San Sebastian International Film Festival 2022: Ana de Armas in Louis Vuitton at the BLONDE Premiere

Posted on September 26, 2022

Blonde star Ana de Armas continues to un-Marilyn her Marilyn tour. As two bitchy red carpet commentators, we don’t particularly love when actors dress in themes or in costumes for the promotional work. You’re selling a performance, not a car. On paper, her promo tour plan of keeping things glamorous but modern (as opposed to falling into the trap of wearing a lot of retro-glam) has mostly been a good one, even if the results haven’t always wowed us. Case in point:



We could see the argument that this has a classic modernity to it, but for us, there’s too much of a disconnect between that top and that skirt. We can see how a beaded or metallic crop top could work with a simple black column skirt, but that top is too heavy and shapeless for it. It looks like it was made out of beer can tabs. Love the earrings, but we continue to be puzzled by the flat hair and low-key makeup she seems to prefer. This is not the time and these are not the ensembles that call for that kind of styling.


Style Credits:
– Custom Louis Vuitton Ensemble
Bulgari Jewelry

Styled by Samantha McMillen | Haier by Halley Brisker | Makeup by Mary Wiles


[Photo Credit: Sean Thornton/Cover Images]

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