Royal Watch: Cathy Cambridge

Posted on June 13, 2011

Duchess Cathy has been making the rounds lately, as Duchesses are prone to doing, and we’ve decided to just throw a bunch of her looks up and offer our unasked-for opinions on them. Are you ready, minions? Are you ready, Cathy?

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge at church service to mark Prince Philip’s 90th birthday. Catherine wore a Jane Troughton brocade coat, Zara dress and LK Bennett shoes.

Okay, so a church service to mark Prince Philip’s 90th birthday isn’t exactly the time to break out the glamour, but isn’t that a gorgeous coat? And isn’t the color spectacular on her? The hat’s a little “Eliza Doolittle,” though.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and her sister Pippa Middleton attend the wedding of Sam Waley-Cohen and Annabel Ballin. Catherine wore a Diane von Furstenberg dress and LK Bennett pumps.

However, attending a wedding while you yourself are still recovering from your own is a perfect time to dress like you’re ready for a party. It’s some other bitch’s day; let her do all the fretting. You’re here to enjoy the open bar and kick off your shoes on the dance floor. She looks pretty hot here, but what happened to poor Pippa? We fear a royal decree was handed down in the wake of her asstacular wedding appearance and now she’s forced to dress like her own mother whenever she appears in public with her sister. C’mon, Pips! The world fell in love with your ass from afar! Work that thang!

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge join the royal family for their “Trooping the Colour” parade debut as a couple. Catherine wore an Alexander McQueen double-breasted coat.

Gorgeous coat. Nice to see her turning once in a while to big name British designers. It’s the same hat she wore with the DVF dress. Kittens, what do we all think of her hat sense? We admit, we generally look at the British lady affection for hats from a somewhat campy perspective. Then again, we think a lot of the British ladies who sport them tend to look at them the same way. They’re a bit much in many cases and that is, we suspect, the point. We’ve never seen Cathy in a hat we hated, but we don’t think she’s ever really wowed us with one either.

[Photo Credit: WireImage]

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  • Well, with the first hat I feared Cathy had caught a case of the Royal Silly Hat Disease, but she seems to have recovered nicely for the rest of her choices.

  • Well, with the first hat I feared Cathy had caught a case of the Royal Silly Hat Disease, but she seems to have recovered nicely for the rest of her choices.

  • Cydne Butler

    “Cathy Cambridge”   That will never not be hysterical to me!   I think she looks wonderful.  I covet that black and white dress!

  • Anonymous

    I love that brocade coat, I loved it when I saw a photo of her in it a year or more ago (at a wedding somewhere?), and I love that she’s wearing it again. I hope she does more of that.

    • Anonymous

      She wore it in August, 2009 to the wedding of Nicholas van Cutsem.  The topper she wore with it last time was much nicer too.

      • I knew the coat looked familiar! She also wore the DVF dress back in 2007, I think. I love that she rewears things, not even regualr ol’ celebrities do that!

        • Diana also re-wore clothes. I didn’t realize this until I attended the Diana exhibition here in Kansas City (which just closed yesterday), and the descriptions of a lot of the dresses on display stated that she wore them “frequently” or “on several occasions,” etc. A nice nod to us common-folk.  

  • holy crap, she looks spectacular in that b&w print sheath dress.  LOVE IT.  that mcqueen coat is, of course, gorgeous as well. i mostly love her fashion sense.  sometimes she gets boring, but she’s a duchess, not a hollywood celebrity.  

  • Anonymous

    I like her hat choices.  She really doesn’t want the kind of attention Beatrice is getting.

    And I think her style has improved nicely as she’s moved into a more public light.  It’ll be interesting to see how she progresses as she has access to more designers.  Being a stunning beauty, it is tough for her to look really bad.

  • Anonymous

    I do not  like the first hat but do like the one she is wearing in the last two looks. 
    I like the fabric for Pippa’s dress and coat (wonder what her dress looks like?) 
    I think Cathy looks too tiny (her chin/neck in that profile shot is surprising) – She seems even thinner than her sister –  but then I noticed Pippa’s picture with all the bones in her chest…. wow

  • That DVF dress looks AMAZING on her. I totally dig the hat with it. Not sure I like the hat as much with the McQueen coat.

  • Anonymous

    Poor Wills is overdue for a hair intervention.  I know it’s really hard to hold on to what little hair you have left, but that sad combover is doing him no favors.  If he completely lost that fuzz up top and kept the sides really close he would get some of the sexy back.  Embrace your inevitable baldness, son!

