Jennifer Garner Coves ALLURE’s May Issue

Posted on May 10, 2023

In her cover story interview with ALLURE, Jennifer Garner opens up about motherhood, living in the spotlight, and how she really feels about always being seen as the ‘nice’ person.


On why being perceived as ‘always nice’ can post issues for boundaries: “The problem with, ‘Oh, she’s so nice’ is that when I have any kind of boundary, people think of it as much more than it actually is. The problem is being recognized on a day where I’m not so nice or when I have blackness in my soul. I’ve definitely had days where I just can’t do it. I scowl at people before they can walk up to me. I’m not perfect, and I don’t think I’m rude, but I’m not good at being fake. I’m an open book of a person.”

On her personal struggles living under the spotlight and the paparazzi: “There were two decades where it was really hard to hold a conversation. Not in a woe-is-me, poor celebrity way. I was on baby watch every single day. The day after I had a baby, the paparazzi were watching again. They kind of rush you through your life because they’re just trying to get to the next stage of something they can sell.”

On why she stays away from the tabloids: “I learned a while ago that I’m way too sensitive to what is written about me, my family. The only things I have on my phone are The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journall. I can’t even have CNN.”

On what she learned from being a mother: “Your kids will really figure out who they are and what they are when they’re older, and most likely they will hew toward lovely. I have a lot of faith in my kids.I don’t love every behavior all the time, always. It’s gnarly growing up. We didn’t have the eyes on us that our kids have. I was such a first-time mom. My eldest daughter  didn’t have a shot.  She couldn’t have a free thought—I was all over her. I was a nightmare for everyone around me.”


 [Photo Credit: Tom Schirmacher for Allure Magazine]

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