THE WITCHER Season 3 UK Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on June 29, 2023


Henry Cavill and the rest of the stars of Netflix’s Witcher series came out to hit the red carpet in London for the third season premiere. Looks were served at a surprisingly high level.


Henry Cavill

This is not working for us. First, we don’t think a tux was needed for an event like this. Second, if you’re going to wear a tux, especially a double-breasted one, a black, unbuttoned dress shirt is not the way to go. Third, those shoes aren’t nice enough for a tux. Should’ve gone for a less formal-looking option.


Anna Shaffer in 16Arlington

It’s got a cute, light, summertime feel to it. We like that the styling is uncomplicated but those shoes are wrong for it.


Anya Chalotra in Magda Butrym

Can’t really argue with any of this. The styling choices are perfect. Any more jewelry than that and it would’ve gotten a little flashy.


Freya Allan in Miu Miu

Damn, girl. You got Miu Miu’d hard. From the drab color to the visible seams to the house slippers, this is tragic.


Graham McTavish

As if we’d argue with any of that. Far be it for us to tell a Scotsman how to wear a kilt, but those socks look insanely heavy.


Joey Batey

It’s okay, but it feels a little stuffy and the shirt doesn’t really go well.


Mecia Simson

It combines a lot of design elements we tend not to like but you put them all together and it’s a mostly inoffensive frock. Yes, that’s damning it with faint praise, but what do you want from us when we’re looking at a sheer fringed skirt?


MyAnna Buring in Zeynep Kartal

The one thing that makes this gown – for us, at least – is the color. This exact design in a pink, white or black would leave us bored, but it looks great on her.


Therica Wilson-Read in Tran Hung 

Again, can’t really argue with any of this. It’s appropriate, well-suited to her and takes a strong picture. Not our favorite design in the world, but we don’t hate it.


[Photo Credit: Abaca Press/INSTARimages, Mario Mitsis/Cover Images]

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