  • the first coat is on its way to sofa-land but the McQueen is just gorgeous!

  • Jenna Kuhmann

    I love that blue brocade coat – it is gorgeous!  Ditto on the white McQueen coat. 

  • Anonymous

    poor pippa. that is a terrible outfit for her. she should give it back to Camilla.

  • She can put those things on her head and pull them off, and deserves kudos a-plenty just for that!

    The first two outfits are so staid and dull that I feared she’d had to sacrifice all sense of style for her marriage. Thank the Lord for McQueen then, because that coat is truly fabulous and she looks great. She should wear nothing but McQueen all the time. In fact, the entire Family should, as befits ambassadors for Britain. I reckon Philip would look creepily at ease in a skull-print suit, and I can not WAIT to see the Queen in this…

    Perfect. It don’t just got her name on it, it’s got her FACE on it.

  • The first hat is not great on her – in that first picture, it doesn’t work with her hairstyle/jaw lines. In general, I’m a big fan of hats (where them myself regularly for religious reasons). The black hat? LOVE it. It’s pretty, works with a lot of things, and looks like it would be pretty comfortable to wear and talk to people in.

  • Can’t comment on the hat.  Too busy drooling over the McQueen coat.

  • Diana Martinez

    LUV the first coat.  Want it! 

    • Anonymous

      agreed! The blue shirt underneath is a bit much, but pair the coat with contrasting colors and it would be even better.

  • Love all the outfits.  And the British press made a point of broadcasting the fact that the brocade coat was a “rerun” she had worn at a public occasion before she became Cathy Cambridge.  They approved of the ‘frugality,’ apparently.  And I suspect Pippa’s dress was gorgeous as well– looks like it would blend well with Katherine’s dress– if she’d only taken off the frumpy coat.

  • Black Hat – Is it Spring-Summer OC 273?

    Blue Hat – a modification of Spring – Summer OC 309?

  • Anonymous

    She always looks so bubbly and happy in these photos. Will, on the other hand, looks like he’s gritting his teeth in pain.

    • Anonymous

      Black and white is fine, and there’s lots of white in that. It’s when it gets too heavy and funereal that it isn’t really appropriate, here any more than the US

    • KT

      But it’s a friend’s wedding – *not* a royal wedding. And the tradition of only wearing black if you really really disapprove of the marriage has completely disappeared over here in the UK.

  • That blue coat was amazing. I want it too.

  • Ella B. Mudge

    I am very much coming around to agree with Tom & Lorenzo’s comment last week that they wish she’d not always wear her hair down and flowing.  I’d like to see her styled out wearing a nape-of-the-neck ponytail with some softer eye makeup.  I think it would be pretty, and at this point, rather refreshing.

  • i DIE for that mcqueen coat.  absolutely gorgeous.  

  • Anonymous

    I think the words people are looking for is “classic, sophisticated, understated”, not boring.  Really, she is a fantastic dresser with a spot on sense of balance between royal appropriatness and fun,young socialite newlywed.  And her hats are fantastic!  I love the first one, small, slightly quirky and perfect for her head, hair and outfit.

  • Joyce VG

    *sigh” isn’t she pretty?  I do love the Alexander McQueen double breasted jacket and the hat, but wearing white so soon on the balcony was a bit much for me.  She did stand out though.  I love her blue outfit and she looks amazing in the von Furstenberg.  I adore how she is recycling her wardrobe.

  • Anonymous

    I irrationally hate the first periwinkle brocade-looking coat. Hate that color, hate it on her, the hat is too small and everything is out of scale. Hate the hair, hate the heavy eyeliner. She looks great in the next two outfits but it would be fun to see her step it up with more fabulous and interesting hats. The second one could have been really happening had she not worn her hair in that stupid style.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the DVF dress and the McQueen coat.  I even love the second black hat.  The first coat is a little wallpapery for my tastes, but if you’re going to wear wallpaper, a 90th birthday church service is certainly the place to wear it.   Is all this style coming from her, or do we think she has a stylist?

  • MilaXX

    Glad to see her back in some color. I was getting tired of the white/cream/tan parade. My gut tells me she will default to those colors for special occasion though, much like the Queen and her pastels. Love the blue coat. The hats don’t bother me. It’s tradition and she seems to manage to choose okay hats, just no real head turning stunners.
    Pippa looks a hot mess in the chartreuse coat. for a moment i thought that was her mother. I hope this is just a one off.
    I love the white McQueen coat. I kinda wish she had worn it in red instead. UK minions, is it not allowed for her to have worn that in red?

