In or Out: Rihanna in BCBG Max Azria

Posted on May 09, 2011

Rihanna attended the ‘Nivea And Rihanna Celebrating 100 Years Of Skincare’ photocall in Paris in a BCBG Max Azria dress. You heard us. “Celebrating 100 Years of Skincare.”  And you know what? Good for her for tackling the tough issues. After all, you won’t find many people willing to celebrate skincare, will you? And who are YOU to disparage Rihanna’s commitment to celebrating skincare, anyway? When was the last time YOU celebrated skincare?

Enough with your judgmental attitudes about skincare. Let’s look at the dress.




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Uhhhh…well…? It certainly makes her look fresh-scrubbed, doesn’t it? Too bad it doesn’t look anything like Rihanna. We’re suckers for a cute little eyelet dress, but it’s a particular type of look for a particular type of girl and Rihanna seems too edgy and too sexy for something that looks like it was made out of doilies. It’s not an ugly dress, but it seems more like something Taylor Swift would wear than Rihanna. In fact, this entire look has the distinct whiff of marketing and PR all over it. After all, do you think Nivea would want her showing up to celebrate skincare in something black, leather n’ lacey, with cutouts and fur? No, better to celebrate skincare in a dress that actually looks like something you’re supposed to wash your face with. As for the detailing, the bracelet seems like it belongs with another outfit, as do the pointy black nails. We’re not crazy about the mermaid hair on her either.



IN! I SO want to take care of my skin just looking at her!


OUT! I’d use that thing to blot my popped zits, but you couldn’t pay me to celebrate skincare wearing it!


And the Minion Opinion on Aniston’s brightly colored titwindow dress? OUT, of course. We’ve trained you well.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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  • I think she’d look great if the dress didn’t have that bottom tier, or even even the bottom two tiers and she wore it as a top with skinny jeans and cage sandals

    • Anonymous

      Yes. That’s exactly it. She looks like she’s wrapped in elephant-sized doilies. But part of it would be great.

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree.

  • I actually like this look, and that dress on her. My only quip is that silly flower on the center of the chest, It would have been less sugary without it. I give it an IN!

  • Lilyana

    Um, guuurl…

  • Out. Hate the hair, black nails, and jewelry. And she needs a fresh pedicure.

    I like the dress though.

  • Anonymous

    She looks fabulous — if it were 1975.

  • ask

    When was the last time YOU celebrated skincare? A half hour ago?

    The black pointy nails, heavy bracelet and awful pedicure all work against this – as does the hair. I usually don’t mind the color of her hair, but not a fan of this. **Still wondering, noone else is getting a bar of text in the comment window – that chops up the text and won’t go away? “Try this! Mention other people by typing @ then his or her name……” It seems to mess with my typing/editing

    • MilaXX

      I get the bar. Just ignore it and don’t try to type around it, even my long posts fit.

    • Anonymous

      There should be a tiny “delete” x in the top right corner. It took me a while to find it, but once I did, the bar hasn’t reappeared.

      I can’t get a good look at the pedicure. It looks like black polish, which I don’t mind. I also don’t mind the black polish on her nails. However, I can’t remember the last time pointy nails were in fashion, unless you’re Druscilla from Buffy. She was a big fan.

      I don’t love the dress at all, and it’s weird seeing it on Rihanna. I do love the hair. Now that’s Rihanna.
      But the look is at war with itself. OUT.

      • ask

        Thanks – the x seemed to get lost in the text. Plus I was having odd issues with the text wrapping under it (the bar) and coming up slow and late, like a “teletype” which might be totally a foreign term to many of the younger posters.

    • I get the bar but it doesn’t block anything. There is an ‘x’ to click on the far right that should probably get rid of it. I’ve been to lazy to try it though… Maybe that will work for you?

  • Anonymous

    I really like the dress but not on her. Her toes look like they’re trying to escape those shoes/torture devices she forced them into. And the nails and hair? I always think her har looks pretty ridiculous though. It looks like she was in one of her usual get-ups & had no time to change nail color & such and they just slapped her in this. OUT!

