Sean Penn, Julia Roberts, Betty Gilpin, and Dan Stevens at the GASLIT New York Premiere

Posted on April 19, 2022

The stars of Gaslit, the limited series about Watergate-adjacent figure Martha Mitchell, came out for the show’s premiere and boy, did they ever NOT coordinate with each other ahead of time.



Sean Penn and Julia Roberts (in Gucci)

Julia Roberts in shoulderpads and formal shorts is never not going to conjure up images of Pretty Woman for us, but let’s face it: that role’s going to follow her straight into the grave. We wonder if she’s even worn a red gown in the 30+ years since she made that last one iconic. We can’t say we love the shorts, which have way too much of a dad vibe for us to consider them stylish, but we think the suit might have worked better without the vest, with the jacket buttoned.

He is doing the absolute least, but he’s presentable so we won’t get mad at him. His hair makes it look like someone just punched him in the face.



Betty Gilpin in Monique Lhuillier

Betty, we love you and we’re sorry to have to say this, but this is not doing it for you. The design is okay, but the color does nothing for you and we tend to think a velvet gown asks for a little more in the way of hairstyling and makeup than what you’ve got going on here. Nothing wrong with a clean face and unfussy hair for a red carpet, but the gown is wrong for it.

And finally, the man of the hour…

One of these things is not like the other.




Dan Stevens in Licong Gong

Look, red carpets are entirely about securing attention for yourself and/or your project. He’s absolutely doing the work here and we can’t get mad at him for it. Besides, we’re always telling male stars not to dress like accountants and attorneys on the red carpet (see entry for: Penn, Sean). Having said that, there’s dandy dressing and then there’s clown dressing. From the shades to the manicure to the boots, there are too many things piled on top of the outfit to really appreciate it. And while we wouldn’t want to wave any male star away from their adventurous style tendencies, it seems to us that this really doesn’t suit him all that well. Still, he gets points for boldness and for ensuring that everyone paid the most attention to him. Attaboy.









[Photo Credit: JOHN NACION/ – Video Credit: Starz/YouTube]

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