Luke Macfarlane and Billy Eichner at the BROS New York Premiere

Posted on September 21, 2022

And now, cute boys in nice fits.



Did we lie? Exactly what it says on the can. Billy Eichner and Luke MacFarlane hit the red carpet for the premiere of the world’s first mainstream studio-backed gay romantic comedy feature film with an all-LGBTQ cast, Bros. We congratulate Billy on this moment, because he’s been working for it (he co-wrote the script) and championing it loudly for a really long time. The various “firsts” in the production of the film matter to us less than the happy fact of its existence. There have been plenty of queer romance depictions in the mainstream for some time now, many of them centering queer people other than fit, cis white men. But we take Billy’s point in how much this moment matters, because Bros is aiming to be as mainstream as any classic Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts or Kate Hudson rom com. The middle-of-the-road, aspirational feel of the film is deliberate, in other words. And it really is kind of a big deal to see it happening. Anyway, let’s judge their clothes. There’s nothing more gay than that (except for the sex stuff).



We’re not in love with that textile and we think there’s in imbalance created by a no-contrast shirt, high-contrast buttons, and mid-contrast shoes, but it’s hard to claim he looks bad here. Of course he’d look great in 99% of anything thrown on him, but it really is a sort-of cute look that could’ve used some tweaks.




This is a great jacket, but the sleeves are a little long. We like the entire look, but we think the shirt might be fighting the jacket a little. We’d have advised him to button up the shirt more. This look intends a very tailored, precise, stark feel and the slightly sloppy shirt works against it.




[Photo Credit: JENNIFER GRAYLOCK/ Images – Video Credit: Universal Pictures/YouTube]

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