  • Liz

    Oh, dear. I’m torn.

    First off, I usually hate Rhianna’s look. I don’t like her usual costume wear, I hate her talons here, and I’ve never found her pretty.

    This dress is…. Swiss Miss sweet. The nails really do look like she’s the cousin of Edward Scissorhands, and the sandals are trashy. But she actually looks nice. And that’s a major step forward for her.

    She is IN because she finally looks decent. This is more of an “Attagirl! please learn to cover more than 3 inches of your body at a time” IN than
    a “Wow! You look amazing and Halle Berry is jealous!” IN.

  • Anonymous

    Out. I do love the shoes and the bracelet but the dress doesn’t look that good on her. It looks too teeny bopper and I hate the tiers. And while I like that she always seems to be changing up her hair style, this time it’s not working.

  • fafafab

    lol at the poses, she’s trying too hard to give the “i’m a good girl” look

  • Ally

    Erm… I don’t know about the (UGH-LY) silver strap-py shoes. Because in the full length photos it looks like her toes are painted black but then the close up of her shoes don’t even look like they match her skin-tone?!

  • Ally

    Erm… I don’t know about the (UGH-LY) silver strap-py shoes. Because in the full length photos it looks like her toes are painted black but then the close up of her shoes don’t even look like they match her skin-tone?!

  • um, there’s a nail polish smudge on her right toe. and she doesn’t look happy to be wearing this monstrosity. at all.

  • Ali


  • No..this is most definitely an out…but are you sure on the shoes belonging to RiRi? I mean, I know the floor beneath RiRi and the shoe wearer match, but the nail polish seems to change between pics 4 and 5??? Am I really questioning the TLo Authority???

  • Breda

    She looks really uncomfortable in this dress, in a way she never looks in her edgier outfits. I think that, more than anything else, is why this seems so weird on her. But there’s a reason for that: this SO isn’t her. I love it, but not for Rihanna.

  • Out!

  • Anonymous

    Out. And her fingernails are scaring me. Too many mixed messages here.

  • MC

    Sorry guys you’re wrong, it is most definitely an ugly dress.

  • Sylvia

    Out! Her hair looks…odd…too. Like when I drew princesses at age five. However, her skin looks amazing.

  • elleg929

    OUT! Black talons with a white eyelet dress is wrong. Plus, GET YOUR TOES DONE!

  • halley

    It looks like she is wearing a costume. As a costume, IN, as regular clothes, OUT.

  • missy

    Prairie Barbie. OUT!

  • Bridget KD

    She looks like she is trying to inspire Disney to make a movie about her… Young, Crayola-haired beauty from 1975 is transported to present time and falls madly in love with a charming prince. If it were a Disney movie, they’d live happily ever after. If it was a Lifetime movie, her present day lover would be her stepson…

  • Carolyn

    None of this works together. Out, out, out.

  • Wnsu

    I had that doll on my birthday cake when I was 8. Only my doll had a waist line and no tattoos!

  • Anonymous

    IN. She’s a chamelion. I love the dress on her .

  • tommytimp

    OUT. Yicch.

  • anonymous

    Now that she’s tackled skin care, maybe she can move on to hair care?! Please? ‘Cause that color is just jarring.

  • She looks so different that I want to say IN. Her hair doesn’t look fried and it’s refreshing to see her not look like she stepped out of a BDSM/Fastier and Furiousier/AC/DC concert, even if it’s so obvious why she’s dressed this way.

    It almost reminds me of SOS/Pon de Floor Rihanna…you know, before she had “gone bad”.

  • bsandwich

    I kind of love that her hair seems like it is her Costume Institute Gala braid loosened out!

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes bad girls want to be sweet

    I would get rid of the black nails, but I like it.

  • Kristen

    She looks so weird.

  • Maggie5

    The dress might have been fine on someone else, but on her it looks forced ~ she doesn’t look like she loves it at all. The styling seems random (black nails? Copper cuff?) and the whole look ends up looking uncomfortable. Out.

  • Betsy

    Out. She looks kind of sad and depressed. And her hair looks Raggedy Ann scraggly.

