THE RESORT Los Angeles Premiere Red Carpet

Posted on July 27, 2022


The cast of the upcoming Peacock series The Resort stepped out for its premiere.



They did not come quietly.



Luis Gerardo Méndez

Credit for wearing a jacket that stands out in pictures, but it should be buttoned and we think a white shirt might have made this whole look pop a little more.




Cristin Milioti

This is honestly a really cute dress, but the way she’s got her arms and even sometimes her legs crossed in every picture is giving the impression it’s not really her thing. It’s a shame, because she looks great in it, but no one should step in front of a wall of photographers wearing something she doesn’t feel entirely confident wearing. Coverage aside, we also wonder if this level of fussy and sparkly is really her bag.




Gabriela Cartol

The jacket is cute enough when she keeps it buttoned, but sweet Jesus on a breadstick, do we ever hate those shoes.




William Jackson Harper

This whole outfit looks like it could be pretty stylish and flattering on him if any of the pieces fit correctly. We tend to think the not-quite-matching sweater with the not-quite-matching stripes is probably a mistake too.




Nina Bloomgarden

Girlfriend went hard as fuck and we respect that.




That looks kinda fun, although we think we might have expected Harper and Milioti to have a bit more chemistry than we’re seeing here.


[Photo Credit: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/Cover Images, Faye’s Vision/Cover Images – Video Credit: Peacock/YouTube]

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