The BABYLON Global Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on December 16, 2022

We gave star Margot Robbie her own spotlight post because she wore something a little cray, but the entire red carpet at the premiere of Babylon was stacked with cray fashion (alongside a could of dull looks). Let’s assess, yes? Yes!



Brad Pitt

Dull. Although we can tell it’s a nice suit.



Diego Calva in Gucci

Gorgeous. The retro style really suits him and it’s perfect for the occasion without looking costumey.




Eiza González in Prada

Dull. We have nothing else to say about this purely generic look. We’re going to completely forget it in the next 90 seconds.




Elle Fanning in Alexander McQueen

Not dull – but only because she looks great in black and the design has a few (literal) twists to it.




It’s Flea. We would expect him to show up in an ugly suit and hideous shoes. This is very on brand for him.




Hannah Einbinder in Bella Freud

LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE. She is currently the champion at making sapphic suiting chic. We’re almost disappointed when she shows up somewhere in a dress because she looks so good in suits. Love the very Dietrich-esque hair.



Jean Smart in Pamella Roland

The buzz on this film is that it’s kind of a mess, but that she gets one small scene so good that it’s inspired some Oscar talk. We would LOVE to see her hit that career high mark. Like Elle Fanning, she looks great in black, although she seems a little fussed by those unworkable sleeves.




Kelly Rowland in Iris Van Herpen

CRAY. Do we love it? Sort of, but more for its showmanship qualities than as a fashion piece. She’s serving a high-impact look at exactly the right time and place for it.




Li Jun Li in Aadnevik

ALSO CRAY. It feels a little “chorus girl,” which would make it too costumey for our tastes, although we don’t necessarily think that was a deliberate reference on her part. That red seems kind of harsh and aside from the color match, the top and the skirt don’t look like they belong together.




Olivia Wilde in Saint Laurent

A weensy bit CRAY, but mostly just chic. She’s been doing a lot of body-baring looks of late, which is an interesting response to the way her personal life has dominated her professional one for the last year or so. We wish the skirt wasn’t quite so sheer, if only because the jacket looks so heavy in comparison to it, but we really like this as a new twist on the ladytux.



[Photo Credit: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures, Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures, Eric Charbonneau/Paramount Pictures, Alex J. Berliner/ABImages, BauerGriffin/ Images, Faye’s Vision/Cover Images]

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