Ryan Gosling Arriving in Los Angeles

Posted on May 04, 2011

Ryan Gosling displayed his hipster bona fides while sailing through LAX this week, an event which is going to force us to say something that will either piss off hipsters or piss off well-built guys.


[tabs slidertype=”images”] [imagetab width=”396″ height=”594″]http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/RG+3.jpg[/imagetab] [imagetab width=”396″ height=”594″]http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/RG+4.jpg[/imagetab] [imagetab width=”396″ height=”594″]http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/RG+5.jpg[/imagetab] [/tabs]
Here it is: We don’t think well-built guys can pull of the hipster uniform. We think this outfit would look totally chic and kind of adorable on the right guy. We don’t think Ryan’s that guy. What’s the point in working out your shoulders and arms if you’re going to wear a tiny, ill-fitting jacket over them? What’s the point in working out your butt and legs if you’re going to insist on pants that are going to make you look hippy? Those pants and that jacket are cut for slim guys. Not that Ryan’s some sort of muscle god, but he’s a little too big in certain areas for this to look good on him; or at least, as good as it would look on someone slimmer.

And we’re just gonna say it: the glasses, pendant, and deep V neck combine to take the look into poser territory.


[Photo Credit: WireImage]

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  • Arthur Darvill would KILL this look.

    • MilaXX

      Yes because he has the lanky frame that suits this look & he look great in glasses.

    • rory totally would.

  • The top half is hipstery, sure, but the bottom half? Not at all. Those pants are way too loose and weirdly-fitting.

    • First, *cheer* go DC, represent! Second, I completely agree. It’s like he decided to cut himself in half and do two different looks.

  • I HATE the deep V-neck with nothing underneath. The pendant looks gimmicky and makes me feel embarrassed for him. For me, the greatest travesty is the LOAFERS WITHOUT SOCKS! I hate Hate HATE loafers, boat shoes, whatever you want to call them, without socks. Every time, that look makes me scrunch my face and say “eww.”

    • Mac

      I agree! The deep V/ loafers combo makes him look so sleazy, ugh.

  • Anonymous

    Lose the deep V…it’s BAD and is bugging me to no end. Odd choice of pants as well. Poser territory indeed.

  • Merrigator

    LOL! You’re absolutely right (as usual).

  • Alexis

    Penny Loafers without socks must NOT happen people! So gross.

    • Anonymous

      Makes your feet sweaty just looking at this.

  • whatever. he could get it. especially in that outfit to be honest. lol

  • Anonymous

    There’s something strange about a v-neck on a man. Right or wrong, it’s just ingrained that a v-neck (sans shirt underneath) is something women wear. So that, plus the sockless loafers (which don’t bother me), and the too-smallness of the clothes, make it look like he put on his sister’s or girlfriend’s* clothes.

    * I don’t know if he has either; I’m just saying there are a couple aspects to the outfit that are more associated with how women dress, plus everything’s cut too small for him.

  • Would look great…if he was a woman

  • Anon E. Mouse

    I forgive him, maybe the airline lost his clothes and he had to borrow these from someone else. But don’t airports ALWAYS have stores that sell socks? OK I don’t for give him.

  • fafafab

    hunky guys should just walk around in their underwear, me thinks

    • Anonymous

      Yes. Especially this hunky guy.

  • Anonymous

    Unless you’re a painfully thin man, and you have the thorax of an 11 year old boy, the deep V-neck is vulgar.

  • madam wks

    If by “hipster” you mean designer pants that give him wide-ass woman hips, then yes, he’s rocking the hipster look….

  • Anonymous

    Is he a cross dresser?

  • Vanleerindc

    As usual, I think you guys are just wrong in these man on the street post. He looks great, in style, of the moment. If more American men took these risks, and showed some flare (which you label poseur), then American men would be much better dressed. I think your commentaries are better when you stick to red carpets and womenswear. When it comes to your stock criticisms of men, the only one that rings true is “shorter hem on the pants.” Otherwise you guys are just trying to level out men’s fashion. Just my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      On the contrary, we love this look. We even said so in the post. We just don’t think it suits him.

