Royal Watch: Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Daniel

Posted on May 25, 2011

Kittens,forget about Bill and Cathy Cambridge; let’s take a look at that other royalty-marrying-a-commoner fairy tale couple and see how they’re doing on the style front.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her husband Prince Daniel, Duke of Vastergotland visit Germany.


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It’s unfortunate that his jacket is flapping open in every shot, but he looks impeccable. That’s a beautiful suit and a great pair of shoes. The tie’s more than a little dull, but he’s probably under considerable pressure to appear as low-key and dignified as possible.

As for her, we’re not loving this dress. Grommets are tough to make chic and more often than not look the exact opposite of it. It’s an okay dress and the placement of the grommets aren’t tacky or anything, but if you take them away, you’re left with the plainest possible dress; like something Queen Elizabeth would wear. We realize there are rules and all, but she’s got a fantastic figure and clearly cares about how she presents herself. This is too drab for us. Maybe it’s the purse and shoes. They’re like something for an 80-year-old. Switch them out for something a little more youthful and that would help the look considerably.  We don’t love the earrings either. She reminds us of Michelle Obama. There’s a baseline stylishness, but she seems to flub it on the details a lot.

[Photo Credit: wireimage]

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  • Lauen newman

    Wow- they are a very attractive couple. Her dress fits her stomach a bit weird, but the color looks nice on her. Don’t like her hair. He looks great.

    • lilibetp

      I’ve read rumors that she’s pregnant and nothing has been denied for several months.

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress.  But what’s the deal with his hair?  Did they have a special on Crisco at the local supermarket?  Or is shampoo hard to come by in Sweden?  He always looks like this, but I think under all that grease there is a hottie.

  • Very attractive couple indeed. I like the dress, and like Mrs. Obama, it’s best to keep the stylishness low key.

  • MilaXX

    I think they both look fine. I even forgive her dull shoes. If you think about it she probably has an even harder time of it than Mrs Obama. Michelle could rock a fierce shoe if she wanted. I bet if Victoria wore anything but safe it’d be quite the scandal.

  • Anonymous

    I actually like her dress a lot. I like the juxtaposition of the metal grommets with the soft pink. I do agree that she could have upped the shoe drama a little, though. I love his sweet ‘n’ nerdy looks.

  • I love this dress, but I’d wear it in another color. She looks a bit washed out. Does anyone know where this dress comes from ?

  • Diana Martinez

    I think they’re adorable.  So NORMAL looking. =)

  • Jen

    I kind of fell in love with him during the Royal Wedding. He’s so Clark Kent-y. Hot.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a pretty, but conservative dress.
    Standing on the steps in a light colored  dress with a big bouquet of flowers and next to a man in a suit, looks like a civil wedding picture.

    • Anonymous

      It does look like that! On the other hand, yesterday I saw a man and a woman hurrying along Joralemon St., by Borough Hall (a very concrete-y, urban part of Brooklyn), and she was in a wedding gown. Presumably they were on their way to the courthouse, but the wedding gown looked so incongruous on the busy sidewalk, rushing past the subway entrance.

      • Anonymous

        Rhoda  wore her wedding gown on the subway.

        • Anonymous

          Aw, Rhoda!

          • Anonymous

             I think that’s my favorite TV wedding moment ever. Second place goes to her phone conversation with her mom earlier that day:

            Rhoda: (silent for a few seconds) “Oh I don’t know Ma. I thought I’d wear the white one.”

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the color of the dress – washes out her face – and with the beige shoe, no, no, no!  I’m not a fan of grommets, but in a different color, this dress could be okay.  He is one handsome geek!  Love them both.

  • Aw, I always think she looks (and dresses) adorable but it might be a case of “pretty is as pretty does”. She’s quite possibly the sweetest of European Royals and definitely my favourite, and it’s always such a joy seeing her with the husband.
    I wish the dress was a different colour, but then I would be sad that I can’t have it for myself, so there is that.

  • Anonymous

    I like grommets!  And I like her dress more because of the grommets.    It is the shoes and (the color of) the purse that are old.

    What color are his shoes?  

  • Anonymous

    Oh please. Royalty have no function anymore except to cut ribbons at ceremonies and approve By Appointment to Her Majesty souvenir tea towels. It doesn’t matter if she wears The Wrong Shoes because a) she isn’t important in any meaningful way, and b) she can’t be voted out of office. So she could certainly wear hotter shoes if she wanted. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m a grommet lover and proud. Not at all a fan of that dress, though.

  • Anonymous

    They look very nice and appropriate for who they are.  The grommets are ok with me and I don’t mind the soft pink.  The handbag is pretty dowdy but I feel she is probably stuck useing bags with handles.  No clutches, she has flowers to recieve.  No shoulder bags, too casual.  And he is terribly yummy in htat hot nerd way.  and just think, he was her personal trainer so you know that is one hot bod underneath.

