug pad.
    Head-turning look for all the wrong reasons. Whoever remade this for Jennifer turned a silk purse into a sow’s ear. Beautiful woman in an awful dress.

  • Anonymous

    Out…too messy and unfinished looking.

  • Tara

    Out!! And you guys are right about the netting. As a darker-skinned girl, I always have to take that sort of thing into consideration. It’s a sacrifice at times, but every dress in the world isn’t necessarily for me to wear…even when I love love LOVE it (a particularly fab Yigal Azrouel comes to mind).

  • Christopher

    The underskirt hits her at mid thigh.  I think if it was closer to the knee (like the model)  it wouldn’t be so distracting.

  • katie

    i’m not a fan of the dishrags either, but everything else looks fierce. way more good than bad here. IN.

  • Richi Robilotto

    Out. Too much going on, even when the netting is not visible. 

  • Anonymous

    IN. But SHAME on designers — they use the netting to create illusion with the rest of the dress when the netting becomes invisible. And there’s not one reason in the world why these designers, who supposedly are tailoring these dresses to the bodies of their clients/celebrities, couldn’t adjust the coloring of the netting too as part of what they’re paid to do.   

  • Anonymous

    I like the textural quality of the dress. I think it would have looked better with a netting that matched Jennifer’s skin tone better, but I don’t think it looks bad. Wish I could see the jewelery and shoes better. I do like her stance with hands on hips–very confident. 

  • Anonymous

    There is too much going on here! Lela Rose is an awesome designer, but this dress does not flatter Ms. Hudson and neither  does the lace front wig she is wearing.

  • Courtney Hellams


  • Anonymous

    She looks great!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the dress, period.  Sucks on the runway, sucks on JHud.  OUT

  • Anonymous

    ha! shower puff….out

  • AbbottRabbit

    I like it so much until you get below the waist, and then all of the sudden it’s all wonky-shebonkers.

  • Anonymous

    This was not Jennifer Hudson’s dress. It was the model’s dress, but not hers. So, OUT. 

  • Anonymous

    i HATE that blowing kisses pose she always does and I am therefore blind to everything else. OUT

  • margaret meyers

    Out.  That is the wrong dress for her.

  • Anonymous

    The ‘dishtowels’ look like they’re hanging from the straight grain (in a rectangle) on the model; it looks like they’re hanging from the bias (like a diamond) on Jennifer.  That and the much-shorter underskirt make Jennifer’s look much sloppier indeed.  I like the idea, just not the execution.

  • Anonymous

    Out, I don’t like the dress period. I think it makes her look bigger then I have seen her. Not by much and still she has a slamming body. 

  • Anonymous

    She’s beautiful, dress looks like something dredged out of the river.  Out.

  • Aly Light

    Yeah, wrong color on her. It’s a tough game, figuring out how neutrals will play with your skin color– but this is not how it’s supposed to end up. OUT.

  • { edi } ilovetrash

    what did she do to it?

  • Catherine Rhodes


  • Thom Bardin

    For straining curds from whey at your prom.I agree that her accessories were well-chosen: this is the best-case scenario for styling this dress on her. But I can’t ignore how many things wrong with the dress there are. The dishwater color does nothing for her skintone, the bodice gives her a hint of a titshelf (but it does look lovely on her), and the skirt’s pretty jarring. If the skirt, panels and lining all stopped mid-thigh or above the knee, this could’ve been really cute and kicky. As is, I have to give it an OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT-Looks much better on the model than Jennifer.  Way too much crap on the bottom and I agree about the color comment.

  • John O’Connell

    Her in the dress: IN. The pose here: OUT.

  • Lee Reece


  • Anonymous


  • Melissa Hilker

    The inner dress hem needed to be lowered, and the netting needed to remain plain sheer (not grid patterned). Noise is exactly the right word. There’s just too much going on here. If the skirt’s netting had remained sheer the look would be okay. I wish I could make this an IN, because I just love the dress on the model, and I think she looks fabulous from the waist up… but I can’t. The dress was sadly altered in wrong ways. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    The adjustments she (or her people) ordered for that dress turned it into a caricature of the well-proportioned original — esp. the skirt, and from shoulder to shoulder.  Even the fabric looks like a facsimile.

    (Miss Hudson looks fine — I just question the garment itself.)  

  • Cheri Lee

    I don’t know why but my first impression was out.  I guess because the dress looks dirty haystack that cuts her off at the knees.

  • Olechka Milashka

    She looks like she got caught in something.  OUT!!!
    and I agree with you on the dark skin-sheer dress issue.  Perhaps it’s more applicable to this dress in particular, but when I looked at the model, I thought it looked tons better on her.  Also, on the model the underskirt is longer so the crazy weaving isn’t as apparent as on Jennifer.  On Jennifer it just looks like she lost part of her dress to birds, or smth

  • NesTtor Chocolato


  • Anonymous

    Out – While diaphanous on light skin – her tone cause to much contrast and made the whole thing look goofy

  • Robert Sanchez

    Ugh. Hate it. She can’t pull off something too fashion-y like that. And off topic: I wish she’d stop that stupid “blowing a kiss” gesture. She keeps pulling it on the red carpet, and it only makes her look inane.

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer, I am telling you I’m not leaving.  This look, however, is OUT.   No, no, no, no, no!

  • cheesepuff74

    The hair is awful.  That weave is unacceptable.  I can see where her baby hairs end and her weave/lacefront begins.  That’s unacceptable. 

  • Fifi LaRoux

    I was fine with it until demigods of fashion T and Lo pointed out the netting. Now it’s all that I can see, and I don’t like it. Out.

  • Mags

    OUT. I didn’t think it was bad from the waist up in the preview, and then I saw the full pictures. It looks like one tug of a loose thread and she’ll unravel.