      • Vanleerindc

        On the contrary, it appears to me that you thought t the combination of these elements on *any* man read “poseur.” My beef is that you slap down a lot of originality in these “man on the street” posts. We NEED more men on the streets to take more risks, and there ought to be some room for this without being criticized. He doesn’t hire a friggin consultant “gay” every time he steps out of the house, and he shouldn’t.

        • Anonymous

          What a weird rant, considering we described the outfit as chic and adorable. If you don’t like the MOTS posts, you probably should skip them.

    • E_flipmode28

      I think he looks great and I applaud your comment. I always wonder what the majority of the commenters on this blog look like in real life to be judging these guys and girls. And most of the comments I see on this blog either use terms and phrases that are A) from fashion-related shows like Top model and PR or B) straight out of the mouths of Tom and Lorenzo. I love the leather jacket, a deep v neck looks great if you have the collar and muscle definition, and the comments about his bottom half looking like a different outfit altogether i don’t understand because to me he’s just playing w/ proportions, would you rather have him wearing tight hipster skinny jeans? Something else you guys can knock? I love everything about his look and he has the confidence to pull it off. And I wear sockless dress shoes and Deck shoes and love it!

      Btw TomandLorenzo I like the new blog layout =)

  • bookish

    I’m sure most people have a baseless dislike of certain fashion items, and v-neck shirts on men are definitely one of mine. Can’t stand them!

  • Andrew

    The deep V is a vintage thing – 1980’s. I think he looks terrific

    • Glad I’m not the only one who likes deep V’s on guys. Not something that’s universally flattering, but it’s one of the few elements of this look that works completely on Gosling. The jacket detracts from the sweater, though.

  • Anonymous

    Still hot. Though when I stare at him I look past the clothes and just imagine him naked; he excites my lady bits.

  • Leah E-H

    Normally, I’m so hot for him, but this look ain’t working. The no socks sorta pushed it over the edge for me. Stinky feet suck.

  • Anonymous

    For a moment I thought he was the other Ryan – Ryan Reynolds.

    This is odd, because I’ve never really gotten Gosling’s appeal, although he’s cute enough, I guess. So, now, I’m looking at this get-up and thinking it’s kind of wrong (shirt a little too tight, pants a tad too short), but this is also the most appealing he’s ever seemed to me. Maybe it’s because I don’t think he looks like a poser. I don’t know. I can’t figure it out.

    I like the glasses. And maybe he needs them to see.

  • Rhoda

    Good thing for him he doesn’t give a shit what two poseurs think about what he wears.

  • It’s weird to see “poser” being used to describe the hipster style, as the hipster style itself is often itself defined as “poser”… it all gets terribly self-referential, doesn’t it? How hipster! Lol.

    That said, Gosling has always struck me as being a hipster himself, so I actually dig the entire look, though I agree that the individual pieces could fit a bit better. Love the glasses in particular–he looks adorable.

  • TheGirlInTheAfternoon

    I actually like the look a lot and think he looks pretty good in it – though not, I will admit, as good as he would have looked a few years ago, when he was much less muscle-y. As you’ve said, he’s still not totally meaty, but he has filled out in the past couple of years (and looks yummy), and he’s still dressing in styles that suited his other body better.

  • MilaXX

    I hate deep V’s on any man. This outfit may very well have worked on what my friends and I call a chicken chest guy, but on Ryan it looks like he’s wearing womens clothing. If hipster is what he’s going for, this is an epic FAIL

  • Judy_J

    I’m not a fan of loafers with no socks, either.

  • I took one look and said “what the hell”. That is all.

  • dixie

    okay, am I the only one who goes “that V neck makes his boobs look great! …wait a minute…” ?

    because really, it just accents the curves of his pecs, which makes him look like a girl (in a not cool, androgynous kind of way) and less like the cream puff stud muffin he is.

    And…even with me think all that, I’d still do him.

  • Anon

    Yep. He looks like an idiot there, and it isn’t because the clothes don’t work together. They just don’t work on his kind of build.