  • @AWAbuDhabi

    The juxtaposition of the wicked witch nails with the strapless christening dress is too much for me. Lose the bundle of fabric in the middle, make it a shirt and add a sleek ponytail to highlight her fabulous skin….and some kind of appropriate bottom to spoof this up.

  • Anonymous

    I’m all confused by the mixed messages this look is sending. Black talons, scarlet mermaid hair, virginal eyelit dress, stale pedicure. Oy and OUT.

  • MilaXX

    minimal IN for me. She looks cute enough in the dress, but the nails and bracelets need to go.

  • I agree with Phyllis Craine. The outfit would have looked better if the dress had been shorter. She is not a long skirt kind of gal. I say out!

  • Out. That dress looks ridiculous on her. Sorry, but the tattoos and the black nails just don’t work with that overly sweet style of dress. Plus that bracelet looks like a spine—ugly!

  • Jrittenberg

    OUT. The dress looks awkwardly placed on her, like it doesn’t belong, and the accessories and tattoos ruin the look. She’s fun and sexy, not clean cut and little girly. I agree about the hair. Also, she looks pregnant, and I’m guessing she wouldn’t want that.

  • Jean

    I can’t like it. I tried. The flower has to go, I don’t like the black nail polish with it and the whole thing looks like something I would have worn in 8th grade. I may be prejudiced against eyelet.

  • Me!

    Sadly, the dress looks like a dust ruffle from the 80’s. Or a curtain from some Alpine chalet.


  • Sharon

    out out out out out. she looks like a towel.

  • Luisa

    oy. out.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    The dress reminds me of bedding I had when I was a small child. OUT!

  • Judy_J

    She’s so covered up….I hardly recognized her. Well, I did, but only because of the hair. Seriously, though, I’m shocked she would wear something so big and fluffy. If she’s promoting skincare, she should be wearing one of her usual skin-baring outfits. Show off that cared-for skin, I say!

  • Judy_J

    Forgot to mention…OUT!

  • Ooooh, Honey. No.

  • The bracelet looks like Rihanna. The dress looks like it’s going to a country wedding. The hair…I don’t know what’s going on with the hair. Out.

  • OUT! There’s such an obvious disconnect between her and that dress. And the styling doesn’t help either. Poor attempt making this milkmaid dress any edgier than it is. It just doesn’t work. Her MAU is the only one who didn’t eff up.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Rihanna, if you really want to celebrate your skin, you shouldn’t get tattoos.

    Oh, and she looks awful. Rarely have I seen such a jarring clash between persona and costume—at least when Halloween wasn’t involvled. And she seems acutely uncomfortable in all the photos, which is probably not the publicity Nivea was expecting. OUT.

  • Miss Fern

    I actually like the dress but I hate the hair. If she had pulled it up, it would have been an in for me.

  • taodon

    Out. And enough with the Carriewig already.

  • Out!

  • Guestie

    Definitely out.

  • aussiegal77

    Goth Bride after a happy meal. Awful. Out. Hate the nails too. And REALLY over the red hair.

  • CAT

    It is a conundrum. She looks fine, but it is sooo not her image. I’m going to throw away a vote and give her an ‘IN’.

  • OUT, this dress is so not for her (although I like it a lot), moreover the accessoiries and styling are completely off.

  • Lulu

    I don’t know. This makes me think of Project Runway when they criticize the designers for not knowing when to stop. It could have been really cute, but the designer just got carried away with the tiers and the volume here and then decided to stick that wadded up bit of extra eyelet on her chest because the challenge was to use up every last bit of fabric he purchased at Mood.

    The hair is shockingly bad.

  • Pretty dress, stunning girl, but the two don’t belong together. I can’t give an out, though, but I wan’t the S&M Rihanna back.

  • Anonymous

    Out the dress is horrid. the hair is “trashy mermaid”. White would work great today if she wore it as a sheath or something normal – not little house on the prairie.

