Rita Ora and Taika Waititi Host the 2022 MTV Europe Music Awards

Posted on November 15, 2022

The world’s second most* puzzling celebrity couple co-hosted the MTV EMAs and stayed true to form by sporting some eye-popping fashion for the occasion.



Taika Waititi

For the red carpet. Taika went traditional, which is almost always a great look for him. Rita went… in another direction. Not that we have a problem with anyone dressing loud or tacky for an MTC red carpet. We just think there’s way too much going on with the design. A sheer jumpsuit with applique, a keyhole, and a train? Girl, at least two of those things should’ve been edited out. For the show itself, Taika mostly stayed in his lane while Rita veered all over the place:


LOVE his suit, but it looks dumb with the belt hanging down like that. As for her, we like the color and the hood, but the bathmat needs to go.



GORGEOUS suit. Her whole deal looks underwhelming in comparison. We suppose the effect is deliberate, but it looks like her outfit’s just falling apart on her.




She wins this round. While we don’t love the color or how dingy the textile tends to look, the design is pretty. We don’t think the shape of his skirt coordinates well with the traditional menswear of his top half.


Is it us, or is the fit slightly off in some of his suits? We like his jacket, but we don’t like the pants or shoes at all. Her dress is okay, but the bust sits too low.


We actually like both of these looks. They coordinate well. They look like a couple.


Hahahahaha. Girl, no. That’s an inflatable diaper. What are you doing?
[Photo Credit: Dutch Press Photo/Cover Images, Kate Green/MTV/Getty Images for MTV, Ian West/PA Images/INSTARimages/Cover Images, PA Images/INSTARimages.com/Cover Images]

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