  • i think he would have pulled it off completely had his trouser hems been that little extra long

  • Anonymous

    Would hit it so hard, and this doesn’t really read hipster to me either. Way too coordinated, and I am not sure I have ever seen hipsters wear loafers. I really like the sweater – he is pulling off the deep v-neck without moving into smarmy territory. His chest of course is waxed to within an inch of its life, but it sort of works with this look.

  • Bobblebubble69

    I don’t think he’s THAT well-built…jeesh. Body dismorphic much? The dude is lean and can wear whatever he wants.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing goes together here. At all.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t opine on the body type, since I like ’em skinny and that skews my take.


    I’ve seen a LOT of hipsters (my city brands itself as a live music city, we have a decent tech community & I work at a university). I haven’t seen many whose look I hate as much as this one. I know what it is, it’s the shoes. They’re so shiny and so alt.prep.

  • Guets

    Ryan Gosling is well built?

  • ASK

    And for some reason it looks like too much skin in this look – even though it is not a lot. But the ankle and the deep v at the chest, combined with the style of the clothes, it just looks wrong to me

  • Lulu

    Agreed, TLo.

  • Megan

    He looks awful… and he is an incredibly sexy man. Needs to learn to dress himself, I guess.

  • Megan

    Um…I think he looks hot. Maybe it’s because I’m from Portland, the heart of hipsterdom.

  • Momzilla

    The trousers DO make him look heavy in the hips and thighs. Why? They are really simple trousers.

    • Momzilla

      If he wasn’t wearing the jacket, which makes his chest and shoulders look small, would the hip problem go away?

  • KS

    If he went for tighter fitting trousers with a longer length, he would look better (albeit even more hipster-ish).

  • He had me until I saw the pants; they are the dealbreaker for me. I’m digging the rest, but I do see your point.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! I love it! I love this look on almost any guy though.

  • unimpressed kitten

    Hipsters are the biggest poseurs on the planet. Douchebro is even wearing high-waters. Gross.

  • CNM

    From the waist up, I think he looks fine. I’m not offended by a little man-cleavage. But the pants and the socks-less loafers are cringeworthy.

  • No.

  • Anonymous

    I think that part of great style is to know how to interpret what you see rather than being so literal. He usually makes better fit choices.

  • BuffaloJD

    spot on!

  • tom

    Yuk. Quite frankly, the combo of the deep V neck sweater/tee thing, the poser leather jacket and loafers, it is a total girl outfit. As in, it would look better on Pink. Or Kate Hudson. Or any girl.

  • Doesn’t matter what he wears, he’s hot.

  • boweryboy

    Oh hell no.

    This is soooooo pretentious in a trying way too hard kind of way. I would barely give a skinny guy a pass in this outfit and no one under the age of 25 should even attempt this.

    There’s so many things that are so wrong with this from the man cleavage sweater to the highwater pants to the eyeglasses to the loafers without socks. I can’t stop thinking about how sweaty and smelly his feet and shoes are. It makes my stomach turn.

    Even the guy in the third picture down is looking at him thinking: “Dude, you’re trying too hard.”

  • he just looks like he lives down the street from me.

    then again, he might.

  • girliecue

    I like all the pieces separately, but not together and not on him. It pains me to say this about adorable Ryan Gosling, but this outfit makes him come off as kinda douchey.

  • James Joyner4

    I need help TLO! can you give me any advice on a semi-trendy sort of hippster look for a guy that is filled out in all the right places? (muscle not fat honnies) I am obsessed with your blog and can’t ever get enough and would love some feed back from you guys!


  • Jen

    He looks like he grabbed his mother’s slacks and sweater and threw them on with a pair of loafers just long enough to run to the end of the driveway, leave the trash at the curb, grab the morning paper, and run back inside.

  • Neil Young

    The most offensive part is the necklace. So lose that, the leather jacket, and the *ahem* striped deep v and replace it with a silk twill button down shirt like something Kramer would wear and voila!

  • roxmo

    He looks like he’s wearing clothes from the women’s department.

  • Ryan Gosling can do no wrong in my eyes.

  • don

    It all looks easy to tear off so I think it’s fine. I love the glasses.