  • Anonymous

    This dress is eerily similar to my friend’s prom dress in 1982. Her date wore a powder blue tux with a ruffled shirt – the picture is priceless. I owe Rihanna a big thanks for the trip down memory lane…


  • I think I might’ve passed out from the bad for a second there. OUT

  • Out because of her hair, which really bugs. The color is silly but the weave looks like my Chrissy doll. The dress is pretty if she were hanging out in Majorca or Dubrovnik and when I’ve seen her on Graham Norton she’s come across as a really cute, sweet young woman so the “sweetness” of the dress isn’t a problem either but…that hair. I can’t get past how awful it is.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like she haaaaates it and she wants to be somewhere else. OUT!

  • Anonymous


  • Kaycee

    Out! I’m having a Gunne Sax flashback.

  • Anonymous

    OUT…the tatoos spoil the “Like a VIrgin” motif she’s desperately trying to create with that twee dress…

  • Hm. Well, last week I had a two spots of precancer cells sliced out of my chest so I’m all about skin care (until I start forgetting again). Sunscreen: very important!

    Still, that doesn’t make me want to wear a bed skirt. The dress reminds me of the one my grandma made us when my aunt got married. In 1982. It would be better if it wasn’t so long. And that hair is miserable. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    How is anyone getting a good enough look at her pedicure to know the polish is smudged?

  • Anonymous


    The chest bow is dropped exactly so as to make her look pregnant, and she’s doing an edgy bracelet with that cutie-pie dress.

  • SBG

    This is the best she’s looked in my opinion. I like her fresh faced. The nails are gross though.

  • Nancy

    I washed my kitchen curtains and hung them out on the line and they disappeared. Now I know where they went.

  • Anonymous

    SO OUT. What a cute dress! On another woman. With completely different accessories and hair and personality and image.

  • Anonymous

    Out- it’s too summer bride in a meadow

  • tom

    I’ll give her an “IN” just for the fact I can’t see her lady bits for a change. Agreed, this is marketing 101. Spokesmodel for skin care should look fresh and clean, white is almost a must. I agree with earlier poster this would have been better short worn over jeans, even white jeans. But since she doesn’t look completely skanky like usual, IN>

  • RWD

    I’m all for switching up looks, but she has given herself no flexibility to ever look sleek or sweet or natural with that trailer park hair. It’s not even edgy hair, just gross.

    The outfit is too bulky. White eyelet dresses should look easy and ethereal. This looks like dish towels from my mother’s hope chest.

  • The Magpie

    I feel like she should be running through a field of wildflowers with a kid in a matching dress for a perfume ad. So very not Rihanna. And it also seems odd that this would be worn in Paris. It seems a very “America” dress.


  • Anonymous

    She looks sweet, but that dress is too much. Where’s the field of daisies?

  • Michael Jones

    So far, I’m surprised by all of the generous people who have commented. This is OUT. (As if there were any other option…)

  • I know it looks like it should be on another celebrity and yes, she really needs to retire that hair but I’m sorry, IN, I think she’s actually selling the soft look here.

  • Bea

    It looks like rihanna looked before her makeover during the “umbrella” era.

  • KB

    Don’t worry boys and girls, I’m sure she’s got a leather bodysuit under the twee cover-up (else really, why should she hide her admittedly fabulous legs beneath the tiers of a wedding cake?). That said, love the bracelet (it’s a brilliant little bone structure design) and I don’t mind the hair.

    She does look squeaky clean and fresh scrubbed, so I’ll give this an IN for PR purposes and an OUT for fashion.

  • Cecerslouisers

    Out. She looks as ridiculous as she feels.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. I think Rihanna is beautiful but this dress is so not her. With the loose hair and that dress she looks like she just got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself in an interesting way.

  • OUT. Agreed on the mermaid hair and the little-ho-peep dress is totally off target for her style.

  • Kathleen

    God I wish her hair would go back to something natural. I do love the dress, however.


  • Katie

    Is she getting married at the renaissance festival after the photo shoot? Oh no. You better get yourself together, dahling. OUT.

  • Nariya

    Out. She looks uncomfortable. Her skin does look great, though.