  • Anonymous

    I like the juxtaposition of the conservative cut and color of the dress with the slightly edgy grommets.  The overall effect is fine, if not amazing.

  • I would call this dress “classic with a twist” and I think she looks fantastic. I even love the matchy matchy handbag.

  • Anonymous

    The purse is terrible.  I hate the grommets but she is a beautiful woman with a great figure.

    He is super duper hot.  Sort of like a beefed up Guy Pearce.  rawr.

  • Onika K Morris-Alleyne

    she is totally pregnant.  her nose has spread ALL across her face, and that is strategic deployment of flowers if i’ve ever seen it

  • *sigh* dreamy…

  • Anonymous

    I think they’re a solid 9.5/10, given their position. A zing of higher style would be nice, but it’s part of the job to be pleasant and correct, not to be stylish.

    He looks more and more like a the archetypical mid-centruy media dad. All he’s missing at this point is the pipe. I think of Dennis the Menace’s dad and Fred MacMurray/Steve Douglas every time I see him.

  • Anonymous

    Guy Pearce obviously needs to play him in the movie.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry TLo Can’t hate on this. I think she/he looks fabulous.

  • The shoes are dull, but the dress is cute and as daring as she can probably go. I’ve met them in real life and they are soooo sweet.

  • She is ridiculously beautiful.  

  • The color of that dress is hard for a lot of people over the age of 2.  I don’t know that shell pink works on her. 

    I hope its just the extremely bright sun, but the suit looks a little too shiny.  Other than that, a good fit.

    They are lovely.

  • They’re still cute, but both of them are heading full tilt into Solid and Matronly.

  • Michelle Prahl

    I think it would have been better if they were cutouts instead of grommets. In fact, when I first saw, I thought they were cutouts, and I thought, “What a cute dress!” then I saw the hardware and went, “oh.” 

    Bill and Cathy Cambridge? No shit, those are my neighbors names. 

  • Anonymous

    Love the dress grommets and all. The grommets add a slight edge. I really don’t see the dress as drab for a middle of the day in the blazing sun event. Since Mrs Obama was mentioned … I wish she dressed more like the Princess Victoria. Mrs Obama always looks good in clothes with cleaner lines.

  • Anonymous

    I hate and have always hated his slicked back hair.  She’s lovely, but that hair always makes him look like a gigolo, which is exactly what you DON’T want when you’re a commoner marrying royalty.  He’s toned it down a bit since their wedding, so perhaps there’s hope.

  • Anonymous

    They are a lovely couple and he is so cute.

  • I agree, her entire outfit is way too old fashioned.  Still a beautiful couple though!

  • Judy_J

    Princess Victoria’s dress looks like something my mom would wear on Easter Sunday.  Don’t get me wrong, my mom has great taste, but she’s 79 years old and this dress would suit her to a T.  Prince Daniel looks very well put together.

  • She is pregnant, so I give her a pass on that dress.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks lovely.  The dress is simple and understated, which is perfect for a daytime event.

  • They look like such a nice couple, except that he totally reminds me of Matt Damon’s character in “The Talented Mr. Ripley.”  I can’t help but look at them and think, “Oh, it’s that nice Princess Victoria and her serial killer husband!”

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks lovely, actually. I don’t mind the dress. 

  • I actually adore that dress. It’s true that it is a bit plain (perhaps it needs a belt or some sort of embellishment around the waist?) but those sleeves are fab. I have a thing for hardware though, so that’s not a surprise. :3

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress. But then, I wish Prince Dan would get a chic(er) pair of glasses and perhaps not slick back his hair.  He strikes me as a handsome fellow, but this look he sports creeps me out a bit.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh I hate saying  because I love a man in glasses…these do nothing for him. I keep waiting for someone to say something. Is it really just me?  Is this the the “ironic geek” so it is cool look?  He is so handsome and so cute and the glasses are so bad.

  • I love her dress. I think with his jacket opened like that it makes it seem a little too small. I also have to say, like JustJenn142 I do love a guy in glasses. Makes it seem like he could fix my computer.

  • Anonymous

    I find her absolutely adorable. So smiley and pretty. I kind of agree on the dress, though. Not loving the grommet details. It kind of looks like something Paris Hilton would pull out of the “classy” side of her wardrobe. Come on, Crown Princess! You’re so cute and you have a slammin bod! We know you can do much better!
    Him: Nice suit. LOVE those shoes! He’s a cutie too.

  • Anonymous

    Her grommets and earrings and his shoes say “We’d wear much trendier clothing if we could, but we have to be fuddy-duddies for the 80-year-olds.”

  • Anonymous

    I love the dress, I love the soft color and clean lines. If she’d done a fab purse and great shoes you’d be singing her praise.