    • Anonymous

      Maybe a bit too close to the uniform colours in red. Might be seen as inappropriate and confusing as the Queen when she was younger rode in uniform, as William, Harry, Charles, Anne etc still do.

  • Anonymous

    First rule of wearing a hat well:  Pick a style that compliments your face shape, coloring and the hairstyle you intend to wear.  Second rule of wearing a hat well: If you’re set upon a hat that doesn’t suit your hairstyle, then change up your hair!  Though both hats are fine in and of themselves they both would look best with either shorter or upswept hair.

  • Anonymous

    I love that brocade coat more than I can say. I was hoping you’d do a post with her wearing it. Fantastic! Loving the DVF dress too. Just gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    I love the blue brocade ensemble but poor Cathy’s posture is the ruin of a great look.  She needs to find some UK gays to coach her on “Bringing It”.

    • Anonymous

      She’s walking up an incline and leaning forward to be under the umbrella.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t the last hat the same one that Pippa wore when the two went to Annabel’s wedding? 

    • Anonymous

      Mixed up the two ladies!  Blonde moment!

  • I like her hats. After the Project Runway Treacy hat challenge, the dramatic possibilities of hats have been on my mind, and Kate’s relatively modest choices are pleasing….

  • Anonymous

    Looks like she got earrings to match her engagement ring. I wonder if they’re the same ones Macy’s had on sale.

    Love that she’s recycling the hats. Pitch perfect PR in a bad economy.–GothamTomato

    • Anonymous

      Some are speculating that they are made from a pair of Diana’s earrings (one’s she wore at CFDA COUNCIL OF FASHION DESIGNERS AWARDS, NYC, 1995).  I can’t tell from the photo’s I found but seems possible

  • Anonymous

    I like the first hat enormously, especially with that gorgeous, gorgeous coat. Like the McQueen coat as well. Think Pippa out did her at  the wedding, prefer her hat and that she’s wearing some color.

    I can’t judge hats, don’t really know what is appropriate by Brit standards.

  • Anonymous

    Love all these looks, but the periwinkle coat and the McQueen coat are absolute stand-outs.

  • Anonymous

    It’s going to besi much fun watching Cathy. She certainly has the coat thing nailed.

  • Sara__B

    I love that William is carrying the umbrella for them both. No “royal umbrella carriers” needed. I’ve seen so many photos of US celebs with a designated umbrella wielder that I simply assumed a royal would use one, too. I like Bill and Kathy more all the time.

    • Most of the royals would, especially if traveling.  Will and Kate have said that they want as small a staff as possible, however, and are only taking one aide for their first official international visits.

      I’ve always wondered if that was something they agreed on or if one of them said absolutely not.  I could definitely see her telling him that someone following them everywhere to carry their umbrella is creepy and weird.  (I know I would have… so bizarre!)  Though he may have just wanted to get away from the whole royal thing while he can, since his father is the next in line for the throne.  Someday he’ll have to step into Charles’ place now, and eventually take the throne himself, at which point he won’t have a lot of choice as to how many people he wants to tolerate.

  • Anonymous

    I just love them.

  • Anonymous

    Love that McQueen coat!  *drool*.  I’ll say it again, though, the girl needs to tone down the eye makeup.  Catherine, are you reading us?

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree. She’d look SO MUCH fresher if she got rid of that look. All of the Middleton women sport that look, I’ve noticed.

  • Not a fan of the blue hat, because it doesn’t suit her face terribly well.  She looks much better in a real hat than a fascinator (as do most.)

    The dresses are all lovely, and all appropriate as well. 

    Pippa’s outfit, OTOH…. Well, it’s just unflattering in so many ways, from the cut to the color to the fit.  But maybe she didn’t enjoy the public attention, so she figured this would be a good way to get rid of it. 

  • I think it’s the hairstyle that makes the blue hat look a bit twee – other than that the outfit is fantastic.  I have such hat envy, I wish it would become more of a thing here!

  • Anonymous

    I hate those hats. The blue one looks like it belongs on my grandma’s bathroom wall and the black one is just fugtastic.

  • Anonymous

    You should see the hat and coat she wore today for the Garter ceremony! Perfect combination of youthful serene glamour and style that wont scare the horses – which I think is her signature style!

