Dsquared2 Spring 2012 Menswear Collection

Posted on June 22, 2011

Canadian twins Dean and Dan Caten, the dynamic designing duo behind Dsquared2, describe their spring 2012 menswear collection as “Sartorial-minded sportswear for guys who aren’t afraid of color” and describe each outfit in terms of what port of call this well-traveled, square-jawed, small-waisted idle rich guy happens to find himself in from day to day.

“Charmed by the crystal clear water of beautiful Mykonos beaches, our American tourist leaves  behind the Norwegian fjords and the aurora borealis. The change of scenery brings a change of wardrobe: the Dsquared² tourist becomes sexy and summery like as he is sipping fresh cocktails to the beat of music. An explosion of colour takes over; hot pants, bathing suits, towels, hats and flipflops in orange, blue, fuchsia, green…”

You get the idea. We just think the clothes look fun and the men look hot.



[Photo Credit: Getty]

    • http://twitter.com/DJButtons Breanna

      It’s a shame they’re all so ORANGE, otherwise they might be attractive.

      • http://twitter.com/80nine CAMERON

        ohmygod the fake tan is BEYOND annoying!!! What, did they just not hire a make-up artist?

    • http://profiles.google.com/trashilove { edi } ilovetrash

      i was truly hoping the guy in the top middle was doing something of untoward visual interest {at least in the shirt’s caption}.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L6FKGKUXWF6QSWWYAHJZYKKI3E Adrian

      There’s good stuff here, but god I hate that socks-over-jeans look. Talk about cankles. 

      • margaret meyers

        How do you buy shoes?  Sometimes you are wearing no socks and other time you are wearing several pairs!

    • Terence Ng

      Wow, lotta orange bitches up in here.

      The only model whose face I don’t hate is the last one.  He looks human.

    • http://visceralresponse.com Dina dV

      The guy in the lavender sports coat and scarf looks like Vincent Spano when he was that age.  And now I’m getting all misty-eyed for Vincent Spano…at that age.  Prettiest boy ever.

    • Zubair Ghumro

      I wonder how many men can really afford and PULL off these looks? 

    • Anonymous

      In what tourist locale does one wear ski gloves with shorts???

    • http://profiles.google.com/shawna.ready shawna ready


    • http://twitter.com/thelilerin erin l.

      can’t get over the orange faces!

    • Anonymous

      Those bodies, the glasses, the suits … I’m going to have to watch “A Single Man” again tonight.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lauren-Jean-St-Martin/504251897 Lauren Jean St. Martin

      I want the man in the orange speedo. Just the man……

    • Jason Kramer

      “Its the most wonderful tiiiimme of the yeeeaaaaarrrrr” That song always comes to mind when the menswear shows begin..

    • Anonymous

      Lawd have MERCY! *fans self vigorously*

    • http://www.kittenmasks.com/ kittenmasks

      Please, sir, can I have some more?

      Orange or not, I’ll take them all. They can pale out in my air conditioned house.

    • Anonymous

      Love the ‘rock-n-roll’ dress looks at the end.

    • Anonymous

      That’s alotta heavy coats for spring.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Scott-Finley/1303716227 Scott Finley

      I really never understood DSquared.  It’s extremely expensive for what it is.  I recently saw a hanging rack of DSquared at the Soho Bloomy’s and honestly, it looked like Forever 21 forayed into menswear.

      I think sometimes fashionistas think expensive=great design.  Not so.

      I ended up buying something entirely wearable from the Theory sale rack.

    • MilaXX

      Yeah boy! I hope this is a trend, cause I’m enjoying the beefcake male models. I was worried that the tiny DSquared twins would have models as slim as they are, instead we get a bunch of eye candy.

      Oh yeah, the clothes are okay too.

    • Anonymous

      love everything until they get to the evening stuff, which is just goofy ….LOVE the shoes every one.

    • Anonymous

      I like how they chose the graphically tattooed man to model the graphic trunks. So much going on! lol

    • Anonymous

      1- Tatoos ruin everything.

      2- No one over the age of 5 should wear clothing with giant stars over it.

      3- I love the orange pants but could never pull them off.  The sneakers are kind of cool.  Those I could rock.