  • Anonymous

    As a mother, entertainer and person, I must say that I am so disappointed in the demigods also known as T and Lo for saying that that grotesque lace front monstrosity on her head looks great. It’s late and I’m tired but it is so clear that JHud is an OUT from her hairline to her hemline.

  • Manon Eileen

    Out. I actually love everything from the waist up, even the netting isn’t so bad. But with the bottom part of this dress.. Ouch. It really is hideous. They should have ditched those dishtowels altogether to make it more streamlined. Then, I think it could have been a nice dress. Nevertheless, the person in the dress looks fabulous. 

    • Anonymous

      What you just said? What I was going to say. Totally agree.

      And may I just add that I really love this young woman. That smile of hers is one of her best accessories.

      • Manon Eileen

        I agree with you too, her smile is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Dunno why I like it, but I do.  In.  It’s strange and unusual, but it’s working.

  • Anonymous

    Dunno why I like it, but I do.  In.  It’s strange and unusual, but it’s working.

  • Jennifer Coleman

    If the dress was a carmel color, it would be fine. As it is, it’s as annoying as any color legs but the palest ones wearing white stockings.

  • Rachel Lee

    Out. She looks really happy with herself, but you were bang on about the dish-towel effect. And also, the bottom of her dress looks shredded, like she ran away from a lawnmower.

  • Anonymous

    NOOOOOOO. Make-up, hair and accessories are fantastic. But the dress bottom/skirt… It hurts my soul. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    “…the latest celebrity to sadly sell the idea that happiness has something to do with dress size”

    This is one of many, many reasons I love you guys.

    I don’t mind the dress color; I think it would be hideous if it matched her skin tone.  But they had to tart it up by shortening the lining… looks dumb dumb dumb.  OUT.

  • Emily

    Out.  Doesn’t even look like her.

  • Anonymous

    OUT – it looks like she’s wearing cheesecloth.

  • narita_rayna

    all she had to do was take off the earrings & put her hair up.  that would have resolved everything.  oh, and lose the rings & go with a neutral nail polish.

  • Jenna Thomas-McKie

    She’d look good wearing a feed sack if it didn’t look so much like a FEED SACK. Out.

  • Melissa Della

    Out. That dress on anyone is out.

  • Tamara Hogan

    There seems to be more fabric at the hips in Hudson’s dress than the model’s. This isn’t as flattering on a woman of any size. 

  • Anonymous

    The skirt isn’t even the same between JHud and the model.  On the model, it appears the netting ends at the skirt, which ends a few inches above the knees, and the sheer thing goes to the knees.  JHud, shorter than the model, has a skirt that ends mid-thigh, the netting goes to the knees, and there is no sheer thing at the hem.  Plus the things on the side look bad arranged JHud has them.  The model looks kind of interesting.  JHud’s version is bad.

    And what’s with the kiss blowing?  Is she at the bar taking photos with her friends?  “First, we’ll blow kisses.  Then we’ll we make the Uh-Oh face.  Then the Duckface.  Don’t we look like fun!?”

  • Anonymous

    OUT, I agree with you that her darker skin tone does not work with the sheer white netting at all.  It just has too much going on.

  • Anonymous

    The underskirt is significantly shortened in her version. It also shows more due to the contrast between skin tone and netting. This is what throws the proportions off to my eye. 

  • Mich

    am i the only one that hates the ‘lean over so the world can see my cleavage while i blow them a kiss’ pose? i can’t stand it for some reason. OUT!! just for that ridiculous pose.

  • Lauren Dorsee Dillon

    OUT. She’s coming apart.

  • Anonymous

    The skirt does appear to have been altered quite a bit.  I think the dress looks beautiful and much less busy on the model and while it does look completely different on Jennifer, I actually like the contrast the darker skin provides.  You can really see the elements of the design.  Hate her hair, lipstick and nail polish.  Still, she’s IN because she just looks so damned beautiful and happy.  And the dress is certainly interesting and I think she’s pullling it off.

  • Micaela Cannon

    out. ew.

  • Brendan Foehr

    The dress looks like it’s made from medical gauze.

  • sonictofu

    I actually like the way the color sets off her glowy skin.  IN

  • Sara Parker

    IN! I think she looks beautiful, and I think the color is much more flattering on a dark skin tone.

  • AWStevens

    Hen house netting in the form of a dress. Out!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a fan of the look. **IN**

  • Anonymous

    I think it looks like a fisherman’s net.  OUT.  

  • Amye

    Actually, I kinda like it on her.  I think she looks great – IN!

  • oohsparkley!

    IN.  Not the popular opinion, but I still think she looks great.  The dess could be improved, but it’s interesting.  I would have at least lengthened the under-skirt. I’m fine with the long peplum.  I like something a little different. 

  • Kathleen Coyle

    I actually really like it.  It has an interesting vertical symmetry, and I love the choice of shoe.  IN!

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks great in that dress!  I am the opposite color as Jennifer and I would like to have it myself. :-)

  • Grace Ritt

    OUT. It just looks awkward. And what is up with that pose she always does? It’s bugging me.

  • Grace Ritt

    OUT. It just looks awkward. And what is up with that pose she always does? It’s bugging me.

  • Patricia Biswanger

    OUT.  Agree with everything you say.

  • Patricia Biswanger

    OUT.  Agree with everything you say.

  • jerseymall
  • Anonymous

    to me she looks like she was having a picnic in her trailer and wrapped the table cloth around her and tucked in the napkins at the waist.  the illusion netting is no illusion, and it looks like she’s missing a layer under the skirt.  OUT.

    i love the earrings, though.

  • Alexandria N

    OUT OUT OUT icky out. I didn’t even like teh original on the model. like bleached screen door…

  • CCDilg