  • Anonymous

    You should see the hat and coat she wore today for the Garter ceremony! Perfect combination of youthful serene glamour  and style that wont scare the horses – which I think is her signature style! LOVE 

  • Vaniljekjeks

    Gorgeous coats, and I love that dress.  I would LOVE to own that McQueen coat.

  • Anonymous

    Loved it when you named Mrs. Obama Shelly-O, but this Bill and Cathy thing…come on boys…you’re trying way too hard to be cute.

    • Anonymous


  • margaret meyers

    She looks adorable in the periwinkle ensemble and I love that little hat.  It isn’t too twee at all.  What I am getting tired of is long hair won down all the time.  She should cut off 10 inches and make a huge show of donating it to one of those groups that make wigs for cancer patients.  She’d send a great message and she could do more things with her hair.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone ever seen her with her hair up? Yeah she’s got a great head of hair but some of these looks would have been so improved by a low chignon. 

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s lovely and I love her hats

  • Lisa

    LOVE the white McQueen coat, it’s fabulous!  Not too crazy about that periwinkle coat, though – it looks a little bathrobe-ish.

  • elzatelzabelz

    I think she looks perfectly pretty in all these looks. We can’t really expect much more…yet?! But, yes, poor Pippa must have had the royal talking to-“Keep yo ass in check, girl!”

  • Anonymous

    Cathy Cambridge is tall and gorgeous – very hard for her to look bad. I didn’t realize how much shorter her sister is than she is. Pippa looks positively dumpy compared to Cathy!

    I want that McQueen coat. I love it!!

  • Helen C

    Dear Kate,
    Please learn to do eye makeup. 

  • Helen C

    Dear Kate,
    Please learn to do eye makeup. 

    • Anonymous

      Agree.  She seems to have “fixed” the wonky eyebrow problem.  But that eyeliner is bizarre.  I’d be willing to accept something on the order of Emma Watson (look at the last photo in the Vogue layout). There she has the heavy, outlined eyes but it doesn’t go all the way to meet on the inside corners.  

  • Anonymous

    the periwinkle coat looks like wallpaper

  • The cut of the McQueen coat is beautiful, but isn’t the whole thing a bit bridal? Unless of course that was the purpose. 

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been told there is an English tradition of brides wearing white in the month after their wedding.  

  • Anonymous

    The Duchess is doing a good job style wise from the neck down. She hasn’t figured out the whole hat thing yet. She’s just plonking something on her head. She needs to work closely with her milliner and her hairdresser to find styles that work more elegantly. It would be nice to see some hats that look like they complete the ensemble. I am also on the too much eye make up team. Lighten it up sister.

    I don’t know what happened to Pippa, is she wearing Camilla’s hand-me-downs?

    • Anonymous

      I”m pretty sure she isn’t just plonking things on her head.  Spend some time on sites such as Mad Hattery and you’ll be introduced to a very interesting world of British women and hats.

  • I especially love that black and white dress. She really pulls off the bold, graphic prints – I’d love to see her go that direction more often for the less traditional, official events.

  • She’s just too skinny. Somebody get her a scone!

  • Anonymous

    I think she hates hats and only wears them when she has too – which for any Brit is quite a bit.
    Love that McQueen coat and of couse love the DVF dress. She’s doing well all around. Hope that her visit to Canada brings a few non-hat moments.

  • Amanda in Austin

    She looks amazing in every one of these photos. LOVE that blue coat.  And I think Pippa’s green coat is awesome, too.

  • If I owned that black and white dress I’d be wearing it all the time too!  It’s wardrobe gold.

  • I’m seeing around that the black and white dress is actually Zara, not DVF.  (Here’s a link:

  • Why do Pippa and Kate always look 10 years older than they actually are? 

  • Glen Coleson

    O don’t even start with the Eliza Doolittle hat, I think its fabulous.

  • Patricia Biswanger

    I think it’s harder to pull off those hats with long hair, though she does a pretty good job.

  • Regarding hats:
    You’ll notice that the Queen wears what is essentially the SAME HAT every time, in a different color and with different frippery depending on the outfit and occasion.  Why re-render the same hat again and again like that?
    Wearing the (actually) same hat multiple times, gives the impression that the hat is a mix and match accessory like a handbag or shoes.  Thats a far more practical approach than the hat-as-commissioned-piece-for-this-particular-occasion.  Sort of like how Michelle Obama wears the same JCrew top several times.
    Regarding anorexia:
    OMG she seems to be melting before our eyes!  This was one part of the Princess Di story she shouldn’t feel any need to re-live.
    Take some nutrition tips from Camilla instead sweetie.