San Diego Comic-Con 2022: THE SANDMAN

Posted on July 25, 2022

The cast of Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of The Sandman (about which we are EXTREMELY psyched) hit Comic Con to be judged by the nerds. And also us. There may be some overlap between those two groups.



Boyd Holbrook

We realize that Comic Con is a casual affair and we’d be perfectly fine with stars who show up in, say a t-shirt and jeans, if the items were cute and picture ready. Our issue here is not that his suit isn’t fine enough for the occasion, it’s that it’s an absolutely horrifying shape. Those pants should be illegal.



Gwendoline Christie in Fendi Couture

This is gorgeous on her and we love the two-tone hair. Not sure we’d have rec’d black pumps with this. At the very least, we’d have suggested red, but a this caftan calls for a sandal, we think.



Jenna Coleman

We salute her ability to wear 40 pounds of leather in Hall H in July. The dress looks better on her than we’d expect, but this is a look for the dead of winter. It’s just too heavy for summer, let alone a pop culture convention in San Diego. Raise that hem, shorten those sleeves, put on a cute pair of heels and this might work for the setting.



Kirby Howell-Baptiste

Love this. It’s stylish, a little nerdy, photogenic, and distinct. That’s how you do Comic Con.



Tom Sturridge

A very pretty man in very plain clothing. At least the shoes are nice.



Vivienne Acheampong

 This is really cute and we adore the counter-intuitive footwear choice, which works to bring out the least dominant color in the print. Really well done styling.



CANNOT WAIT. We were afraid this was going to look cheesy (don’t hate us, Gaiman fans, but his work tends to veer toward the goofy when it’s adapted), but it feels like they got the sense of weirdness and grandness of scale exactly right.



[Photo Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

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