Tatiana Maslany in Rosetta Getty at the SHE-HULK: ATTORNEY AT LAW Premiere

Posted on August 16, 2022

Look, we’ve been around the blogging block several thousand times over the years. We know how these things work. We understand that literally no one is reading this sentence because everyone who clicked on this post immediately scrolled down to get a load of the whole look. Well, don’t let our wordiness get in your way:



So. Here we are. Look, we aren’t going to pretend we like anything about this look or how it’s styled. Checking out the look book shot below, we think the original conception for this ensemble was sound. Throw a jacket over it and it all makes sense. Remove the jacket, add some evidence-handling gloves, and… well, you get this. Which is not great. The thing is, she’s always had an extremely quirky sense of style, so this isn’t really all that surprising, given her red carpet track record. It’s a funny choice to wear something so body-baring while you’re promoting the series where your body was erased most of the time in favor of a digital version, but maybe there’s some sort of sly statement going on here.  To the extent that this works at all, it’s due entirely to her personality. She’s clearly loving this look and we’ve always detected a sort of fun-loving cheekiness to her promo work. She thinks this stuff is a hoot. Who are we to tell her otherwise?



We’re embargoed from doing any reviews (and we’re not likely to write one up anyway), but the “social embargo” has been lifted on She-Hulk, so we gave our scant thoughts on the four episodes we watched on the twitters last night.



Style Credits:
Rosetta Getty Bandeau Top and Skirt from the Pre-Fall 2022 Collection


[Photo Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney, Courtesy of Rosetta Getty – Video Credit: Marvel Entertainment]

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