  • Emmabelle

    Giant maternity doily. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    This looks like the Gunne Sax dress I wore to the prom in 1978. So, I have a soft spot for it and her skin looks amazing.


  • Kitty13_x

    OUT. OUT. A thousand OUTS. That should swing the vote.

  • Anna

    With that hair and all those layers, I’m seeing Ariel in that improvised dress immediately post-washing up on shore with legs.

  • Megan

    Not terrible, but kind of looks like a nightgown, especially with the hair. Out.

  • Out. It’s a completely horrible dress. And she looks like Ariel from the the Little Mermaid here. Agree with Phyllis that it would make a better top than a dress.

  • Niandra

    Out-it looks like something my great aunt had around her house with vases of fake flowers on top of it.

  • annabegins


  • Out. Too much hair and too many tiers.

  • Tired mommy

    OUT. A little too Summer’s Eve.

  • From the shoulders up: Rhianna. From the shoulders down: wedding cake.

    And yeah, slave bracelets and black fingernails rarely go with wedding cake.

  • Ever seen those birthday cakes made by shoving a Barbie inside a bundt cake, and frosting it to look like her skirt?

  • She sure looks difrnt,a change from sexy to a more fresh look!!!

  • Anon

    LOL OUT!

  • Diana

    It would definitely be better shorter, over pants, but I actually really like the look. And I love the ‘mermaid hair.’ 😛

  • OUT…but it’s not really a bad look. It’s just…so not HER… and that bracelet is hideous. So yeah, if it were anyone else, it’d probably be in. I even like the hair – I think it looks soft and pretty, and I actually like the red now that it’s faded a wee bit…

    Also, wish I knew what shoes she was wearing. I’m such a whore for shoes.

  • Also, that last pic totally gives it away as the ploy it is. “I’m Rhianna, aren’t I cuuuuuute?” No. No you’re not. You’re a fierce ass bitch and that’s why we love you, so don’t try and act like you’re eleven.

  • Margot

    OUT! Rihanna’s style is just… not this!!! ew ew ew ew! It’s like a maternity dress that her Bulgarian great-nana crocheted for her… ew.

  • amused kitten

    She looks like they coached her on how to pose and she was not having it.

  • Anonymous

    She looks bored.

    The dress isn’t offensive or anything–maybe she was just in the mood to try something different–and the bare shoulders and arms are obviously designed to show off her well-cared-for skin. But… I vote, meh.
    Neither in nor out, just there.

  • Anonymous

    In. Barely, because the hair seems off. It needed to be styled feminine/sexy but with a harder edge than this maidenly look.

    The dress with that jewelry & nails looks right to me – right for HER, not how you might see the dress on others.

    There’s a way to mix sweetly girly and darkly sexy so that it reads as neither girly nor primarily sexy but just as kickass. A lot of the anime heroines/anti-heroines hit this target, IMO. She almost did it here, but the hair (and, I think the shoes, if they were more visible) are wrong.

  • Merrigator

    I actually like it. A lot.

  • SMM

    I thought I could give an IN, but I would have to go with OUT. I like the dress, but the hair just looks like something the fat kid at school would wear, and the bracelet and nails just do not go. And neither does that necklace. She looks kind of cute, but not enough so to warrant an IN. OUT.

  • Kim

    I’m really over the Renaissance Faire hairdo. I want to like this because it’s different, but the look is just not pulled together enough. out.

  • Caaro1947

    Out. Out. Out. Out! Out damned twee dress and the whole damned rest of it.

  • Jessica Goldstein

    Yuck–Out. Maybe if the dress were a lot shorter, or if she had more of a Kate Hudson aesthetic.But I think the dress is all wrong for her, looks a bit maternity. Hate the hair, too. Surely Nivea could have found a stylistic compromise.

  • Jesus, I couldn’t care less about Rhianna. But I actually do like the hair, for the first time since she went red.

  • cathy

    out. the idea is all right but the proportions are all wrong.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. The dress has a weird shape, making her look bigger than she is, and it just isn’t Rihanna at all.

  • Noelle

    Out! Out! OUT!!!

  • Noelle

    Out! Out! OUT!!!

