HoYeon Jung, Madelyne Cline, Sadie Kim, Natasha Lyonne and More Dressed as Their Favorite TV Characters in W Magazine’s Third Annual TV Portfolio

Posted on August 16, 2022

In celebration of a year of incredible television, W Magazine released their third annual TV Portfolio in which they asked 21 of the most sought-after and influential television stars of the moment to pay homage to their favorite small screen characters by stepping into their shoes.





Adam Scott as Sam Malone from Cheers

His thoughts on what will happen to Mark and Lumon Industries in Season 2 of Severance: “I don’t even want to posit what might be fun to see, because I don’t want to screw anything up or hint at anything. If I even start theorizing, the tranquilizer dart will hit me in the side of the neck, and I’ll collapse.”



Chrishell Stause as Dexter from Dexter

On how much she’s actually working as a Real Estate agent these days: “As of June, I think I’ve done seven deals so far in real estate…I try to only take the jobs that are going to be filming on the show, or involve people I’ve worked with in the past. I’m actually excited to be able to dip my toe into a little acting and get something in before we go back…”



Devery Jacobs as Catra from She-Ra

How she didn’t initially tell her parents when she was cast in Marvel’s Echo“I landed the role a few months ago, and I was sworn to secrecy. I actually didn’t tell my parents for many weeks, because I knew it would be such a monumental secret for them to hold…”



HoYeon Jung as Arya Stark from Game of Thrones

On her dream acting role: “This is so difficult, because there are so many. If it’s gonna be action, I really want a Kill Bill kind of vibe: very stylish but violent, cutting heads off, that kind of thing. And if it’s going to be romance, I want it to be very realistic. I really liked Licorice Pizza, the Paul Thomas Anderson movie. The relationship between those two was so awkward but so cute. So something that’s not a fantasy or perfect love. It’s more realistic, silly love, that we have all been through. Like, you know, you want to be cool in front of this cute boy, but you always mess up.”



Madelyne Cline as Peggy from Mad Men
On bonding with the all star cast of the Knives Out sequel: “Leslie [Odom Jr.] taught me how to play chess. It became one of my favorite things to do. Leslie was like, “It’s a great lesson not just in the game, but also in life.” [The experience taught me] how to handle things in a very calm manner, and [to ask myself], What are my options? I have crazy anxiety. I would go on a set and I’d be nervous every day. [Then I would remember,] what are my options? I needed to take a minute and step back. It was a really wonderful, serendipitous lesson.”



Margaret Qualley as Dorothy from Golden Girls

On gaining the trust of a 4-year-old for her role in Maid: “You just hang out and pay attention to them: Watch ’em dance, listen to ’em talk, do what they like to do. I would just kind of carry her around everywhere I went, and we got really close. I think attention is love, really.”



Minha Kim as Lexie Grey from Grey’s Anatomy

How Grey’s Anatomy influenced her to become an actor: “The way Ellen Pompeo does her voiceovers influenced me a lot. It’s just so powerful. Grey’s Anatomy itself is so powerful. Whenever a new season comes out, I get so excited. I’ve learned so many things from the show, not only about acting and from the performances. It’s attached to a lot of my personal life, too, and it has influenced me in many ways.”



Natasha Lyonne as Audrey Landers from Dallas

On Nora Ephron’s impact in her life: “Nora Ephron was a very significant figure in my story. My very first acting gig was as a glorified extra in her film Heartburn. That was [inspired by] Nora’s marriage to Carl Bernstein. I was 5 years old and I am sleeping on some guy’s lap at a wedding. And then when I was coming back in my phase two, post-junkie dump, I auditioned for Nora again. I wanted a part in her play, but I was having a really hard time with a boyfriend, and I said, “While I have you—if you could just give me a little advice here. It doesn’t matter if I get the job; I see this as a free therapy session.” That’s really what I’m doing in showbiz; I’ve gained access to people who are tremendous thinkers and I’m trying to crack this case.”



Nicole Byer as Michelle Tanner from Full House

On her wine of choice: “If I’m with the boys, I like Lambrusco. It’s a sparkling red. If I’m alone or not with the boys, I’ll have a rosé. Lately, I’ve been liking orange wine, but not too funky—just a nice skin-contact orange.”



Sadie Sink as Elaine from Seinfeld

On her favorite look that Max wears this season: “There are these dark jeans [she wears] with a green top and this cool corduroy jacket. She first puts it on in episode 6 and then wears it until episode 9. That was my favorite, and I’m glad I liked it because I definitely had to wear it a lot—probably a year in total. I would just show up and put this costume on every single day. There were multiples, like a bloody pair of jeans and a clean pair of jeans. They really had to track the whole story, like Where is she at right now? How dirty and bloody are her clothes?”




[Photo Credit: Adam Scott – Photographed by Julien Sage; Chrishell Stause Photographed by Julien Sage; Devery Jacobs – Photographed by Lea Winkler; HoYeon Jung – Photographed by Sirui Ma; Madelyn Cline – Photographed by Alexander Cody Nguyen; Margaret Qualley – Photographed by Shane Timm; Minha Kim – Photographed by Julien Sage; Natasha Lyonne – Photographed by Lea Winkler; Nicole Byer – Photographed by Gabriel Sapiandante Lopez; Sadie Sink – Photographed by Lea Winkler]

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