    • Anonymous

      what I want: Red leather jacket, the kakai shorts with the blue belt, everyone’s abs and body fat %’s, and last but not least all the bottles of “tanning” lotion, so the question of the oompa loompas’ origin of place is still a mystery. Also question: When did that fugly wide gaunt jaw ever become popular? Must of happened when everyone started looking at the torso.  

      • Glen Coleson

        Right around the time Vampires inexplicably became Hollywood gold.

    • margaret meyers

      They must have had every spray tan unit in the country on hand!  And I hear the hair waxing girls are exhausted.

    • http://joansbooks.blogspot.com/ lilithcat

      The clothes look sloppy (I am sick to death of jeans that looked like they were found dumpster-diving).  The models are just so-so.  Nobody there I’d give a second look at.

    • Anonymous

      It’s colorful and makes me smile.  Today, that’s all I need.  Thanks, T Lo.

    • Anonymous

      Favorite piece is the grey shorts, middle photo in 7th row-of-three. I want to see them on an array of attractive stars in editorial after editorial. Get on it, D2 minions. Mildly interesting array outerwear jackets, though no-one I know can probably afford them, some nice if unexciting dress jackets.

      Down side: NO. Do not tempt men past the first blush of youth & slimness to don cropped pants that are narrow at the hem. Just don’t give them that option, please?  And I know it’s the American puritan streak in me, but speedo-cut swim suits just look sleazy to me when worn outside of athletic competition.

      • Anonymous

        Ditto to your entire second paragraph.

    • Anonymous

      Oh Lordy what a ghastly mess.  They all look like they’ve been rummaging about in some bin out back of a St Vincent De Paul resale store.  What is the point of having  glorious bod if its spectacular proportions get completely obliterated by the too short hip hugging pants and the and the mis-cropped blazers?  Of course all the swimwear and shorts look great, but who the hell is even noticing what these dudes have on?  But honestly the swim suits all look like generic speedos to me.  Only difference? contrast cording at the waist.  I’m just sure that justifies the doubtless 3 figure price tag for a 16th of a yard of lycra spandex.

    • Anonymous

      There are some few good pieces,but I never understood the craze with DSQUARED2.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UDBCEX7F43LCBKPOIVVVLQVILE Mary Nau

      Love all of it.

      It looks like the wardrobe of a guy in Laguna Beach.

    • Anonymous

      I’m so distracted by the fact that they have Cheetos-leavings on their faces…I can barely see the clothes.

      (seriously, WTF?  Some of them have orange faces and totally normal-colored bodies.  It’s just BIZZAHH.)

    • Anonymous

      I always enjoy their collections – hot guys in hot clothes, what’s not to love?  :)

    • Glen Coleson

      Sigh, fashion is so confusing… How does 3 different jackets on top of a graphic tee with blue jeans classify as a design? nearly every single outfit looks rediculous. I wouldn’t be caught dead in any of it.

       But then I’ll also never take my private jet for a weekend at my villa in Monaco, so i suppose i’m not in the target audience. 

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm, except for a couple of these pieces, if I saw a dude wearing one of the above outfits, I would get a major douchebag vibe from him right away.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-TallGirl-Freeman/1043623567 Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      Why does this look like Chuck Bass attire? 

    • Anonymous

      The second and third rows remind me of when Chandler put on all of Joey’s clothes to get back at him for wearing Chandler’s pants with no underwear.

    • Amanda in Austin

      Fun clothes and HOT guys. What’s not to like?  But I had to chuckle a little at their use of the term “hot pants.”  Is that what you call shorts now?  Cuz I didn’t see any actual hot pants in this collection.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3KCDEX4FOTCFHZP6WLKSOOKUVM Danielle

      Makes me want to go to the beach… unfortunately for me that means the Jersey Shore, and the men there do not look like that!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1519952259 William Schendel

      What, no mention of Kazaky?

    • Megan Sullivan

      Wow, I’d really like to incorporate some of these looks into my own wardrobe. Love the colors.

    • Anonymous

      6th row on the right… guy with pink shorts & green hat who is SMILING! I’ll take him ;-)

    • Anonymous

      maybe it’s the models, but these clothes scream preppy douchebag to me