  • Lori G

    The dress looks like those Gunne Sack dresses from the 80’s – oy, the flashbacks that I’m now having, dohlink! But, as others have said, if it had been short, and she had the right accessories, than (despite it not being “her’), maybe she still could have worked it. But, the “Celebrating 100 Years Of Skincare” title is killing me – it’s making me think of one of the fashion editorial meetings in an episode of “Absolutely Fabulous,” when someone is describing what they want to do for the next issue, and they say, “I’m seeing eyes, lips, hair…and skin, of course…this is all off the top of my head, you know.” And then the other gal always chimes in with, “And, we’ll have some lovely photos!” Art imitating life (and yes, “AbFab” was indeed art!). Hilarious!!!! xoxox

  • OUT.

  • Anonymous

    You made me almost spew my tea all over my laptop with “…You heard us. “Celebrating 100 Years of Skincare.” And you know what? Good for her for tackling the tough issues.”!!!! LOL! I haven’t even gotten to the dress and I am ready to pass out. This is one bitter Monday kitten….

  • Anonymous

    You made me almost spew my tea all over my laptop with “…You heard us. “Celebrating 100 Years of Skincare.” And you know what? Good for her for tackling the tough issues.”!!!! LOL! I haven’t even gotten to the dress and I am ready to pass out. This is one bitter Monday kitten….

  • girliecue

    Ack! It reminds me of the dust ruffle, pillowcases AND matching curtains I had in the French Provincial bedroom suite of my tween- and teenage years. I would have been able to keep my mouth shut and refrain from commenting had Nivea not forced poor Rihanna to clasp her hands and smile saccharinly at the camera like a 4-year-old flower girl. Forchrissakes she’s a smokin hot fox, not Little Miss Muffet!

  • Anonymous

    Okay…. maybe she’s channeling her inner flaming red headed wood nymph here because this just makes no sense. Even her face has that “this makes no sense” expression. Such a virginal not at all from the woman who’s latest single is “S&M” O.U.T.

  • Deb

    Out, Out, Out. I made this dress (sans silly bow) in the 70s to wear to a Derby party.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, does her stylist have a mood disorder? Out.

  • Anonymous

    This dress should look light and airy, but all the tiers weigh it down. And that mermaid hair is not helping at all. Plus, this is just such a boring look for her. She can do better than this.

  • she looks like she’s celebrating 100 years of ren faire.

    ps. she also looks pretty but pregnant &, on the whole, since that, as they say, lacks veracity, it’s not a good thing.

  • Scarlett O’Hara called, she wants her dress back. OUT.

  • Lorelei

    OUT – Agree its a nice dress, but doesn’t go with her bad hair.

  • Ben

    though i agree with you on the hair, shes beautiful enough to get away with any hair

  • Adriana

    She does occasionally like super sugary dresses: remember the 2008 BET Awards lemon-yellow dress?
    Which is not to say I like this, merely that it’s not entirely outside her wheelhouse.

  • RiseandShine

    OUT. It’s not that I don’t like the dress because I do. It just looks terrible on her because of the jewelry, hair, and nails. If it was a marketing/PR idea to have her wear the dress my guess would be she has oppositional defiant disorder and just couldn’t do as she was instructed without inserting some non-compliance.

  • Em

    Ugh, no. It’s entirely too twee for her, even more so with that hair. With the hair and nails and jewelry she looks like she got dressed in a completely different outfit and changed at the last minute. OUT, for sure.

  • I literally groaned in disgust looking at the combo of that dress, that horrid bracelet, and her hair, which looks so incredibly fake, I just…can’t….words…failing…OUT.

  • Anonny

    It looks really comfy, like a down pillow gown or something. I don’t know, I like it.


  • Guest

    Out. Why is she still famous?

  • Lisa

    OUT. I’m so sick of her current hair trends – first that stupid braid, now the Ariel hair. Plus, that gown? Newsflash – dye that sucker baby blue and it would have been my 8th grade graduation prom gown. Which was 1978.

  • fashionablylate

    Girl gets an IN, the contrast in styles is fab. Especially love the hair & makeup, & want that bracelet!

  • neri

    OUT! Even she looks uncomfortable in that thing … I refuse to call it a dress.

  • so OUT. The dress looks like some old fashioned curtains or tablecloths sewn together. Her accessories don’t match the dress. But I do really like the bracelet!

  • Brisbane

    OUT! The composition of dress, hair and accessories just aren’t working together.

  • Waxwally93

    IN!! She looks gentle and divine, a nice change of pace!

  • Out. She actually looks incredibly soft and young and pretty for ONCE. I love the hair! And the dress! But you’re right, this isn’t rihanna. this is rihanna in someone else’s dress.

  • twotonepeeper

    I really think the only good part of this look is her makeup. She looks so fresh and her natural beauty just shine! Im so glad she isn’t wearing a clashing red lipstick to her hair like she has lately. I really wish she would find a better hair color for her honey skin tone. And honestly like the dress need to be edited by about two layers and a pouf. It wouldn’t be interesting but at least it would look good.

  • Saanriotwisted

    OUT, but not because it is a horrible dress. Just because this dress is far too virginal for Rhianna.

  • love the hair and the cuff. do not like the dress at all on anyone.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. This dress is beautiful but like you said, it’s not for her. She looks weird. Trying to be angelic and whatnot. To bad she failed in that department with the 30 inch flaming red weave she got on her head. Ugh.

  • Aly

    Nacho dress, Rihanna. OUT.

  • Megan

    Can’t even comment on the dress b/c I hate the mermaid hair so much. SO much!

  • She looks distinctly uncomfortable. I like a girl who is more comfortable in skin tight leather than a cotton maxi dress. OUT – it just isn’t the look for you, Rhirhi.

  • QitKat

    I went to Tuesday Morning once, and stocked up on eyelet curtains, duvet cover, and bedskirt. Later I gave it all to Goodwill. Now come here to find out Rihanna’s stylist went and bought the whole shebang and had it made into a dress for her. Dang. I nearly fell on the floor.

  • Limnadhappy

    This just ain’t right. It’s a simple look (feels like they’re playing up her ‘island native’ roots, which is obnoxious to begin with), with two main features: hair and dress. There’s just too much fake-lookin’ hair, when she could’ve kept it short, sassy, and healthier-looking. The dress is fine from the waist up, but the second and third tiers just make it too much: the bottom tiers add too much volume.


  • OUTTTTT that dress totally doesn’t suit her, and also, who in their right minds cast Rihanna for a skincare PR? I’m not saying skincare should feature a white person, but even if I’m choosing someone not white, she’s not my obvious choice.

  • ubiquitous

    Are Gunne Sax back?

  • She looks like a 10 year old girl who’s improvised a princess dress from her mother’s curtains. All she needs in a sparkly star on a stick. OUT

  • OUT. It’s within the realm of possibility that she could have pulled this off, with the right styling. This is not the right styling for this dress. This is not even an attempt at styling for this dress.

  • Judy_J

    It’s Miss Scarlett on the front porch of Tara with the Tarleton Twins!

  • tee

    In – her skin has always been beautiful. She looks kind of sweet, except for that horrendous weave.

  • tee

    In – her skin has always been beautiful. She looks kind of sweet, except for that horrendous weave.


    IN. can’t a girl change it up now and then?


    IN. can’t a girl change it up now and then?

  • Tracy

    UGH Rhi-rhi it’s time to update that hair color!!

  • Tracy

    UGH Rhi-rhi it’s time to update that hair color!!

  • She looks like she’s had this dress since she was four, and has just been adding tiers as she’s grown taller. It’s a ridiculous dress, and not just because it’s on Rhianna. The cuff thing and the nails are not helping matters any.


  • She looks like she’s had this dress since she was four, and has just been adding tiers as she’s grown taller. It’s a ridiculous dress, and not just because it’s on Rhianna. The cuff thing and the nails are not helping matters any.


  • Anonymous

    In! Hilarious juxtapositions!

  • J

    afraid I must beg to differ. but that dress would be hideous on anyone who wasn’t pregnant